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interdimensional, psychotronic protection and self defense

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posted on Mar, 7 2018 @ 12:16 AM
a reply to: Unity_99

Thank you Unity_99.

It appears the goal is to be defensive for those who need defended why at the same time not being overly offensive. Which in turn can make you like those you defend against.
A level of balance must be made it appears.
Nice to see you in the boards.
Stay Bright my friend...

a reply to: TheWhiteKnight
It appears that healthy conscious thinking and good health practices, excercise and diet, as well as attempting to interact peacefully with those that you encounter (not only other humans the universe and its many inhabitants sharing EXISTENCE with you) can assist in increasing your spiritual frequency output.

If you are a being then saturated with LOVE & PEACE for ALL* for example you don't make much of a metaphysical meal for something searching for a being saturated in anger, depression, hate and sadness.
Which may cause them the malevolent hidden in the current un-observable paranormal/supernatural regions to avoid you.

Or cause them to attempt to degrade - weaken your saturated benevolent or positive energy fields with temptation and further turmoil. Making you then reachable prey.

This is why being positive as you can be (acknowledge not always an easy task in this aggressive world-reality) can help you physically, mentally and spiritually to become stronger.


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