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Johnson and Johnson - BIG $$$ Lobbiest for ObamaCare and Cap and Trade

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posted on Nov, 26 2010 @ 11:02 AM
Johnson and Johnson, and Pfizer, lobbied for ObamaCare. When the gov't is 'approving' medical care and drugs in the future (and that is what will happen), will they be more likely to approve Johnson and Johnson, and Pfizer instead of other drug manufacturers? Yep. And if someone needs a certain drug but the lobbiests have a drug that the gov't says is 'close enough' ... will the patient get the real drug they need or will they get the lobbiest 'close enough' drug.

Wanna' start making bets?

National Center for Public Policy Research

Johnson & Johnson CEO William C. Weldon Defends Pro-ObamaCare and "Cap-and-Trade" Lobbying; Pledges to Disclose Amount of Company Funds Given to PhRMA to Lobby for ObamaCare

Did Johnson and Johnson ever disclose how much they gave in lobbying $$$ for ObamaCare?

More Johnson and Johnson Info

Johnson and Johnson CEO defends ObamaCare support

So which companies will get preferential treatment during ObamaCare? Betchya these on this list will. If ya'll buy stocks, these are the ones to invest in I'd say. You just know that they'll do great under ObamaCare. It'll be their reward for playing nice with the NWO big guns.
Fascist Soup - Big Pharma and Insurance Industry Lobby Heavily for ObamaCare

ObamaCare .. what's in it

posted on Nov, 26 2010 @ 11:18 AM
There is winners and losers in anything...drug companies win big for obamacare in general
insurance companies get a double edged sword..they get alot more people, but they cant charge as much, and cant deny, a walmart philosophy of profit through numbers verses cherry picking.

Still, the biggest losers are the major insurance companies because they cant kick people off and jack up prices to insane amounts...they of course are the most vocal about how obamacare will kill grandma..grandma in this case being their quarterly profit statement...however, they certainly aren't going out of business.they just have to restructure their profit model.
Sorry, I can't feel sorry for the monster insurance companies, or the "grassroots" movements they started (snickers). That was simply transparent.

The cap and trade thing is different though...I am truely confused about this whole thing...part of me believes we should do whatever we can to try and reduce carbon emmissions, partially to do with reduction of greenhouse gases (which I don't believe will be enough to effect things significantly enough), but also to stimulate innovation and invention..even if there was no climate destablization...its high time we leave fossel fuels for better and greener tech...if anything, just to stop kneeling to the middle east.

But ya...anyhow, in any decision, there are winners and losers...if tomorrow the government came out with a magic pill that made everyone young and doubt the coffinmakers union would cry foul and real estate agents would jump for joy.
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