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Airbus to re-engine A320 (and -19 -21 variants)

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posted on Dec, 1 2010 @ 06:47 AM

See other related news at that website too.

Airbus will launch a re-engined version of its A320 family aircraft Wednesday, for entry into service in 2016, say industry sources. The A320 new engine option, or NEO, will be launched with variants of Pratt & Whitney's PW1000G and CFM Leap-X engines.

I can guarantee it'll not be ready for EOS in 2016 though. Also required is a mod of the wing to take the extra wingtip loading of the new winglets. I think they are also mulling over using the A321 fuel system, as its much cleaner than the A319/320 version; which is a bit of a mess to be honest. No noises about redoing the aero lines of the wing... or any changes to the fuselage (although the wingbox will need some work).

There will be a number of interesting ripple effects of this, some of which are:

1. What affect will it have on the Bombardier C Series? Can Bombardier secure the A318/19 market and give up on the 320/321 market?

2. What affect will it have on the existing A320 backlog? Will customers cancel and/or transfer?

3. What affect will it have on Boeing's decision to re-engine the 737 (I understand they were reaching a decision against re-engining, due to the need to redo the whole landing gear).

4. What affect will it have on the relationship between P&W and R-R; as now P&W is a direct competitor of R-R in the single aisle/narrowbody market. [They are partners in International Aero Engines who produce the V2500 for the existing A320 for those wondering what I am on about]

5. What affect will it have on the 737 backlog?

6. What affect will it have on the next-gen single aisle aircraft? (2025 is current marketing predictions; I feel its probably nearer 2030 now) Question will also be a big bearing on this. It would be somewhat ironic if an A320 upgrade forces Boeing to launch a geared turbofan powered 737 replacement now, when the next generation Airbus single aisle would be a propfan machine [the then on the drawing board A320 was expected to be buried by a near term future propfan powered 737 replacement in the late 80s].

7. What affect will it have on the Comac C919? Is that aircraft now doomed before its born?
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