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orbital relationship between mass and area of planets

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posted on Dec, 1 2010 @ 07:26 PM
Its headed in the right direction but no cigar I'm afraid.

There are just 2 forces - the expansive and contractive.

The universe is a system in equilibrium - and for any force there is an equal and opposite force to maintain that equilibrium.

Our ever expanding universe that we see observe and understand is that expansive force!

Its geometric shape is spherical.

The other force is the contractive (gravitic) and it is a crystaline fractal tetrahedral geometric - as Nassim Harrameins videos clearly showed.

Scientists have called erroneously the gravitic force a weak force when nothing could be further from the truth - it is the exact same equal of the expansive force that we observe and understand in our spherical universe.

I have a short business meeting - I'll cover the relationship of forces and states of matter time etc when I return with the promised M = Δ T derivation.

It's very simple and shows the equality of the energy state forces in their different forms.

It appears that this is what you have been looking for but as i said all along your making it much harder than it needs to be and i think if perhaosyou watched Nassim Harrameins vids again - youd see how simple this theory really is and how it explains 'everything' in just the way that a unified field theory should.

Hows the equation crunching coming along reworking Einsteins 21 equation set with Alpha instead of C as your constant?

(I never said their wouldn't be a test at the end)! LOL ;o)



posted on Dec, 1 2010 @ 07:57 PM
reply to post by ianmoone1

i agree that gravity should not be called "the week force"
i think that when you take into account the forces that are working against "gravity" it is a strong force
there is some discusion the heliospherical bubble is a strong gravity force
if this is the case why are the effects not stronger for the bodies in the medium?
does this medium explain the "week" nature of the gravity force (from an observers static position) as it has to over come the thermodynamic interaction before its effects are made obvious

it looks to me like orbital science at the moment can calculate orbits size mass ect from an observable position
but the maths is reactive, it calculates the answer without knowing the variables of specific gravivty, medium density expansion and surface area interaction.

kinda like knowing how fast a car is going (from observations) but not understanding how the engine or transmittion works

im off to re read the equations


posted on Dec, 1 2010 @ 08:53 PM
reply to post by ianmoone1

about the expansion
i do think expansion is occouring but.................not as much as we think

does this explain part of hubbles constant?



posted on Dec, 1 2010 @ 10:37 PM
Indeed that's an interesting supposition - it's one possible explanation I suppose, and I see where your comming from, my reservation would be that it ignores the so called weak force fo gravity or the other half of the equation essentially.

This whole equilibrium universe - two counteracting forces theory of everything - requires a paradigm shift away from Einsteins relativity theorem - which attempts to explain everything within near earth space in the expansive side of the equation.

As you saw with Tom Beardens contribution, his electromagnetic investigations attempts to account for the less observable negatropic / weak force or contractive side of the equation with his "source charge reasoning" which makes a lot of sense one you abandon Einstein and Maxwell, Heaviside, Lorentze et al and their relativisitic reasoning.

There are ONLY two forces in the universe -and they are in a state of equilibrium, ones the expansiveand one the contractive.

I thought i might demonstrate this in a 3d visual form for you with explanation sio that it sinks in easier - so please bare with me - before we attack M = Δ T.

M = Δ T will show te equality f allthe energy states of matter - as part of this whole universe in equilibrium explanation in a nummerical and mathematic manner - but the3D geometry explanation of the two forces is more visual and makes understanding much easier.

Remind me I need to address what time is!

We are getting there tho.


Shall we look at the contractive 'gravity' (negative) force of this universe?

. = a point in space, but it does not exist (is not real or doesn't have reality) because it does not contain volume!.

...... = series of points in space making a line, but does not exist (is not real or doesn't have reality) because it does not contain volume!.

= a triangular plane, but it does not exist (is not real or doesn't have reality) because while it does have area - it does not contain volume!.

= a tetrahedron, made up of 4 triangular planes, and IT exists(has reality) because IT encloses volume!

Whats interesting about this fractal tetrahedron, is that - it is the ONLY shape, that exists, that can contain the LEAST possible volume, with the least possible surface area!

This is why the nature of the gravitational or negative force within the universe is a fractal tetrahedron!.

Conversely, if we wish to enclose as MUCH possible volume, with the least possible surface area? (for the expansive force within our universe)....we get?

And in our observable expansive force universe, the shapes we most observe with our planets and suns etc is?

Yes - spherical!

We now understand the expansive spherical forces of this universe reasonably well (allowing for Einsteins relativity error explained above) BUT our knowledge of the contractive (gravitic) force of this universe (what happens INSIDE the event horizon of a black hole) is sadly lacking!

The nature of the contractive/gravitic force in its tetrahedral form is now just starting to be understood, and i believe / suspect that eventually those good scientists working at CERN on the Large Hadron Collider will eventually come to understand the fractal tetrahedral nature of this gravitic / contractive force within the universe.

This negative force - has the ability to alter the electron shell behavior of elements of our periodic table - including those we rely upon for splitting the atom (atomic power generation and atomic fission weapons) to the point that -its weaponization and use could in fact "defuse" ICBM's with nuclear warheads in flight, not to mention leaving Nuclear powered submarines and air craft carriers dead in the water with reactors that no longer react - because the fundamental properties of their cores can be altered at will!.

It's been documented many times, in "interactions with UFO's" where their anti gravity (and anti matter) drives, can and do alter the electron shell properties & hence valence properties, of material used to make magnets and batteries and generators etc that power most of our vehicles and air craft etc etc. Even batteries can and are made to become inert, by the application of this technology...

It is the method by which mans plans for a nuclear holocaust World War 3 to destroy the planet will be thwarted, bye those advanced entities here to help ensure our survival as a species, will "defuse" the situation when required to do so, for survival of our species reasons, - assuming we do NOT wake up to ourselves by then.

Back to the tetrahedral nature of the gravitic force." target='_blank' class='tabOff'/>

It is quite possible to insert two triangles into a circle just as the depicted mogen david above depicts! (link problem - I wonder why that doesn't render - it shoud!)


It is also possible to fit two tetrahedrons in 3D inside a sphere, as long as the two opposite tetradehdrons are phase shifted at 120 degrees to one another!.

When one does this - one gets a few things - firstly the crystalline form of elements like carbon when combined to make diamonds etc

One also gets something else.

One gets an apex that intersects the surface of the sphere at the TRUE (not magnetic) north and south poles, as well as 6 base plane apex points that ALSO intersect the surface of the sphere, 3 at a position equivalent with latitude 19 degrees 47 minutes north of the equator and a similar position south of the equator also at 19 degrees 47 minutes (but phase shifted 90 degrees from the longitudes of their northern counterparts)!

These are the 8 points on the surface of the earth (6 @ 19deg 47min N&S of equator + 1 each at True North and True South) - where the contractive (negative) gravitic force of the universe converge to equalise the expansive force of the universe, by cycling BACK to the singularity (black hole) that is the center of our earth!

This is likewise how the same energy force cycles back to the mini black holes (singularities) that form the center of atoms at that level of reality.

When we come to understand this negative force we will have escape from gravity (anti gravity), which is the exact opposite of that force I already described in my post above in an angular torque momentum force etc etc

When this is "reversed" - one gets the expansive force (anti gravity).

It is easily achieved by just reversing the spin and angular torque momentum force of this earth, with any similarly magnetized mass element, spun in the opposite direction to that of the earths spin and traveling at the opposite angular torque corkscrew momentum force to the earth!

The relationship between the mass used and the mass of the earth will be the factor of anti-gravity force achieved.

It is all so very simple when you think i about it.

Strangely - just about EVERY "alien crop circle" ever depicted on earth so far (with just a couple of special exceptions) depict a fractal tetrahedral diagram of one form or another, as tho they are trying to tell us something! (No shiate Sherlock)!

The only exceptions were those couple of binary code crop circles that appeared alongside the chilbotin radio telescope in I think from memory 1999 & 2000 from which the "aricebo message" was transmitted into space in search of other life forms in 1972? (Remember Google is your friend, you can search these crop circles and read their decoding for yourselves).

There is no question that we here on Earth are under the direct influence of a particular alien entity at this point in time.

The question of course - is 'WHICH" particular alien entity, is this the same entity that created us (answer = NO!) or is it the much prophesied 'anti christ' malevolent alien entity, that creates on earth a situation of positive desire for contact by the worlds populace - mistakling this particular 'anti christ' for our creator?

If one decodes the aricebo / chilboltin crop circles "message" from our genetic creator entities - the warnings quite clear that - those entity's NOW affecting our situation here on earth, to create a political desire within the population for direct intervention by an entity!

It would seem revelations will pan out just as it says - with an eventual war of the worlds - between the soon to be visible alien entities now around our planet, and our actual creator alien entities that will arrive in due course to route the current arrivals, and 'rescue us' to a New Earth, a new Garden of Eden, a new City of Jerusalem in the Heavens, in due course.

Sadly not before 2/3rds of this population on earth are fooled by the anti christ alien entity now manifesting in our reality plane and lose their chance at immortality as a result.

Some will be much more easily fooled than others sadly.

But I've drifted away from where we need to go next - the angular torque momentumof time and we still need to look at
M = Δ T

The image of the solar system with its planetary orbits is deceptive - its 2 dimensional.

What in fact earth does is spin on itsaxis while it orbits the sun as the sun isitself orbiting the univese once every 26000 odd years (an equinoctial precession great year, andthe earths orbiit is really aspiral with the sun at the depicted above.

This is where the angular torque momentum comes in "time".

As I think I'v already maybe said - you could crunch the big numbers and get the earthsmass and its orbital velocity and angular torque momentum figures andcalculate the energy of Time domain.

Tom Beardens already done that for us and as he showed its the value of c ^2 or 3 x 10^8 mps squared.

3 x 10^8 squared is 9 x 10^16 mps (roughly - your earlier figure was more accurate but thats close enough for our purposes in this exercise).

So each second of time contains about the compressed energy of about 9 x 10^16 joules per second or thereabouts.

Heres where my own M = Δ T theorem comes nto its own, because it shows us just the exact energy relationship that I suggested exists!

Here is where we depart a little from the 3 previous quoted authors & onto the findings of myself with regard to relationships between Mass and Time domain – in terms of energy potentials.
The question I found myself asking was fundamentally this:-
In the larger world context, -( rather than what might also equally apply in spatial circuits at the atomic & sub atomic level), what exactly can we learn, at the macroscopic level, about this domain of Time as a form of energy (if anything)?
The preceding 3 authors, and many great scientists before them - have all said much about Time as have a great many philosophers before them – so I thought it might at this point be handy to summarize a few of the attributable quotes about what time is and isn’t into a brief list to “jog our memories” and get us all back onto the same page again in our collective thinking about time generally.

To first order, time seems to have the same energy density as mass does.
So time is actually highly compressed energy.
It turns out that all 3-space energy comes from the time domain anyway, being time converted into 3-space energy. And it also returns from 3-space back to the time domain, in an ongoing "circulation" in 4-space.
Time, as such, in a continuum of such magnitude is equally relative!
'Time' Is NOT an absolute dimension in reality. The ONLY absolute is energy.
Time is a ratio of changes in energy density.
Time on an atom passes much faster than time at the earth level does.

I found in Tom Bearden’s writings an interesting finding that intrigued me a lot.

Tom states this in the first quote about time above, i.e. To first order, time seems to have the same energy density as mass does. And I’ve seen him express this phenomenon as an equation not unlike A Einstein’s as:-
E = Δ TC^2
Or expressed as “Energy Equals Change in Time, times the universal constant C (speed of light) squared.

It occurred to me that perhaps we COULD learn something valuable about Time – by comparing (resolving) the two equations for a Time & Mass relationship, as follows:-

E = MC^2 (Einstein)
& also
E = Δ TC^2 (Bearden)

Then it necessarily follows that :-

MC^2 = Δ TC^2

Further multiplying each side of the equation by 1/C^2 leaves

M = Δ T

Or it can just be expressed simply as

Mass equals Change in Time.

In energy terms – we are being told exactly what Tom Bearden and Stan Deyo said all those years ago.

There is as much energy trapped or compressed within the time domain as there is within Mass (think the atom & splitting thereof – or nuclear explosions – a whale of a lot of energy in anyones terms).
Tom Bearden even tells us how much potential energy is available in just one second as 9 x 10 ^ 16 joules of energy.
Marshall Smith in his 2 articles above about Einstein’s error summarizes this for us very neatly when he wrote:-
If Einstein had only used his own "alpha" as the basis for solving the M-M Experiment, instead of the Lorentz Transform in his Relativity paper, he would have found that all the forces of nature;
the nuclear,
gravitational forces,
were all simply variations of the same force.

Again we find this very concept reinforced by Stan Deyo in his statement:-

'Time' Is NOT an absolute dimension in reality. The ONLY absolute is energy.

Here we find ourselves then, asking a simple and logical question, even though we know that the answer basically is just another form of energy – “just what the heck is TIME?”.
Herein lies a big part of the problem, because so few understand what time really is and how it is measured.
Now a great many will tell you all about chronometers and clocks and the measurement of time and nuclear clocks and so on….
Problem is – we now know that Time is an energy force, equally as powerful as nuclear energy, and clocks etc don’t explain much about that energy force or make it available to us to convert easily into other forms of energy with which we can do work.

So, let us get this right from the start, just what do clocks measure?

Well – obvious answer is they measure the earths spin about it’s own axis for a full rotation of the earth involving one day and night, and this takes about 24 hours (*depending where you are on the earth’s surface*).

To make this point – I always like to quote the old stand up comic’s line about the homicide detective in Alaska’s Yukon, who asks his murder suspect,

“And can you account for your whereabouts on the night in question - of June 15th to December 24th!”
….usually gets a good laugh! ;o)

So – yes Time as MOST people understand it, is all about clocks and days and nights, periods of 24 hours and minutes and seconds etc.

We however – being a little better educated by now should realize that – TIME is an energy force, and just what “force” are we measuring with the earths’ spin about its own axis?

Yes – We are measuring part of the force of GRAVITY, with our clocks and watches and nuclear clocks etc.

This has NOTHING whatever to do with the potential Energy of the TIME domain!

So – again the simple question, what the heck is TIME and how do we measure it IF watches and clocks etc are actually Gravity meters and have little if anything to do with TIME?

OK – those of you who are awake – will realize that CALENDARS measure time – because Time is the Earths Passage in an annual elliptical corkscrew orbit about the sun,

Calendars measure the seasons, which is all about the earths axis tilt in relation to our orbit about the sun where we get two solar equinoxes and two solar solstices in our annual orbit about the sun….

This is TIME – the earths passage thru space in an annual elliptical corkscrew orbit about the sun, taking 365 & ¼ days (gravity spins about the earths own axis) to complete, (or thereabouts) combined with the angular torque force of earths cork screw passage thru space orbiting the sun which is itself orbiting the black hole at the center of our universe at it's event horizon at a velocity of some 48 million miles per second.

And what energy force are we thus talking about for this earthly Time domain?

Believe it or not – it is an angular torque momentum force of kinetic energy potential.

Yes – the earths MASS times the earths Velocity thru space gives us a kinetic energy potential, angular torque momentum force.

This is the Energy Force of the Time Domain for those of us here on the Earth time domain reality!

So - all you need do - is, starting at equation 7 above of Einsteins 21 equation proof equation set for "special relativity" is insert Einsteins very own Fine structure constant 'h' from Alpha, where HE inserts the universal constant C and then erroneously ascribes the near earth space value of 186000 miles / second.

That shouldn't be too hard for you.

In fact you can do it right here and be the first person on earth to "officially publish" the "grand unification theorem" or GUT that the world has sought for so many years now.

That very GUT will answer every single one of your questions about Tesla and what he knew, the Philadelphia experiment, and so on.

Not only will it answer your questions? - you will then be able to answer with some authority - other peoples seemingly "interesting" and "mysterious" questions based on your new understanding of the grand unification theorem.

Remember me, when you give your Nobel prize for Physics acceptance speech!

Ohh Oceans - he says like a mad scientist trying to remindhimself of something important!

I meant to use this one as well.

Do you remember me saying that Deyo suggests the ether of space behaves as an incompressible fluid of varying energy densities?

Lets take a simple 2 dimensional view of this space ether...

Think of theether of space as an invcompressible fluid (water or our oceans).

Think of our light beam of light photons, as me sailing along in my cargoe ship across theocean from say Australia to Japan (I'm actually a ships master so this is fun for me) you can imagine your own port of departure and arrival - whatever works for you.(Accpulco here I come) LOL

OK.. don't worry theres no solar tea cup tea leaf rafts in this one!.

So hereI am sailing in space(across the ocean)in this incompresible fluid.

Lets say its 10000 nmiles distance to cover and I'mmaking way at 10 knots..

Too easy - simple math says I will get there in 1000 hours at 10 knots!

So why might it take only 900 hours or 1100 hours?

Well 10 knots ismy speed thru the water - not necessarily my speed over ground (across the ocean floor if you like).

If I encounter a current thats against me, or wind waves - i might be making 10 knots thru the water but only 9 knots over ground - so it might take me more than the simple 1000 hours calculation toget to japan(acupulco whatever).

Similary if the wind waves andcurrent are behind me or travelling in the samne dorection i might be making 10 knots thru the water but actually 11 knots over ground so get to japan in only 900 hours!

If you think of the ether of space as an incompressible fluid (water) with varying energy densitys (currents, winds, waves, etc) THEN - you can understand that the speed of light thu that varyng energy density ether of space might travel at faster or slower than the stated value of c (3 x 10^8mps).

So lightspeed is then a variable - NOT a constant as Einstein assumed.

In fact the speed of light is infinite - and as i've shown before that is the ONLY value for speed of light that makes Einsteins e = mc^2 work!

The particular energy densiy of the space ether in near earth space (remember Stan Deyos space blanket / solar tea cup explanation) works out that, its approximately 3 x 10 ^8 mps which is WHY Einsteins special relativity theory e =mc^2 works pretty well in near earth space (So Einstein was only alittle bit wrong whenit all comes down too it) BUT - as I've shown for it to be not a result of a false premise (twin paradox explanation) speed of light C HAS to be infinity!

Heres a simple obervable proof of that statement.

Think of a black hole.

When light approaches the event horizon of a black hole(extremely energy dense part of that incompressible space fluid) its speed over ground (from the cargoe ship explanation) can be zero even tho it might be travelling at lightspeed (3x10^8mps) ifit is heading into a energy density (current waves and wind head on) travelling at 3 x 10^8mps the resultant speed over ground is 0

Hence - when energy density increases more toward the singularity at the center of the black hole, light speed (over ground) becomes negative (infinity can have a negative value, infinitely large / infinitessimally small) and light speed becomes negative - and can't escape the contractive (gravitic force) and we observe a black hole.


If we "went around the other side" of ablack hole - what would we observe?

Would it not be - all the light thats sucked into the black hole being radiated out again?... in effect a SUN?

Is not the dak side of any sun - the entrance of a back hole and vice versa?

Isn't that how space time curvature works and isn't that exactly what keeps our universe in equilibrium - balancing out the expansive energy spherical sun - with its counterpart fractal tetrahedral gravitic / contractive force (black hole).

The wholetheory really is very simple and logical when you think about it all.

No lense bubblesandno square root of squares,no maxwell heaviside equations and so on.

Penny starting to drop at all yet?

I'm hoping it is starting too by now or - mabe I'm not doing this right!


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posted on Dec, 2 2010 @ 05:17 PM
reply to post by ianmoone1

The sun and angular momentum
What is angular momentum?
And why is it only applied to one body at a time?
Is there an inter relationship between gravity and angular momentum?
Im going to start outside and move inwards in the model
First we are aware of the expansion of the universe and the microwave background radiation that is expanding outwards. The expansion of the universe from the big bang is when something expands in a sphere it should get more diffuse (weaker) the more it expands. But according to estimates the expansion is................well speeding up, this leads to the idea that medium density expansion is capable of a coefficient of energy release depending on Medium density, hydrodynamic temperature coefficient and differences in the potential difference in medium density.
To put it simply energy comes from the thickness of space as it spreads out.(medium density expansion)
As expansion is spherical in nature there is an infinite number of 90 degree rays possable to any direction within the expansion, ie the energy or rays expand outwards evenly in all directions. so this expansion does not entropy into the cold dark expanses outside the microwave back round, instead it expands into it giving it a medium density. So if there is nothing outside the medium density do we consider it a vacuum? Would a vacuum increase the speed of expansion of the universe?
Because in my mind a vacuum would provide a constant expansion, if it was the source of the expansion the vacuum would have to increase to negative density to keep acceleration of expansion happening. Its a bit uncomfortable to discuss the outside of our universe because its all speculation at this point. But what if we can establish how the expansion is expanding, then we could make some assumptions about the area being expanded into.
Ok so we are now going to the theoretical centre of expansion how does something expand outwards in all directions without slowing down? Well the vacuum outside the universe would allow for continuous expansion but at a constant for now we are going to assume a vacuum outside of the universe that is constant.
From the center outwards in all directions this expansion is said to expand all matter and energy into existence. So under the big bang an explosive expansion was propagated like a shock wave that brought medium density difference between the expanding area and the area to be expanded into.
The idea of volumetric expansion of a sphere is a bit of a curiosity to me, and i wonder how does the volume of a sphere expand continuously? Well at some point the expansion has to break down or slow down and one theory is that when it does, the whole universe will contract back upon itself.
So is it an internal expansion or external vacuum that is causing this expansion increase?
Some say there is evidence of a dark matter that explains this expansion. I would like to postulate that expansion of a density medium in an energetic way creates medium density differences.
Ill leave the universe expansion part for now with one thought
Exponential medium density expansion in spherical area, is expensive in energy terms.
So the first part of the equation is the expansion of the whole medium density that everything resides in.
In this medium galaxies formed from gas and the density expansion helped to group the gas particles in a venturi interaction. The medium density expansion between the particles “drew” them together and compressed them into a mass density.
Now i want to focus on the galaxies as a unit, if the galaxy has a bubble a helio/galaxial bubble, some force is expanding the galaxy against the expansion on the other side of the bubble ie the “universal” expansion. So there is a force from the centre resisting compression of the universes expansion. When you look at the shape and location of the bubble three things jump out.
1. Either the black hole at the centre of our galaxy is providing this expansive force or
2. The mass of all the material in the galaxy is cumulative to provide a mass gravity force or
3. Energy is derived from the mass and energy consumed by the black hole and converted into a force that induces energy back into the galaxy and mass providing for angular momentum and vibration in density.
In this model im going use the third option
So now we have a density embedded in a density that provides for vibration and angular momentum. Except in the galaxies case there is a closed “loop” of energy being consumed and transferred into physical vibration forces and angular momentum forces. The vibration forces produce feilds and the angular momentum produces movement in those feilds.
So now i want to focus on the heliosphere
Our sun is a giant vibration body and the vibration energy is imparted outwards in an expanding medium density. This medium density expansion has a finite amount of expansion before it breaks down. At the point where the medium density breaks down the medium density is imparted with angular momentum. This effects both the heliosphere medium density and the galaxies medium density in an equal and opposite manner.
If we imagine the outside of the heliosphere being “rotated” along the flat plane of the galaxy the rotational energy is imparted from the outside to the centre.
This explains why the planets that are closest to the outside orbit slower than the planets that are in the centre, this is because the further from the outside the orbit is the more angular momentum is imparted by the rotation.
When we view the heliosphere as rotating imparting torque inwards instead of the sun rotating and imparting torque outwards we can see why the planets themselves are on a flat plane.
Or we would have planets in orbits in different planes and directions.
ps your work on time energy density is very interesting to me and im still working how to explain your calculations within the expansive medium

posted on Dec, 3 2010 @ 03:54 AM
As above, so below.

Higgs bosuns etc etc

What your describing for your model of the universe.... do you see those same properties being exerted at the atomic level - is that what we now observe in sub atomic particle physics?

Does it explain why - in the "time zone" of the nucleus of an atom, "time" seems to "slow down" so that the "measured velocity" of the electron appears to be only 1/137th the speed of light? But the electron's behavior seems to be that it is everywhere around the atom at the same time, or has a "virtual velocity" of infinity. The physical constant alpha turns out to be equal to 1/137 and we know that infinity is the ONLY value for speed of light universal constant "c" that makes e=mc^2 correct.

Theres a clue in there - go back to Einsteins 21 equation set for e=mc^2 which is derived from the Mitchellson Morley lightspeed experiment and as Marshall Smith suggests - insert the fine structure constant Alpha for the universal constant C (light speed) that Einstein used and you will find the answer you seek - you will see that there is no ''medium density" at all....the ether of space is JUST like all the oceans of the world with their el nino and la nina currents - its a seething mass of "incompressible fluid" of varying enrgy density's.

Theres a relationship there between Alpha and Infinity!

Even God tells us right at the start - that THIS is what he is - "I am the Beginning (Alpha) and the end (Infinity)" (and everything in between) or some expresss it as the Alpha and the Omega - the beginning and the end!

He ALSO says that he is "The Word" & That he is The LIGHT. He says that the evil God of this world keeps us from seeing the light that shines down on us from out of the darkness - the light of God is the same light seen shining in the face of Christ & God is Christ and Christ is in us!.

These are all "clues" God is the crreator of our Universe and all universes and he is "in" us!

And he clearly tells us what he is and that he is in us & that we one day will be immortal as he is and rule with him,

Do you think it is a co incidence that Alpha and Infinity are the "keys to the universe, time, life and immortality, - the key to everything?

Even when God tells us plainly what he is - we have trouble following the clues.

Did god say anywhere that he is a "medium"? some kind of a "Jin or Genie"? (no!)

There are "other Gods" but WE were created inTHIS God's likeness (from this Gods DNA) & we are instructed to worship Him and him only - "though shalt have no other gods before me" (not even the medium one!) - no other gods before me, is the instruction.

The clues provided us are pretty emphatic and as I've shown - seeking the unified field theory (the theory that explains everything)? seeking God because God is the creator of EVERYTHING!

Sorry to get all religious on you - we are talking Physics I know but we are seeking the key to creation - the unified field theory, the grand unification theorem.

I've another clue for you.

There are certain mathematical sequences that signify "intelligence".

If we sent out say binomial programming of the value Pi into the universe - any other advanced intelligence might pick that up - and say "ohh - look a sign of intelligent life they recognise the ratio of diameter of a circle to circumference!"

Don't the Pyramids, which many would argue are not man made, - enclose cerain mathematical values - the ratio of the length of the 4 base sides and the height represent Pi?

Here we are talking about 2 concepts Spheres and Fractal Tetrahedrons!.

Lets call them Yin and Yang, or Alpha and Omega if you prefer.

Why hide the key to spheres - within a tetrahedron? Isn't that a pretty BIG clue for mankind?

What if we sent a "different signal out into space" to show intelligence - can you think of any other "signal" we might send that would automatically show this "inteligence/understanding" of "math" or indeed "creation"?

What about a list of prime numbers, divisible by ONLY 1 and themselves? That might work - it shows an understanding of Mathematics.

An others?

Why not an arithmetic progression or a geometric progression?


What about a Fibonnachi sequence?

You have seen I hope, - that, this KEY to the universe is CREATION.

And what mathematical magic number is all of creation built upon?

Yes indeed - the golden mean ratio, 1.618, or the relationship of One is to Two, as Two is to Three, or the representation of the foundation of mathematics. 1,2,3, etc

The Golden Mean is a magic number (Just like Pi and Alpha & Infinity)

The Golden mean determins the spacing of leaves along a branch of a tree and the spiral of a snails shell or a nautilus shell in the ocean in fact ALL spirals that we find in nature. It is ALSO the basis for Palacial ratio in architecture that brought us the renaisance, when the Knights Templar found the scrolls under the floor of Solomons Temple - its Gods number!. It marked the ratio used in all the great temples & later the churches of the renaisance.

Its the ONLY number that when you take away 1 and then sqaure it you get the same number plus 1.

1.618 minus 1 = 0.618.
1.618 Plus 1 = 2.618
0.618 ^ 2 (squared) = 2.618.

Its a miracle in fact, and why wouldn't Gods number be a miracle - isn't all of creation HIS miracle?

Alpha 1/137th
Creation 1.618
Infinity = &Infin;

I am the Beginning, All of Creation & the End

I am 1/137, 1.618 & &Infin;

These are all clues about HOW God creates the universe or the secret mathematical forumla that you need to understand God and his Creation (our Universe).

The spiral of a nautilus shell, demonstrating the existence of the Golden mean ratio, is this not the same ratio of the angular torque momentum of Time?...

All the answers you seek - are simple and they are already known - it just requires understanding them - (or finding God)! (out of the darkness the light shall shine!).

The evil God if this earth Satan (Time?) keeps them from seeing the light shining down on them. (Passage of Time - the angular torque momentum force) keeps them from seeing God (creation and thus beomming immortal).

Does God not promise that when we find him (or come to him - i.e. leave this planet and the influence of angular torque momentum or Time) That we will live in the heavens with him and be immortal?

Isn't that what the Grand Unification Theorem ,will allow us to do - to unify with all the other life forms of creation throughout the universe?. Isn't that what Gene Roddenbury's famous Star Trek series was all about? - wasn't that why it was so popular because it's instinctual in us to want to achieve that - to leave this planet once we discover creation(God) and boldly go where no man has gone before - to seek out new life forms (more of Gods creation).?

And we need the math and physics to be able to do that, we need to find God & discover creation and NOT to worship the evil God of this earth - Satan.

Weren't we after all - sent down to earth, arent we the spirits of the fallen angels who thought they were equal too God, sent down into this Abyss.

Isn't this earth - a collection of matter all orbiting at the event horizon of the singularity event that is the core of this earth?

Didn't God in fact throw us all into a black hole - and leave us there until we "find him" (worship him, understand his ability to create and in effect discover anti-matter and anti-gravity etc - so that we can once again escape the bonds of this mortal existence and escape the event horizon of the singularity of this earth that makes up our reality (this singlarity) and again join him in the heavens (universe).

We've lost the knowledge of the other half of the force in the universe the contractive and we are all trappd here on Earth in this singularity of this reality as a result!

God told us how to get out, al the clues are there for us. He in effect gave us a users manual for the car we are now trying to learn how to drive...its called the Bible and it contains all the rules on how we get out of here, and re join him in the heavens.

It's like he gave us the vehicle but hid the fuel from us!

Until we understand Alpha and Omega (infinity) and acknowedge his miracle of "creation" (Golden Mean) - theres no escape from this reality or this singularity or this gravity / contractive force.

As I have said before - when CERN Scientists discover twin micro-singularities orbiting at the event horizon of a black hole - we won't discover the contractive force or the anti matter / anti gravity / Time Travel (negative torque momentum) necessary to escape this singularity / reality this earth.

We are indeed on the cusp of this understanding now.

I've come back here in time & to this reality / micro singularity at the behest of my good friend from 2038 (we fought in together in the fighting diamondbacks during the great civil uprisingafter WW3) John Titor, & done my best to:-

1. Show Einsteins error that's hidden the answers you all seek from mankind.
2. Show the physics required to free yourselves from the energy war thats about to destroy 2/3rd of mankind
3. help you find God - and join him in the heavens, before you make the fatal mistake that occurred on our timeline (reality / singularity of WW3) & annihilted over 4 billion human souls & consigned them again to the abyss for another great year!

You only have until Dec 21 make up your minds, to grow and find God or to continue to worship the Evil God of this earth Satan.

Very very soon mankind must choose which God it will serve.

I have shown you all the clues that YWH the Elohim has left for you...the requisite Math & the requisite Physics.

Think of me as like "John the Baptist", a messenger who came before the Christ (saviour), - I am just a messenger and not fit even to untie his sandals.

The question is - whom will ye choose to serve?

There is no "middle ground" (medium density) or equivocation, you must choose between the evilGod of this earth Satan, OR the God of all creation!.

Choose ye this day whom ye shall serve!.

Apha and "Einsteins 21 equation set - I've given you the work - shall ye be about the Lords work or not?

It's not so hard, is there not a single mathematician among you?

Nothing is more "above top secret" - than the grand unification theorem, nothing is more important than finding the God number (Grand Unification Theorem).

The rewards are many and great - and include immortality - and isn't that the ultimate prize?

So why do you tarry?

Scott me up Beamey - I'm in trouble - warp speed 9 Mr Zulu, on my mark.


posted on Dec, 3 2010 @ 06:19 AM
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as above so below
and god spoke and the universe was brought into being
i am the alpha and the omega
i do see the golden ratio as being devine
as being the representation of the crystiline tetrahedron and the expresion of the universe
portrayed though the either into existence
expansive infinatly small and contractive infinatly large
and the expanse of time being the direction into the phi spiral
that unlocks the energy held within
i see the micro macro infinate loop
if you look below infinity
if you look above infinity
the only part im having a problem with is the time being the forth dimention
that would imply limitless energy is trapped in the fabric of the universe,
which in a strange way is implyed by the big bang theory
the fine structure constant is a better fit in the equations,
but that would imply that there is much much more energy than the mass of the universe.
and time as a progression would unlock that energy by the angular momentum into the infinatly small
and mass would unlock energy and as a progression by angular momentum into
the infinatly large.

these thoughts differ from the maths you have supplyed to me but it does make a strange
sort of sence

so instead of all the energy in the universe being required to speed a mass up to the speed of light
all that is required is to move time through the infinatly small phi spiral to
create a infinatly small mass that is getting infinatly large, as it travels the time axis
will extract limitless energy in time as you are transversing time as a vector while the mass follows the infinate spiral

wow thats one hell of an idea
im going to think hard on this one
need some rest then im back at it

thank you my mind is spinning with ideas

posted on Dec, 3 2010 @ 05:36 PM
Ye gads - I do believe he has got it!

My work here is done.

Did I not guarantee a Prain Phart?

These come along from time to time & propell mankind into quantum leaps in technology.

I hope this is the start of yet another such leap and that it is a leap of faith.

P.S..Please Avoid "N" Day, Washington DC, at 3:45 AM on March 12, 2015

a a
n m
m n
o o
o o
n n
e e


posted on Dec, 4 2010 @ 04:11 AM
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practical application of brain fart physics

ok after some study i have found a crystaline structues behave in a way (under the right conditions) that they provide superconductivity and ELECTRO magnatism
so that is the center
in the shape of the circle with the tetraheron to channel into the infinatly small
around in the shape of a circle a mass of electromagnets with a crystaline component
an orbit component of three "orbiting" bodies in a trinity to be effected by the transition into the infinatly small
around the three in a circle a mass of electromagnets with a crystaline component
the mass of the circle transitioning outward to the infinatly large
the inner componet is of the number static (electro) and squared (crystal)
the trinity componet is of the number -1
the outter componet is of the number +1
the crystal center is the square or the sum

1.the trinity is free to rotate and roam around
the transition is both ways at the same time evenly infinatly small and large

2.the trinity is free to rotate but may not roam around
the transition is more infinatly large than infinatly small

3.the trinity is free to rotate and roam but the inner is without angular torque
the transition is only infinatly large

4.the trinity is free to rotate and roam and the inner has angular torque but the outter is without angular torque
the transition is only infinatly small

the intelligent sequence provides for a "ripple" transversing the inner and outter
expansive/contractive and orbital angular "static" and "squared" and orbital angular +1

in this way the sea of energy can
be translated between the mass component and the energy component using time as a vector -1
be translated between the energy component and the mass component using time as a vector +1
and the trinity can be static and squared
this provides for four configerations of transitions along the time axis
with the four components explained

faith to be strong in the face of adversity
faith to be truth in the face of deciet
faith to do the will of the universe as it speaks

faith this is understood in the heart as in the mind

thank you very much for helping me for now i see


posted on Dec, 4 2010 @ 11:50 AM

ok after some study i have found a crystaline structues behave in a way (under the right conditions) that they provide superconductivity and ELECTRO magnatism

You have no idea ow plesing it is to see the light of Gods creation, at work in the human brain... the spark of recognition of ones DNA relative in our ccreator.

I gues now I will ramble a little, this happens when your brain gets old and doesn't work as quickly and as well as it did when it was young. I think the jump to light speed of time travel as my hyperlight craft crosses the event horizon of the lightspeed barrier emitting Cherenkov Radiation in the form of a flash of light at right angles to the angular torque momentum, frys a few neurons every time, coz the older I get & the more I flit twixt realities, the more forgettull and hence dumber I seem to be!.


Lets take a brief and "2d" look at this source charge regauging that Tom Beardens so interested in.

To the layman - one might think that "electricity" is a current flowing thru a wire, in much the same way - that water flows thru a garden hose - when the tank runs dry the hose stiops producing ater at the end which we have been using to do wirk - whether watering a garden to feed ourselves (energy for our bodies) or to quell a fire (lower a threatening amount of energy state so it doesnt kill us).

With electricity thos - we would be wrong.

When we slow the process down and take a look at it at a sub atomic level - we come too realise theres no water running thru the wire hose!

In a classical physics environment, lets imagne this for a moment.

I have a 12V car battery.

If I short the termonals across what happens?

Well simply put the two metals in the battery of two different energy mass values (dioffering valence) because they are immersed in an electrolyte, allow electrons to flow between the two different valence (energy density) metals and current flows thru the wire connecting the looped charge system between the + & -ve poles.

In the actual wire etself tho - no actual electrons flow thru the wire like water thru a hose.

What really happens, is that the first molecules atoms electron starts to get "agitated" and makes the atom vibrate (it realy shifts the electrons circumference orbital ratio such that the electron shell is moved to one of leightons hierarchy of symetry obital distances further from the nucleus but I digress). (I'm puttng it in the terms of Sollogs orbital circumference ratio law, and your own one about mass and orbital distance).

Anyway essentially one molecule starst vibrating and sets the one next to it vibrating and so on thru the whole length of the wire..

We see heat emited by these energy excited molecules and we see the two differing valence metals in the battery converted from one form to another - i.e. giving up their energy or converting it to another form (motion and heat).

When the varying valence metals are exhausted the battery ceases to discharge its latent energy!

The speed at which the electrons get agitated in this process seems to approach that of light speed ie.we perceive it as intantaneous.

Lets slow this process down tho.. slow motion.

Lets also increase the length of the piece of wire to buy is some time.

Lets throw in a simple "toggle switch" at the END f the wire almost adjacent to the +ve battery pole.

We know that the electrons "flow"(agitate each other progressivelly from the -ve towards the positive pole.

So what happens when we throw the switch to complete the circuit in slow motion?

Well as soon as we complete the circuit the first molecule in the wire starts to vibrate - because the "energy potential" of the circuit is somehow sensed by the two different valence metals in the electrolyte and one gives up it's electrons too the other.

Ok so far - then the frst molecule excites the other next to it and so on down thru the waire.

This wire now is so long that it reaches right around the earths equator before it comes back to the positve pole of the battery.

Lets say that this process is "occurring" at close to light speed because we are using a metal like copper thats very conductive..

Lets forget the actual figures - but just assume for the purpose of the exercise that the circumference distance around the earth is long enough that it takes all of say 10 seconds for the last electron in the wire next to the switch to start to vibrate...

In the battery - no actual electrons have been exchanged between the two dioffering valence metals until the circuit is cmplete and the current flows..

Its a "loop" charge system, - what would happen IF I open the toggle switch, a millisecond BEFORE the last electron in the long long wire got to start vibrating?

Circuit open, electrons stop vibrating, no current flows - no electrons exchanged between the two different valence metals in the electrolyte and the battery stays fully charged, because the circuit wasn't allowed to complete.

When we allow a closed loop is when the metals in the battery start to alter their energy properties.

What about ALL those electrons around the atoms in the wire that got all excited inthe attempt to complete the circuit?

What supplied the energy to get them all vibrating if it wasn;t the two metals in the battery?

Could it be the contractive energy within time? Did we just convert some of this free energy from the incompressible liquid of space (ether) of varying energy densitys to get the electrons in that long wire all vibrating next to each other?

Did we just "convert" say a current wind or wave in the seething ocean of the ether of space to do some work for us? a virtual sub atomic wind farm or wave farm tidal power?

What energy made those electrons get excited to vibrate to try and complete that circuit and let the current flow?

If the circuit was never allowed to complete such that the metals in the battery were altered in their valence state - where di this energy to get it all started come from?

Its called an "energy potential" withn classical electrickery theory and never accounted for at all - because non of the classical electrickery theorys account for what happens BEFORE the circuit is complete.

Some energy was used to achieve this - me operating the toggle switch first to its closed state then to its open state, just as the last electron in the wire next to the switch at the +ve end of the circuit got excited.

How could we slow down the speed of the electrons getting excited in the wire to give me sufficient "time" to activate the switch from closed to open, every single time the wire was energised with potential energy (energy from the seething ether of space) and BEFORE the circuit is closed by the last electron in line getting agitated?

Well we culd make the wore longer (say 2 or 3 or 100 or 100 or 1 million times around the earths circumference) to make more electtrons have to get excited one bye one.

Another one migh be to use a less conductive wire - maybe not copper maybe some other metal or even alloy of metals thats less conductive!.

I'd still get tired tho throwing that switch millions of times per second to try and keep the wre energised but never allowing the circuit to close fully.

We could use a transistor as the switch it can open and close many times per second without getting tired!

So transistorised switching.

The search for less conductive (slower/less conductive) metals for the circuit leads to the search for doped degenerate semi conductirs and so on.

Just as te search for superconductors operates to find ever fatser computers etc the search for doped degenerate semi conductrs suitable to source charge regauging systems will allow us to harness the contractive force of seething energy from the vacuum (potental energy).

What can we do with that REALLY long wire tha goes round and round the earth so many times to mak it more convenient to carry use and store?

We could wrap it into a coil (around say a mild steel bar).

So here we have this rapidly switching, potential energy system - sourcing it's charge from the vacuum of space, wthot ever beng allowed to complete the circuit and allow current to flow and consume the battery metals such that the battery goes flat!.

We arent using the battery other than to use it potential.

While that long wire is activated and getting all excited and the currents flowing along the wie - can we do anything with the magnetic field temporarily (millionsof times a second) created within out mild steel bar around which it is wrapped?

Well and electromagnet and some fixed rare earth magnets (field within a field - isn't that a coil)?...couldn;t we magnify this pulsed potential energy many fold?

When you look at the pictures on Beardens site of his MEGS (Motionless
Electromagnetic Generators) your seeing what some call over unity generators.

We know from previous postings that the COP Co-efficient of productivity between the regauging source charge and the input is ~18 times!.

Potentually we can get 18 times more energy from the vacuum of space than the energy(switching) we use to harvest it!.

Couple multiple MEGS together, fr COP of 18, 26, 72 etc!

If we start with a 12V battery as our "potentiaal" a first generation meg should output somewhere around 12 x 18 volts (216) minus losses in swtching etc - ohh = isn't that almost what the current European 220 V system operates on?

Getting ahead of myself here.

MEG Photo - doped degenerate semi conductor coils at right angled fields to each other with transistorised switching (not shown is the 12V potential energy battery that supplies the source charge potential for the 18 x COP effieicent system).

This is just one example of Bearden et all in the overunity research field looking at ways to extract energy from the vacuum, via spatial circuits.

The whole key is in the speed of the switching - the length of wire is extreme in copper, for the transistorised switching to be faster than the electron excitement speed (lightspeed).

So the search for appropriate CHEAP doped degenerate semi conductors suitable for the manufactire of Megs.

It's all about slwoing down the sped of the propagation of the source charge sufficient to work with existing switching technology or finding faster switching technology.

But its only ONE of many methods of converting the energy from within the vacuum - to another form with which we can do work.

We already use for example gravity (time the angular torque momentum), in hydro electric systems - the sun supplies the energy - heats the waters into steam, it rises into the atmosphere, condenses and falls as rain, and is stored at altitude in dams, and thru "gravity" (time / angular torque momentum) is fed into turbines to turn shafts with wound copper fields and permanent magnets to create electricity and so on.

The whole trick for us is in devising systems that use the source charge potential NOT the closed loop system.

The closed loop system is part of the expansive force, whilst source charge regauging is part of the contractive (time angular momentum force) contractive energy within our solar system.

In effect we have to USE the black holes cintractive angular torque momentum energy, harvest it and convert it to forms that w can use to blast us OUT of the event horizon of our current black hole - out into the universe to be with our creator.

Anti Gravity - anit matter drives.

We already have ion propulsion (expansive) but anti matter and anto gravity are too come.

Einsteins 21 equation set and Apha instead of speed of light C is your answer.

Please do remember me in your Nobel Prize acceptance speech...


posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 01:35 AM
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I have been thinking alot about the mer idea you posted
Its an interesting concept that its the potential voltage difference that allows for the vibrations of the individual atoms that progressively vibrate their energy along the path that the current then flows in reverse. This would to me make me think there is another part to the equation that is not defined, when a short circuit occurs it does so close to the positive side once the current flows.
I postulate there is a unknown type of wave that travels from the positive first (not current) and effects the atoms closest to the negative and as the furthest atom vibrates, it induces the nuclei to vibrate at a resonant frequency that extends the amount of attractive and repulsive force to overlap the orbits of the electrons.
As each nuclei extends its forces the electrons are orbiting in overlapping areas, these atoms once using the wave become a interlinked chain as one by one the waves cause the orbital change they also synchronise the electron orbit speed and the distance between the overlapped electrons.
Once the chain has been linked to the positive an electron from the plates is introduced to the first atom it compresses the distance between the electrons to “accommodate” the electron for half an orbit until it encounters the next atom in the chain and is accommodated there for half an orbit.
The first half of the orbit is now unbalanced and requires another electron and “accommodates” it into its orbit to balance the orbit, this cycle is continued along the chain in a clockwise anticlockwise rotation making the classic sine wave shape (in 2d).
There is a basis for this theory and that is the theoretical way in which super conductors are said to pair up electrons and orbit each other prior to becoming superconductive, if there is a clockwise to anticlockwise overlap interaction (two atoms) then there is two electrons one travelling in the original direction (sinewave 2d) and one is induced to travel in the equal and opposite manner around the other half of the electron orbit.
I know that the electrons travelling both ways should counter the flow right,
But the compression between electrons in a common orbit recycle the electrons to the start of the chain and they then flow in the correct direction to the negative.
This provides for an increase in orbital velocity of each of the electrons in equal and opposite directions and the compressed distance between the electrons in the common orbit cause a contractive side (enter orbit) and an expansive side (leave orbit)
And as you can imagine this further stimulates the electron transfer process

I will be further studying this process to understand the unknown wave operation in an effort to understand how this wave increases the nuclei vibration, and how this vibration extends the electron orbit in an effort to expain how this wave can contain so much energy prior to electron flow

This is a very interesting subject to me

posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 09:16 AM

This is a very interesting subject to me

The way you think and express yourself equally excites me to see someone else cosidering Ideas i've been messing wth for 10+ years now!

Two heads are better than one!

Tom Beardens the ONLY other person whos listened and understood what I am saying.

M = Δ T excites me - it shows that we can harvest a NEW form of energy equally as potent as Nuclear power, from the time Domain.

That said it also worries me a LOT!

With splitting the atom (i.e. getting9x10^16 joules of energy from the atom) - we have the isue of radiation half lives and radiation poisoning etc.

Whats the downside of 9 x 10 ^ 16 joules of energy from the domain of 1 second of Time?

Heres the bit that worries me!

IF - Time is this angular torque momentm of our planet in its ciorkscrew orbit about the sun, and we DO convert some of this energy to another form to do work for us - WILL WE in fact be decaying our geosynchronous orbital position in relation tot he sun?

Will our orbit then decay and spiral us downward into the sun?

Is that in effect whats already happening with the Megs research and possible weaponisation of this technology by the USA or China or Russia, and Is a decaying earth orbit the REAL cause of "Global Warming" that world governments don;t want to tell us about???

Gotta make you wonder - eh?


posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 03:19 PM
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i have found an interesting article

A New Electromagnetism Can Be Simulated Through a Quantum Simulator
The authors have proposed a clean and controllable setup where a variety of exotic, but still unobserved, phenomena arise. They describe how to build a quantum simulator of Axion Electrodynamics (high-energy physics), and 3D Topological Insulators (condensed matter). In particular, these results pave the way to the fabrication of an Axion, a long sought-after missing particle in the standard model of elementary particles. They show that their atomic setup constitutes an axion medium, where an underlying topological order gives rise to a non-vanishing axion field.

maby these experiments can show an "new" electromagnetic principal
that will expand on the ideas you have put forward

very interesting stuff


posted on Dec, 8 2010 @ 07:20 PM
Maybe so, who knows i guess.

I am getting the idea - that we have exceeded the intelligence quotia of the viewing audience here because essentially we are only speaking to each other here now.

I have noticed threads about Nassim Haramein here debunking him etc - yet when discussion takes place in this thread with the forumlas and math provided,the debunkers have all run for cover.

Typical I guess.

Pretty much I am done.

M = Δ T pretty much speaks for itself - let others do as they will with it (or not) - I am not expecting a nobel prize anytime soon for my work.

Much less would i want one - after all Obama got one just for showing up and now the Ruskies are saying Give Julian Assange a Nobel Prize - (I say take back Obamas and give it to Julian Assange)!

I think we are too far down the rabbit hole to back out now Exploder!

M = Δ T promises new free clean energy from the ether of spae (or the vacuum if you prefer).

Mankind is not ready too listen (and is still stuck on oil) as this thread pretty much proves.

I can only lead the horses to water - I cannot force them to drink of that life giving water!

Your will be done Lord - on earth as it is in heaven.

Here I am O Lord, to do your will.


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some good news
here is an interesting read

Theoretical breakthrough: Generating matter and antimatter from the vacuum
Under just the right conditions---which involve an ultra-high-intensity laser beam and a two-mile-long particle accelerator---it could be possible to create something out of nothing, according to University of Michigan researchers. The scientists and engineers have developed new equations that show how a high-energy electron beam combined with an intense laser pulse could rip apart a vacuum into its fundamental matter and antimatter components, and set off a cascade of events that generates additional pairs of particles and antiparticles.

"We can now calculate how, from a single electron, several hundred particles can be produced. We believe this happens in nature near pulsars and neutron stars," said Igor Sokolov, an engineering research scientist who conducted this research along with associate research scientist John Nees, emeritus electrical engineering professor Gerard Mourou and their colleagues in France.

this gives credence to the medium density expansion from the sun
and medium density contraction ot the supermassive black hole at the center of the galaxy

i think with the directed energy focused resurch going on at the moment
we will soon see energy from the vacum

your theory has been discused and you will be happy to know that most are agreeing that the resurch
is going in the right direction to test your thesis

the finding of a new force from the mini boone experiment from the fermi labs is also a major
step in the continued movement away from the clasical model
and towards a more complete picture
and it
from a vacum

so take heart that some day very soon when these new experiments play out
you theory will have a chance to change the world even if indirectly

i am not trying to win an award my goal is to share my model and hopfully spur a future nobel winner
into loving physics and improving the world for all

dont give up a physics re-evalution is on the horizon
latley the number of projects that are bringing different disciplines together is
very good news as before each area was a seperate distinct feild and used different language to say the same things
physics and physacists will learn to come together as one
and the understanding will become clearer
as these cross disciplines converge
physics will become unifyed once again as will the theorys

exciting times ahead

posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 08:43 PM

exciting times ahead

I hope so Exploder.

Its an interesting saying "may you live in interesting times."

Its attributed I think to the Chinese and is actually a sort of insult or wish for bad luck upon you...

In their culture apparently - you couldn't say anything about bad times because that reflected upon the kings rule and suggested he wasn't a good ruler if his people were doing it tough even if they were, - so bad times were referred to as "interesting" times and interesting evolved a dual meaning - the original interesting connotation and the later 'bad times" conotation.

A "polite way" to insult your enemys was to wish that they might live in interesting times or effectively to wish bad times on them but in a plausible deniability polite manner.

ergo "may you live in interesting times!" has a LOT different connotations than we westerners ever realised.

In fact the Chinese have been wishing us bad tidings for a very long time and making us think they wished us well.

We were a little more direct - we would say things like a "A pox upon all your houses" etc (or screw you and the horse you rode in here on) which was unambiguous!.

Lets hope your wished for 'interesting times' are just interesting and not bad!

Damn rascalls some of them Chinese - don't get me started on haggling with the Chinese. LOL


posted on Dec, 10 2010 @ 09:21 PM
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check this out

Matter/Antimatter from the Vacuum
New work at the University of Michigan, now written up in Physical Review Letters, discusses the possibility of producing matter and antimatter from the vacuum. The idea is that a high-energy electron beam combined with an intense laser pulse can pull matter and antimatter components out of the vacuum, creating a cascade of additional particles and anti-particles. UM Engineering research scientist Igor Sokolov has this to say about the theoretical study:

“We can now calculate how, from a single electron, several hundred particles can be produced. We believe this happens in nature near pulsars and neutron stars…”

matter from a vacum

If an electron has a capability to become three particles within a very short time, this means it’s not an electron any longer. The theory of the electron is based on the fact that it will be an electron forever. But in our calculations, each of the charged particles becomes a combination of three particles plus some number of photons.”

university website

this covinces me of medium density expansion and interaction

posted on Dec, 11 2010 @ 02:05 AM
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It is interesting that the spiral symbol means: "The soul's journey outward from Creator through all fields of vibration to eventually reunite with Creator" (Hopi definition)

i have been thinking of the fine constant alpha
and im coming to the opinion that it is a better fit to the equations as you have shown
the question now becomes is this fine constant a solor constant and is it the same outside our solar system?
can something vibrate at different resonence under different conditions?

“h” (quantum physics) is connected to the Plank constant. The Planck constant was first discovered as the proportionality constant between the energy (E) of a Photon (“light”) the frequency of its associated electromagnetic wave (v) again a reference to “light” and by extension, the “inner sun” of “illumination” Planck_constant

i am in the process of modeling the changes infured to planks work from your equations
some interesting things are cropping up and are yet to be explain in the greater detail required

on another note i wounder about atomic clocks (atomic scale) and passage of time as defined by the amazing equation you have provided and planks constant
there seams to be problems reconciling planks work and i wounder if you could shed some light
on the subject for me?
pun intended lol

many questions you have raised
that i now seek explinations for
i thank you for opening up a new feild to me (pun intended)

your grateful friend

posted on Dec, 11 2010 @ 10:48 PM
Fine structure constant alpha and Planks constant h are the right way to proceed.

That is where your answer lies and mathematics9resolving the equations) wll yeild it for you.

The paper for which Einstein reaped the Nobel Physics Prize, was his quantum nature of the photo electric effect.

Essentially this tells us - that lightis the key thing.

Out of the darkness the light shall shine.

Christs face radiated light like the sun.

The light of Christ.

The worlds only other monotheasitc religion - 'atonism' started by Nefertiti and Ackhenaton (amenotep 3) , worshipped the sun and its light as GOD.

Its clear that the energy within our part of this universe comes principally from our sun (and our own motion thru space) while some energy filters in from the distant stars as well.

I think its clear the answers we seek - rest with light inits waveform, and Einstein was right onto this with his photo electric effect & its quantum nature.

Quantum Nature of light is KEY here and Alpha / Planks constant h are the key-Einstein allowed the constant c to confuse his solution to Mitchellson Morleys light speed experiement - to get e=mc^2

In effect, all he did by introducing c^2 was tell us a relationship between Energy within Mass.

Ive shown with M = Δ T, that thus SAME relationship exists between Time asdoes Mass.

Really speaking both Einstein bearden and Myself are always talkinbg about the LIGHT relationship between all the varous forms of energy in the universe but expressed in terms of C^2

When we understand the relationship between all forms of energy in the universe and LIGHT - we will have our Grand Unification Theorem or theory if everything.

The planks constant h and Fine structre constant Alpha are our answers and this is ALL about LIGHT because...thats what Mitchellson Morleys light speed experimnent wastrying to measure.

Einstein gave us a answer about MASS to a light speed experiment!.

We will find that ALL forms of energy in our universe (Mass Time etc) come back to LIGHT!

And it was einstein who "arbitrarily" assigned the speed of light in a vacuum to what up until then was known as "the universal constant C".

How did a universal constant becomelight speedand what is lightspeed - we know know it to be infinite, so it can't be 3 x 10^8 mps.

Mitchellson Sganacs later rotaionalLIGHT soeed experiments, tried to show light speed at angular momentum ot the earths rotation.

The real answer is the quantum nature of light, and how all other forms of energy n our universe are related to (or owe their energy too) light & its quanum nature.

Is light JUST a wave form of pohotons?

Many good questions eh.

The answer lie in re assessing our understanding of light- re interporeting the results of the the mitchellson morley light speed experiment.

It seems the HAARP alaska energy experiment combined with the Cern Large Hadrom Collider is gong to reveal all we ever wamted to know about the REAL energy forms in our universe & teirrelationship to lightin its quanntum form.

This is related to light and its behavior in the presence of a black hole.

We will find that suns and back holes are the yin and yang of local space time curvature.

The answers remain within Einsteins 21 equation set for the Mitchelson Morley light speed experiment & The finstrure constant Alpha and Planks constant h.

Good luck wiith it this has been screwing withmy brain for more than 10 years now.

Hopefully you have better luck with it than me.


posted on Dec, 12 2010 @ 12:36 AM
ok so light is a four dimentional construct
that is dependant on the medium it is in to descibe the lenght, width, diameter and time of cycle
so when in another medium light is a different construct
there is a impact on the vacum, of the transmition of light in a quantum tunneling way.
let me explain
as the earth rotates the sun and the sun travels in a liner direction (sun vector "corrected") "average vector"
there is an interaction between what is traveling and the medium its in.
there is an opposing rotation vector feild interaction (sun feild vector "corrected) X equal and oposite rotation vector rotation/medium traveled.
what this means is that the energy required to travel through the medium in the vector direction of travel
induces an anti vector direction rotation in a spiral around the mass in an equal and oposite direction to the corrected vector

as the spiral vector is corected to "average" vector the equal and oposite direction of vector is created around the mass in the oposite direction of the average vector.
this provides to a woundering average vector direction that is continuously changing
what this is an example of light
contiuously variable except for the average vector direction
if light induces a random (contiously changing") vetor feild funtion
then light is every where in the vector direction simultainiously (in a single ray direction)

this vector direction interaction makes the speed of light indeterminant because of the "average" detemination of vector direction.

imagine this
light is traveling in a spiral along a liner time line
at any point you measure the "total" energy you arrive at a photon
at any point you measure the "average" wave length you arrive at a frequency
at any point you measure the "corrected vector" direction you arrive at the direction of travel (corrected average)

when we take the observations at face value we fail to take into account the seemingly random nature of the equal and oposite interaction of the medium in which the "average vector" does not account for the observed average

i am reminded of a crop circle of all things that explains the out come

when the true nature of light is understood it makes the rest of the equations make sence
problem is the plank lengh equations do not conform to the vnon liner equations

im having trouble make this make any sence
i only hope you can put this into perspective
pun intended

your freind glen
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