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Keeping it in prospective during the holidays

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posted on Nov, 26 2010 @ 11:46 AM
With everything we have learned about our struggling economy you would think that people would be scrimping and saving and yet often times the doom and gloom scenarios cause people to go ahead and reach far beyond their means at this time of year for fear it could be the last, or that if they dont get it today it may not be here tomorrow.

Another reason for over spending at this time of year is that if you live in fear of a total collapse of your economy it is easy to forgo bills in order to buy the things which the propaganda has been wearing you down on for months now preparing for the big consumer spending spree which relates to all of the special Holidays whether you are Muslim, Christian, Jewish or other.

We have all heard the saying about how children learn from example, well if the Government and Washington DC, the Congress and Senate are our examples, then it is no wonder that people have foreclosed and gone under with their credit limits. They talk about reduction of spending, but they take their money directly from the public and leave IOUs in their place, something which if the average person did would land them in the poor house or worse a jail cell.

They can use tactics which borrow and spend with out accountability to the very people they gleam the real money from.

We cannot.

So what I am getting at here is that if you consider keeping it in perspective during this holiday season, there are ways to do this without loosing the ability to give gifts and treasures to your family and friends. For instance this year I took up crochet, have made gifts for everyone.

My children have also taken up little hobbies which have made for some pretty enjoyable evenings sitting together watching TV or listening to music and doing our crafts together.

Now I LOVE shopping for the people I love, so there will be some of that too, but this year my bills exceed my ability to have anything over them, so we decided to let go of a few extras and will have a limit on what I will spend and give to the kids to spend.

Normally I spend around 1,500 on the average at Christmas, this year it will be 500.00.

I did have 400.00 saved and planned to spend that too, but November hit hard with car repairs and unseen expenses and that 400.00 went down to 120.00.

Still even if I had managed to save the 4 it would have brought my average yearly spending down by 600.00 dollars which was why I picked up crafting gifts.

here are a few videos to give some ideas before you make that list (Which is helpful) and go out to buy for your friends and loved ones this year:

Personalize your gifts by making simple ornaments to gift out:

What to do with those old light bulbs? (I want to try this one!)

And finally I wanted to share with you this great video about the collapse of the $$$, it is a really all inclusive documentary which takes you from the great depression to wall street and the White House today. I highly recommend this video to help remind you of where we are today and where we may be tomorrow.

But between now and then, dont let fear steer you, let creativity and the true spirit of what this time of year really means be your guide.

From Google videos "The Crash -- Coming Financial Collapse of America"


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