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It's starting: Obama DHS seizing websites.

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posted on Nov, 28 2010 @ 07:44 AM
The Department of Homeland Security's ICE has launched a major crackdown on websites enabling copyright infringement or selling counterfeits of trademarked goods. In just the past few days ICE has seized at least 12 domains, TorrentFreak reports.
All of these domains now display the image shown here.
The sites fall into two categories: torrent sites that enable the download of copyrighted music, and sites selling knockoffs of trademarked goods like designer handbags.
A controversial bill that would allow the Attorney General to shut down domains on similar grounds was recently derailed (temporarily) by Oregon Senator Ron Wyden.
The owner of an affected site told TorrentFreak that his domain was taken over without any prior complaints or notification from the court.


My Thoughts and Concerns:
I honestly think the government needs to quit shutting down torrent and music download websites. For example who wants to pay $599 for photoshop or $199 for the upgrade to photoshop. These companies put outrageous prices on their software and then they wonder why people are illegally downloading their software. I think the government should focus more on child pornography on the web. With the all new teen sexting that is currently out of control. Pictures of 13-17 year olds are ending up on image upload websites. They need to crack down on that instead of you or I who wants to listen or download an album.

I honestly truly believe this is just ONE step closer to a fully government controlled internet. They will let us browse the web on what they want us to browse the web for. It's just another stab at our only real freedom left. The web is a place for people to have freedom, speak there minds, browse and surf their favorite websites, listen to that lady gaga album or something heavy metal. There's no reason to start "cutting" this out because "they" think it's wrong. I believe WE need to take back our freedom instead of being "voiceless" sheep to the government. WE continue to put idiots in office (presidents, senators, congress men, etc.. etc.. and we CONTINUE to let them get away with stuff like this.

If they can shut down a torrent / music, software, etc... website what can they shut down next? When and where do they stop?, Even Obama's czar even said they want to shut down conspiracy websites. (saw that on jesse ventura conspiracy theory). So even if this is true. This is all a BIG plan for something if you think long and hard about it. Why not take down torrent websites and such, what stops them from taking down conspiracy websites and other websites so we are all forced to listen to what they say. We ALL know the government lies to us. I think this is just one step closer to a full government sheep herding. We are the sheep and they are herding us back to the stable. Sad world we live in really. We've gotten our freedom of speech stripped down to the bare minimum, the freedom to vent and express our feelings is looked down upon in this country, You really can't bare arms anymore without the government saying well this is illegal, oh you need a permit for that, um those bullets need to be locked up, blah blah blah. Im tired of all this stuff are you?

What are your thoughts?
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posted on Nov, 28 2010 @ 08:08 AM
yeah, they'll start with cracking down on websites that sell fake oakley sunglasses, then gradually move on to blogs and conspiracy websites. The shocker will be if they try to take down a major website like fox or something but I doubt it. Surprisingly though, the "al qaeda" websites that mysteriously pop up to remind us of the Boogie man and no one knows their domain will somehow still be running. Why can't homeland security shut the terrorist websites down? Obviously because the CIA runs them.

posted on Nov, 28 2010 @ 08:24 AM
I don't see anything to freak out about...

They're cracking down on sites that have copyrighted material available for download, I'm surprised it's taken this long for them to do that, what's started exactly?

posted on Nov, 28 2010 @ 08:43 AM
I did a post about this on the other thread that was posted yesterday entitled Homeland security shuts down dozens of websites without court order, that was started by DimensionalDetective.

A couple of things became clear. First of all, they didn't need a court order, no more than they need a court order to seize counterfeit goods in a market or somewhere. Secondly, in my post here, I suggested that there could be other reasons why these site seizures were occuring right now -- namely that it appears the majority of seized sites are registered in China and/or Chinese owned. And as we all know, there are certain "tensions" between China and the US because of the Korean situation.

As another member said shortly after that post in his response to it, the real danger is not to US citizens in this case. While it is worrying what powers DHS have, it's also worth considering that their motives here might actualy be in the general interests of US citizens. And as was also noted by another member, this won't stop those who are conducting this frankly illegal trade as they can easily register new domains and set up shop again. But in my opinion there implications here, are that the US authorities are sending a message to China.

Best regards,

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posted on Nov, 28 2010 @ 05:32 PM
reply to post by SpearMint

And you've never downloaded anything illegally. Music, Movies, Video, Games? Wow your a good sheep.

I've move my thread to the new link:

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