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University of California Faculty Says TSA Xray Naked Body Scanners Have Serious Potential Health Ris

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posted on Nov, 28 2010 @ 02:52 PM
Anybody that goes through these naked body scanners after reading this letter from University of California Faculty is truly a fool. The government is NOT your friend or your Daddy that is protecting you. I fear my government much more than men in caves that they try to scare us with. Our government put the Christmas day underwear bomber on the plane and now want you to go through these very dangerous machines giving MASSIVE doses of X-rays to your skin which has NEVER been done before.

Always remember that these scanners are being implemented by the new world order that Obama and Bush both serve. Can you imagine the potential evil these machines could very easily do with a tweak or two to their software and power systems?

Patriots could be identified by the machine and be given MEGA doses of radiation and nobody would know! The software could crank up the power and the person would be dead of cancer in a few years. If you can imagine an evil, chances are the new world order is already doing it! When you know the true evil of the new world order then you know anything is possible by these satanic monsters. Who would ever be able to say with certainty that the naked body scanner caused their aggressive cancers? Truly evil people could turn the naked body scanners into slow kill versions of the Nazi ovens. You're a fool to go into these machines just like you're a fool to get the vaccines they want you to take! Make these scum pat you down no matter what! Never submit to these scanners because if you do you are submitting to the ultimate tyranny of the new world order and you are a coward to boot because you're too afraid to stand up and defend your Constitutional rights! Don't believe the shills that want you to submit to the scanners!

Here's the letter from the faculty at University of California.

Here are some highlights of the PDF of the letter sent to Dr. John P. Holdren

(Quotes from letter)

The x-ray dose from these devices has often been compared in the media to the cosmic ray exposure inherent to airplane travel or that of a chest x-ray. However this comparison is very misleading: both the air travel cosmic ray exposure and the chest x-rays have much higher x-ray energies and the health consequences are appropriately understood in terms of the whole body volume dose. In contact these new airport scanners are largely depositing their energy into the skin and immediately adjacent tissue, and since this is such a small fraction of body weight/vol, possibly by one to two orders of magnitude, the real dose to the skin is now high.

a) the large population of older travelers > 65 years of age is particularly at risk from mutagenic effects of the X-rays based on the known biology of melanocyte aging

b) a fraction of the female population is especially sensitive to matagensis-provoking radiation leading to breast cancer. Notably, because these women who have defects in DNA repair mechanisms are particularly prone to cancer, X-ray mammograms are not performed on them. The dose to breast tissue beneath the skin represents a similar risk.

c) Blood (white blood cells) perfusing the skin is also at risk

d) The population of immunocompromised individuals -- HIV and cancer patients (see above) is likely to be at risk for cancer induction by the high skin dose.

e) The risk of radiation emission to children and adolescents does not appear to have been fully evaluated.

f) The policy towards pregnant women needs to be defined once the theoretical risks to the fetus are determined.

g) Because of the proximity of the testicles to the skin, the tissue is at risk for sperm mutagenisis.

h) Have the effects of the radiation on the cornea and thymus been determined?

Moreover, there are a number of "red flags" related to the hardware itself. Because this device can scan a human in a few seconds, the X-ray beam is very intense. Any glitch in power at any point in the hardware (or more importantly in software) that stops the device could cause an intense radiation dose to a single spot on the skin. Who will oversee problems with overall dose after repair or software problems? The TSA is already complaining about resolution limitations; who will keep the manufacturers and/or TSA from just raising the dose, an easy way to improve signal-to-noise and get higher resolution? Lastly, given the recent incident (on December 25th), how do we know whether the manufacturer or TSA, seeking higher resolution, will scan the groin area more slowly leading to a much higher total dose?

Full Letter Here:

posted on Nov, 28 2010 @ 03:10 PM
It makes sense. While the energy these machines emit is "equivalent" to cosmic radiation exposure for airline passengers at high altitude, these machines focus ALL of that energy into just a small volume of the body: the upper layers of the skin.

This is ionizing radiation. It strips electrons from atoms and molecules, which your DNA is made of.

This technology is toxic, toxic, toxic. Opt-OUT!!!!

posted on Nov, 28 2010 @ 03:29 PM
reply to post by GlennCanady

From what I saw, they left out people with pace-makers. I don't have one but my boss does. Not to mention I work in a field ( VeteRinary) that requires me to be in the room for x-rays. I will opt out this summer if/when I go on vacation. I hope the TSA agent is female and cute but I already know that won't happen.

By the way, my last set of rad exposure numbers were 895 for last year. Not bad but, not good either.


posted on Nov, 28 2010 @ 04:19 PM
maybe people should invest in microbe suits that won't all bacteria and viruses to penetrate through the clothes they wear, and into their skin? I am honestly thinking about investing in this, now, with all of the news and information written. I been through a scanner before, and I don't think it's good for the human s .

posted on Nov, 28 2010 @ 04:26 PM
If you guys/gals feel you must go through one of these scanners, pop a tab of vitamin c & e before you get fried. Also, green tea has anti-mutagen properties as well.

posted on Nov, 29 2010 @ 11:31 AM
Thanks for the flags guys. I really think this is very important information because none of his is being told to the public. Spread the letter through facebook and other means to wake up as many as possible. They rammed through these devices without any study whatsoever because they think they are GOD. Keep exposing the truth out there!

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