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Crazed shoppers pile up at Target (Video)

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posted on Nov, 26 2010 @ 05:46 PM
reply to post by RedPill
And people wonder why we are in the shape were in???Do they honestly believe it;s worth running someone over for a few bucks?they should be ashamed of themselves!

posted on Nov, 26 2010 @ 06:50 PM
And people wonder how they might get everyone into FEMA camps? Well this would be a good bait and switch start for the morons that just can't wait to get their hands on a the latest gadget that you just have to own! Pile on in there is plenty for everyone at the back of the gas chamber...... I mean store.
If you can't afford it at the regular price you probably still can't afford it on sale, but hey your saving money right?

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posted on Nov, 26 2010 @ 08:52 PM

Originally posted by andy1033

Originally posted by Romantic_Rebel
God Bless America.

The question is

Which God?

For the States, Marduk of course

Marduk Meets His World Elite

Appropriating Planet Earth

Hovering over New York City, Marduk sat in a black helicopter which was
about to land on top of his skyscraper. He glanced at his
Italian shoes and noticing a scuff mark, summoned one of his servant
girls. A beautiful Oriental child approached him on her knees and, her
eyes cast down, began to polish the rich dark leather on his $750.00
shoes. Marduk looked out the helicopter window. He enjoyed these
yearly meetings with the elite technocrat managers he had created.
These men were the top executives in their fields. For Marduk, the term
executive had a particularly delicious connotation, meaning he allowed
them to execute Marduk's will.

These men had the same characteristics in common: they each were
consumed by ambition and their intelligence was infected with an
imbalance which could be skewed to Marduk's demands. Each of these
disposable corporate giants was trained to focus on implementing
efficient managerial solutions that did not reflect simple human needs.
Individualism, imagination, and creativity were sacrificed at the altar
of profit, statistics, and the oh-so-holy bottom line. Each of these
harbored deep insecurities which allowed them to ignore any nagging
conscience. Their fears of insignificance made them dysfunctional
enough to be manipulated. Genetic alteration had left the human species
vulnerable to mind control and Marduk was most certainly a master of
mind control.

The helicopter landed and Marduk was escorted to a private elevator
which took him to a meeting room where his technocrats awaited him. The
room was mahogany and glass with views of New York City spreading out
beneath them, the Brooklyn Bridge along with numerous others, Staten
Island, the East River and the Hudson River, the palisades of New
Jersey, and the Statue of Liberty displayed themselves like intricate
child's toys.

Democracy is slipping away

Marduk laughed at the Statue of Liberty. He knew the American people
had not experienced true liberty in a long time and that the last
remnants of their beloved democracy were slipping away from them---just
as he had planned. Perhaps in another generation, no one would even
know who Thomas Jefferson was.

A servant offered Lord Marduk the central chair and the attending
executive technocrats sat down in their respective places. In their
everyday lives these men controlled vast empires of industry,
communications, finance, and world trade. But in the presence of
Marduk, they became the clay every tyrant is made of. They became
vulnerable dysfunctional children, and their weaknesses amused Marduk.

Each powerful executive wore the almost identical dark suit, the
tailoring of which gave the appearance of extreme wealth, but the
uniform-like similarity of all the suits robbed each man of his
individuality. There was no freedom of expression; even their ties were
similar. And their faces all had the same look of aggression, power,
and emptiness. The men were not loved; in fact, they had come to prefer
fear to love---and prostitutes to their wives.

The "Mix": mixing truth with lies

Marduk first addressed the head of Propaganda because this was truly his
favorite endeavor. The infamous "Mix", the process of mixing truth with
lies, or even more challenging, simply passing total boldface lies off
as truth was endlessly titillating to him. The gullible humans
generally were easy to fool especially after the invention of television
and mass communications. Television had the added convenience of being
hypnotic by the very nature of its technology requiring only the
addition of endless repetition to make even the most intelligent and
curious human being passive, numb, and unconscious. In a state of
perpetual trance, the willing audiences had even taken to calling
themselves "couch potatoes," a term Marduk enjoyed.

The bewildered herd

"Stewart," Marduk addressed his propaganda minister, "how are things
going in the domain of engineering consent?"

"Oh, Sir!" Stewart Bernays replied, "We are moving forward in a most
efficient manner. There are now thousands of lawyers and lobbyists
living in the Washington D.C. area manipulating elected officials to
pass laws in favor of your corporations and the New World Order. These
men and women consider themselves to be the elite of the world and their
narcissism of superiority leaves them pliable to our will. They enjoy
the art of influence peddling, making sure the will of the common people
has been silenced.

"The bewildered herd of individual voters is convinced that
participation in their democratic elections is virtually useless; and
thanks to our massive and pervasive lobbying techniques, they are
correct in considering themselves rendered ineffective. We have
succeeded in accessing tax payer dollars to fund our lobbying research
in conjunction with corporate profits which also come from the consumers
and lucrative corporate tax benefits. Corporations pay less than 5% of
all the taxes in the United States!"

"Very good! And are the public relations firms succeeding?" Marduk

They do not think for themselves

"Splendidly, Sir! We are closing into a 96% influence range. The
population at large imagines that the programming they watch on their
televisions is independent reporting, when in fact most of what they see
is totally produced by our public relations firms to teach them how to
think. Of course they cannot think for themselves. There have been a
few pathetic attempts by the maverick fringe to educate the viewer that
they are being manipulated; but as usual, the masses are so passively
hypnotized that they ignore any warnings."

"Excellent!" Marduk responded. "And you, Atherton Spleek, how goes it
with you?"

Atherton was terrified of Marduk. There had been that incident in Hong
Kong when Marduk had sliced off Atherton's legs at the knee with a laser
beam. Atherton's voice began to tremble, which made Marduk grin.

The tentacles of the conglomerates

"Well Sir, everything is going very well," Atherton mumbled. "There are
now only four major corporate conglomerates controlling all the
information services on the planet. The small independent newspapers
and book publishers are being squeezed out of existence and their voices
go unheard. Journalistic integrity has been reduced to profit.
Sensible common sense queries into the nature of life and political
dialogues have been replaced by sensationalistic scandals, trials, and
blockbuster movies which dull the mind and their need to engage in
questioning and doubt.

"The enormous size of book stores has made most people blind to the
narrowing of published topics. Writers who cannot get published have no
way of communicating their ideas, and thus they have no way of warning
readers that they are losing the last vestiges of democracy. Consumers
continue to purchase more and more books on diet, exercise, romance, and
of course those blockbuster movie-tie-in books which sell so well.
Practically no one reads anymore and if they do, they do not read
literature or history. With no knowledge of the past, they have no
memory with which to compare their current state. The dream of
individual freedoms and of all men being created equal will soon die.
Many young people do not know any past history or even the names of
their elected officials."

Marduk was pleased. He turned to the minister of chemical engineering
and food production, A.D. Lowland.

"So A.D., how goes it with your administration?"

Short term memory loss

"Our plans are moving forward in a timely and effective manner, Sir,"
A.D. Lowland replied. "The food contains massive amounts of chemicals,
hormones, and antibiotics. We believe that we are succeeding in
aggravating short term memory loss, which will make the humans ever more
adapted to control. Some of the chemicals are affecting the endocrine
system and will help curtail the burgeoning population within this
generation. Their water is slowly poisoning them and their homes are
made with building materials which continually weaken their immune

"The countries known as the Third World are rushing to duplicate the
toxic follies of the West. Even if the protests in Europe and America
were listened to, they could not stop China, Indonesia, and the others.

"Furthermore we have been successful in altering the molecules of banned
chemicals so that we may continue selling a similar variety of
pesticides and fertilizers which had been banned as toxic. This is very
cost effective. We also shipped banned chemicals to other countries;
they apply them to the fruits and vegetables they grow, and ship them
back into the USA. Our armies of lawyers, propagandists,
paid-for-scientists, and public relations geniuses are masterfully
convincing the public that the environmentalists are totally wrong and
that global warming is unscientific foolishness.

Who gets planet Earth after "the winds"?

"No one will realize until it is too late that the Earth is in an
uncontrollable spiral toward destruction. No one will realize until
"the winds" begin their destruction in earnest, that they have exchanged
their lives in a delicate ecosystem for consumer goods and shopping
malls. No one will know that they have given the Inter-Galactic Council
all the evidence it needs to prove once and for all that the human race
is incapable of the guardianship of the small green planet Earth."

Marduk took a deep breath of satisfaction and turned to his financial
and economic engineer, Milton Galbraith. "And how are the mergers
proceeding?" Marduk asked.

Milton had a pile of papers in front of him covered in statistics of
systems analyses which, however viewed, could be shown to prove that his
economic engineering technologies and managerial skills were
consummately productive. He fervently desired to go over all the
relevant statistics with Marduk; but noting the already bored glare in
his master's reptilian eye, he wisely chose a shorter reply.

Individual thinkers becoming extinct

"Sir, a massive network of corporate tentacles encircles the globe.
Individual thinkers are becoming extinct, as are local governments
ability to control their own lands and destiny. In the New World Order
they will not exist. The world is ours!

"There is an ever increasing gap between the rich and the poor. The
middle class, with its habits of democracy, has all but been destroyed.
Tension between the classes is increasing daily. The rich are so
consumed with their right to enjoy the profits of their greed, they
refuse to believe that more and more people, even children, are becoming
homeless, destitute, and hungry.

"The banks are being merged worldwide. International loans, financial
trading frenzies, and the inter-dependencies of corporate hierarchies
have inextricably woven the planet together. The stage is set for a
world economic crash which will allow us to create the one world order
we desire, to eliminate all currencies and initiate a world debit card.
Nations will be replaced by feudalistic corporate states. No individual
private enterprise will be allowed to exist. Everyone will be enslaved
to corporate employment and will be paid digitally. Ever increasing
taxes will be automatically taken from their salaries.

Mind Altering Drugs for Slaves of New World Order's Corporatist States

"Those who have trouble adjusting to the New World Order of the
Corporatist States will be given mind altering drugs, or be subject to
the other forms of mind control we have successfully developed which
will render such losers permanently passive. They will accept what we,
the social engineers, managers, and statisticians, have proven in our
flow charts to be what is best for them." He repeated, "The world is

Milton Galbraith's hands began to tremble as the thought of so much
power coursed through his flabby gray body. Sweat formed on his cruelly
thin upper lip and a strange smile worked it's way over his face
enhancing his beady eyes. Shuffling the papers in front of him in a
meaningless way, he began to laugh uncontrollably.

"Shut up, you imbecilic fool!" Marduk spoke. "Now all of you, place
your hands upon the table."

On the table in front of each managerial technocrat executive lay a
strange metallic plate which all of the men were painfully familiar
with. Each squirmed in his chair apprehensive of the inevitable pain
they would submit to. It was true however that some of these men had
grown to enjoy such pain.

"Place your fingers on the plates!" Marduk shrieked.

They did so and an excruciating amount of electrical voltage passed
through their bodies shocking them into obedience, and forgetfulness.
Thus they were programmed in fear and pain, and rewarded in power and
wealth---the age old recipe for tyranny. Marduk left them dazed and

posted on Nov, 26 2010 @ 09:08 PM
reply to post by ExPostFacto

To be fair, same in the UK. You get a warning of snow and people panic shop, you get a warning of low petrol supply and everyone rinses the pumps and the january sales have similar scenes to that Target video with people literally climbing over one another.

posted on Nov, 27 2010 @ 11:00 AM
I agree that the discounts are minimal at best. I've seen ads for the black Friday 4 AM sale where you can get 20-30% off! I get a 50% employee discount where I work and I don't have to do anything special for it. Now if they had a 50" Flat Screen for 98% off, then I could see people tearing their own limbs off and using them to club their way through the masses.

Also, maybe I just read too much ATS and hang out with weirdos because I read all these posts on here saying, "I would never do this, this is crazy". And everyone I know laughs at the behavior too, and never participates. But some people obviously do go for it. Does anyone know anybody who has actually been involved in a mass crowd scene like in the video, and if so, what kind of people are they?

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