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WAR: Two Remaining Turkish Hotsages Freed

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posted on Jul, 2 2004 @ 07:31 AM
Two Turkish civilians taken hostage in Iraq last month have today been freed by their captors. Their employer, Kayteks, agreed to stop working with Coalition forces in Iraq in exchange for the captives' release.

Soner Sercali and Murat Kizil are air conditioning technicians working as part of the effort to rebuild Iraq. Al Jazeera received a video of the two men indicating they would no longer work with Coalition forces in Iraq, and a statement was read by a masked captor stating they would be released.

"To honour the Muslim Turkish people, and upon the repentance of the two hostages, and their pledge not to do such a thing again... we decided to release them in return for nothing."

Both men say they were treated well and were not harmed during their captivity.

The Turkish Embassy has confirmed their release and safety.

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