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Egyptian Archaeologist Admits That Pyramids Contain UFO Technology

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posted on Dec, 28 2010 @ 10:37 AM
first the Vatican tells us they "believe" in aliens and now the guys tell us the pyramids might have something to do with aliens it seems someone knows something we don't.

posted on Dec, 28 2010 @ 11:52 AM
Whoever put this in the hoax forum should be called out and called a disinfo agent.

i am an actor and a subject mater expert in detecting a liar. i have spent over 20 years practicing my craft, as i need to learn not to smile when i was acting, to perform roles that were difficult. it takes an act of will to correct your tells gamblers will know what i mean. where i am going with this?

dr zawi hawass, the head of egyptology in egypt was interviewed a couple of years ago before he became the star of his own show on discovery or what have you. he was asked if there was any ancient technoogy in the pyramids that was more advanced than our current knowledge. he said no, but his muffled side of the mouth smile said yes. it was a liars smile. moms you know that smile, when the kid was caught "bs"ing u.

thats the gods honest truth as i judged for myself with his facial body language.

posted on Dec, 28 2010 @ 06:36 PM
reply to post by mblahnikluver

No your not the only one, l read them all too. Knowing my luck the one l miss will be the one that would have enlightened me about something, LOL Peace starchild.

posted on Dec, 29 2010 @ 12:45 PM
Hi all,

Wanted to write a comment re the incredible -- (aka anw) which I have contacted a few times concerning most of cohen's UFO articles and videos.

Its hard enough deciphering the reality of many of the purported ufo videos, but ANW has a nasty habit of taking, especially foreign made vids, putting ANW on the bottom and pushing it with anw comments everywhere from google UFO mailing to Youtube and other anw accounts on respectable sites such as twitter, face book and others.

I've asked him a year ago, where he's headed with all the bull comments and seriously questionable video material. All I get is I'll try to be more sure by including separate sources on my articles. What he did was cut-off reader comments on his nonsense articles. I also told him his lack of experience in the UFO area was obvious and that if he's not sure about something he writes in this subject area -- say so!!

Thanks for listening, allATSpeople, I feel better now, lol.


posted on Apr, 5 2011 @ 07:43 PM
reply to post by Gseven

Was the photo ever proven a hoax?

This thread died a quick death, after the move, but did anyone ever address the photo?

posted on Jul, 18 2011 @ 01:27 AM
reply to post by undo

I want to thank you for everything you posted in this thread.
Yes, I did read all 27 pages. Took me nearly 2 and a half hours to do it (therefore no one else has any excuse for not reading it).

I understand completely WHY it was moved as a "hoax" - I'm just not in agreement that its been proven a hoax

of course its not proven true either - so fair is fair

Anyway, I only really wanted to post because everything UNDO posted was incredibly interesting. Gave me lots of keywords to look up later

Much Love ♥

posted on Jul, 23 2014 @ 04:52 PM
This is an interesting thread, the great pyramid is certainly large enough to house a number of undiscovered void's and anything could be inside them, even though this has been moved to the hoax section and perhaps unfairly so as it is a interesting and high rating thread there are reports of scientific equipment malfunctioning and even on multiple attempts to penetrate the sandstone with radar each time a level or randomised response was recorded.

Even if there is something in there though it would be a crime against human history to damage these great memorials any further, they have been robbed out and looted many time's over, the possible golden capstone was taken in antiquity but it was in the eighth century that the worst damage was done to these structure's and included attempts to find an entrance by digging into the pyramid at several locations.

They were once gleaming white and smooth sided with polished limestone facings that were looted to build the mosques and palaced of cairo by the arab conquerer's of egypt but today weather these are simply tales made up by modern authors or have true voracity, one tale tell's of how one of the Arab sultans of Cairo had a tunnel dug to try to find treasure which included metal that did not corrode and glass that could be bent,

The truth is though there are tunnel's under the pyramid's and there are placed western archaeologists are no longer permitted to explore but then remember the damage to the tome's that get opened and suddenly exposed to moisture and oxygen, there plaster with it's invaluable heiroglyphic incsriptions soon flakes away as salt crystals swell and dormant mould comes alive.

There is more than mere ceremony at work there though and as you know the supposed heiroglyph in the arching vault's may have been placed there by the English officer who DYNAMITED his way into that structure, Odd when you remember that no where else on the inside of the pyramid is there any inscription of any kind from before the pyramid was forced open and of course he had spent a lot of his money with nothing to show for it, he would have been remembered only for the vandalism he caused and the inscription has errors that no egyptian would have made who used heiroglyphs, it is possible that demotic which is much younger than the glyph's had an ancestral phonetic script but there is absolutely no evidence of such so there is a very feint possibility that a semi literate worker did make it but in reference to the rest of the side I find that highly unlikely and that it is indeed the work of that officer so that he could be famous at least having failed to find a treasure hoard.

Now onto something Not relevant but still connected.

This was long before I saw the movie Stargate so no connection.

I have a tendency to have odd visions and dreams' or I did in my late teen's through to my early thirty's.

In one dream I found myself inside the pyramid but an unknown passage and came up a blind door much like door recessed in many tomb's that are meant to be used by the spirit or Ka of the deceased but not by the living so they go no where, I reached up to some bass relief symbols on the door lintel and though they did not give I pushed against several specific symbol's in a pattern, they door slip open and sand was ejected from square holes in the wall as the counter measure was released, inside was another passage so I followed it and ahead of me was a change in the structure from stone to metal, the stone seemed to encase the obsidian black metal and there was a door or apperture like structure with star symbol's that I pressed (these gave like buttons and glowed feintly for a few seconds after each press), the door opened silently sliding aside, inside I knew (it was a dream thing) that the ship was filled with a type of radiation and may traps as well as the floor being eletrified in places with a very high charge, I found my way through featureless black corridors that where oddly illuminated with no obvious source of light to an elongated box like chamber much like the king's chamber but with clean metal wall's, floor and ceiling all devoid of adornment of any kind, there at the far end from the entrance to the chamber was a black daise and upon it a black cobra (it was an electrified Joystick control column that looked like a reared cobra) I knew in the dream that to touch it without insulation was lethal as the floor had an opposite charge, before the dais or alter or black featureless or powerless control console where two piles of Ash I knew where anceint tomb robbers that had entered and not understanding tried to take the control stick so being struck dead by the bite of the Cobra, electrified to death and turned to ash by the intensite of the charge.

I knew that the power of the vessel was damaged and it would never be able to fly which was why after a battle it's crew and pilot SET had landed it where the pyramid was later built to seal the EVIL god away, I knew there had been a battle above the earth with other being's and the ship was crippled having barely made it down, the radiation contained could still kill a large portion of Egypt if it was released and the lower deck's where the engine, drive or power source which was damaged was located where sealed but though the radiation was still lethal the power that had been used to seal it by it's crew and pilot as well as the story that it was evil told to the primitives for there own safety was so low that the containment had started to fail with only the pyramid and damaged and holed hull to stop it leaching out into the surrounding city.

I have had many strange dream's this is not a story it is what I dreamed, like many dream's such as when you dream of making a communication device or a drive system when you wake up you forget the principles, the circuit diagram even most of the component's, well this was like that but I forgot more than I remembered and only remember it today because I wrote it down.

One more thing in my dream I knew the ship was a black pyramid and a war ship not a peaceful craft, it had weapons that could devastate the earth but lost in a fight with another superior ship (Several other ship's of similar technology it was in a war that had reached our world for some reason) above the earth surviving only because it retreated and landed, it was not from here ie not from earth in it's origin.
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posted on Aug, 29 2014 @ 07:57 PM
I often wonder how these threads end up in the hoax bin while other threads with even more outlandish plots are praised as being gods word, etc...

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