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The night

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posted on Nov, 30 2010 @ 01:29 PM
Kabbalah often goes into very mystical discussions about the nature of things.

For instance, take the night. At night, things paradoxically become clearer. Our understanding of things opens up, and our ability to connect with the spiritual is widened.

Mans eyes correspond to the faculty of wisdom, or intuition. Wisdom sees "everything" and likewise, the power of sight percieves an entire picture.

Conversely, Understanding or cognition, is compared to hearing. Hearing occurs one thing after another, until an entire picture is formed. Likewise, understanding occurs one thing after another, until an entire picture is formed, and understood.

Turn off the lights. When its dark, your hearing becomes better. Turn on the light, your vision returns., but your hearing is somewhat muffled. At night, your 'understanding' of the spiritual, is felt more internally. Likewise, it helps for contemplation, to be in a dark room.

In kabbalistic thought, both the sense of hearing and the psychological faculty of understanding are products of the Sefirah of Binah. Sight and Wisdom conversely are faculties of the sefirah of Hokmah.

How can anyone in their right mind say, a G-d didnt create the world, when there are such meaningful and mystical relationships between seemingly unrelated things? Why would hearing have anything to do with understanding? OR sight with Wisdom? This whole body of knowledge is the basis of the esoteric axiom "as above, so below".

Another example.. The ears help with ones physical balance. Likewise, ones understanding of things, helps with his spiritual 'balance' (that is, the more you understand, the more youre able to integrate and establish yourself in a intelligent way)

Anyways. This sort of musing can go on all day, and reveal many, meaningful things about reality in general.


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