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What is a realistic worst case scenario of North Korea vs South Korea?

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posted on Nov, 27 2010 @ 12:11 PM
The most realistic worst case scenario would not involve nukes.

All preparations for the worst case have been made.

Now we wait to see if those military exersizes set everything into motion.

If they do,you KNOW it's been planned that way.

As usual,the people of the U.S. will rally behind their government,when in reality,they should get together and refuse to allow themselves to be sucked into somebody else's silly games.

posted on Nov, 27 2010 @ 12:32 PM
Leading up to WWI the world was struggling financially. Tensions were high across the board. Then one day Serbia assissinated the heir to the thrown of Austria-Hungary. Austria-Hungary invaded Serbia..... countries who were pissed at each other to begin with took sides and kaboom WWI

Leading up to WWII ... the great depression. One crazy guy wants to take over the world. Scientists are competing for the best technology in all areas namely weapons.

2010, economy across the world SUCKS. Governments across the board are going broke and not taking it well. Blaming it on each other. Technology for new forms of energy is causing quite an issue. Everyone has a nuke and ready to use it. Everyone chooses a side. Half on N.K. half on S.K. North Korea strikes at South Korea....South Korea strikes back. One crazy guy wants to show how much power he has and wants to make history. All he has to do is hit that red button. He does that, and one side has to defend South Korea and then the other side has to defend North Korea. BUT Korea is such a small country so it spreads to all the areas involved...slowly but but with the force of a freight train.

posted on Nov, 27 2010 @ 04:48 PM
Lets see what happens then and see who's theory is the closest.

I like the theory where the son takes over and acts progressively to move the country forward but my gut instinct is such an insular looking and paranoid country is just going to carry on as it is, scared of giving it's citizens there liberty, scared to work with anyone else and will continue it's cyclic tit for tat actions against south korea.

Regarding weaponry, launching artillery strikes against an island is different from carrying out modern, aggressive military strategies against another modern military force. I think in my totally un-knowledgable opinion any strike by NK is going to be a weight of numbers strategy whether it be use of man power or artillery strikes.
What military experience do they have to call on apart from their ongoing battle with the south?

posted on Nov, 27 2010 @ 04:59 PM

Originally posted by hillbilly4rent
reply to post by markygee

Worst case scenario

We all die

shot for the past 50 some odd years that has all way bean the "Worst case scenario"
But I dont see it going that far little kiny pitches a fit and get what he wants, he's just like that spoiled little brat down the block.
But If it were to come to war the nukes will be the last thing in the war. It will be conventional at first until NK is beat back in to a corner the the birds will fly. Or hell who knows little kimy may knock us back in a corner. With a quick first punch (nuke) then the gloves come off and sides will be chosen. On one side china, Russia, Iran, and NK the other the west and all that will stand with her. Their are some under dogs in the fight as well Israeli, Pakistan and India. With Turkey ticked off with Israel and Al-Qaeda , Taliban in Pakistan. All that I named have or supposed to have nukes besides turkey. There is a lot of moves left on the board be fore I run and hide.

Not to debate you, but I think too many people are assuming Russia will side with China. They have their disputes too, and were engaged in a hostile border dispute earlier this year. In all likelyhood, Russia would sit this one out. Why not let the other 2 super powers beat each other to a pulp? Putin is crazy, but he could see this as a chance for Russia to reclaim its former glory. Although I don't deny that this will lead to other conflicts, specifically in the middle east. All in all, its not looking good right now. Tomorrow is the big day.

posted on Nov, 27 2010 @ 07:51 PM
ICBMs in the upper atmosphere, heading toward their targets. I would think this would be the absolute worst case scenario.
(Love that little Pukey guy)

posted on Nov, 27 2010 @ 09:05 PM
I think China knows it has a retarded friend on its border, that they don't know what to do with.

I say we put it on China.

The world knows that Kim Jong Fat is an idiot. This North Korea/South Korea # has to settled once and for all.

Tell China that the next time Kim Jong Fat fires artillery over the border, he will be met with an appropriate response. The world has been catering to this dickhead for far too long.

"Ooh North Korea may have a nuclear weapon though!"

I think a fleet of B-2 bombers could take care of that.

posted on Nov, 27 2010 @ 10:35 PM

Originally posted by markygee
Would someone please take the time to explain to a poorly educated person like me what is the worst case scenario if North Korea backed by China attack a US backed south Korea?
Does anyone believe that realistically this could happen once the joint war games start on Sunday?
If it does happen what is the smallest and largest response possible? I read somewhere once that N.Korea could launch a nuclear tipped war head at an aircraft carrier off it's coast and as frightening as that sounds what is the furthest they could launch one?

I know I should research this myself but Im not sure where to start.

Here ya go:

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posted on Nov, 27 2010 @ 10:56 PM
reply to post by markygee

well i believe it is more than simply north korea backed by china, and south korea backed by the u.s.

if a war does start with china and u.s. backing opposite sides which leads to conflict between china and the u.s., then there is more potential for others to come in and it would pretty much be ww3.

china has relations with north korea - russia has relations with china - iran has relations with russia etc.

the u.s. has relations with south korea - the u.k. has relations with the u.s. then there is isreal etc.

there is negative reporting of china-russia-north korea and iran by our mainstream media.

there has been conflict of interests on more than one occasion between the u.s. and those countries and the u.k. and some of those countries, within the last decade.

wikileaks are releasing documents that could cause more upset. although the u.k. media are reporting the upset will come from muslim countries. but i feel the leak is just to add more fuel to the fire.

sorry to say it but going by the mainstream media it is as though they have been painting us this possibility over the last decade. of course i hope i am wrong.

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posted on Nov, 27 2010 @ 11:33 PM
Megalomanic lil' Kim:-

1) He is only human, perhaps twisted and corrupted by the power he welds on other other human lives. He absolutely believes that what he is doing is for the sake of the people in the long term. In his perverse way, there lies a altrusic streak in him, and that's to unite the Korean people but under him, even if it means murdering millions by war armaments and nukes.

Frighten the few to make the many comply - is an ancient teaching taught to the powerful passed down by human generations. He mastered this teaching and is applying it right now.

.) That he didn't launch a nuke warhead into the heart of Seoul and only only sparsely inhibitated island is clear evidence that he deludedly believe in the might of his army to win a conventional war, for he knows that if nukes are launched, N Korea is a sitting duck.

He wants a conventional war to achieve his aim and secure his power for himself and his next generations. When all is lost, make no mistake-He will lauch nukes and millions will die with Seoul becoming a wasteland for centuries, so too will N. Korea.


China at best will sit back andonly make loud vocal noises. The CCP knows when push comes to shove, its military is no match to the rest of the world, and worse still when the masses stages that opportunity to crush the CCP dictatorship. This is one war the CCP will lose totally and finally meets its demise. They are not stupid. Sun Tzi was a chinese too, and the commies are not adversed to stealing ancient teachings even as they sought to wipe away traditions.

S. Korea

The koreans had enough of lil kim's antics and living in fear. No human deserve to live in such a state of mind, more so a soveriegn nation. The call to arms will eventually come. No amount of love and brotherhood can hold back the outrage of the koreans. The bitter fight will come, pitting brothers against brothers, and millions will die.


Despite lil kim being the one to push the button, and SKoreans replying in kind, the blame lays not in these 2 parties. The blame comes from somewhere, where the money trail is.

There is no profit in peace, and more so with an awakened masses seeking greater accountability for the morass in our world, and it came from excessive greed. There is a need to redirect the masses anger and using tried tested methods of war had often wiped the slate clean and allow the rich and powerful to continue on to prosper.

The ones who are pushing for war are the shadow rich and powerful who will not hesitate to line their wallets and horde with pieces of paper through the murder of millions. This is the problem of humanity, and it is the rich who had grown too rich and powerful that had stopped and hindered our rightful evolution and inheritance, and instead turned the masses into slaves and pawns in their play for power and wealth.

I believe there are more capable ones than me, only an insignificant nobody, who can stop the shadow rich and powerful, if only they will stand up and try..or all is lost.......

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