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BUSINESS: Microsoft Feeling the Heat?

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posted on Jul, 2 2004 @ 08:49 AM
Microsoft slashed the price of its operating system to Paris City Hall, when they were looking into switching to lower cost "open source" programs. An anonymous Paris official said Microsoft cut the price by 60%. Many countries are exploring there options on computer operating systems. In related news Hewlett Packard said this year it planned to sell Linux-equipped computers.

Microsoft Cuts Prices As Paris Eyes Linux

But more is at stake than the software bill - up to $18 million at list prices. A decision to ditch Microsoft would be a blow to the software giant at a time when a number of companies and governments are opting for the Linux operating system and other open-source alternatives.

The software - called "open source" because the underlying code is not kept secret and is freely shared - has grown increasingly competitive as performance, usability and interoperability with Microsoft's software improve.

Critics say Microsoft has been able to keep prices high because it dominates the desktop computer software industry. It does not share its source code except in limited circumstances.

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