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Why Britain is different? (A question not an answer)

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posted on Nov, 25 2010 @ 12:36 PM
reply to post by thoughtsfull

I don't know about you, but I do not feel there is one NWO..

Ye that is the impression Im getting too. If the NWO idea put forward with all behind it in unity, then why arent the public crying out for it.

I get the impression when both George Bush's are talking about it, and Gordon Brown, Tony Blair etc, that they are telling another ideology and not the people themselves.

I mean come on, if it was so good what we hanging around for, all the governments would be rushing like carzy to get it sorted, and the public will just come along for the ride.

Why do they need to be so forceful on TV when they say about the NWO, if its good for the people, then lets have it.

posted on Nov, 26 2010 @ 02:41 AM

Originally posted by Ausar
after an earlier study of britians history after watching robin hood i will say with confidence that britain has no idea where its headed or what its intent is; but is on a path that is irrevocable since they tried to alter their course with reinstating charles1.i dont think britain is alone in this as i feel france has also committed acts that make chaos the only option of governance from a central figure standpoint.if america is anything to go by; european/white "government" is only viable in a controlled chaos manner where there is chaos for all involved except for the controlling parties that have to be european/white.since this fact is true britain may feel closer to the fires of extinguishment due to its policies stemming the earlier history and charters enacted by its "people"; and may be reluctant to loose what it thought it had.

I would just like to start by saying I find your comments offensive, I dont understand why you have to put the word white every time you mention a European government!! And I find it offensive that you use the word limey to describe British people. You are obviously a racist..
My second point is from you post it looks as though you are saying you studied British history by watching robin hood.. If this is the case, you are a complete idiot.. That's like me saying I watched a cowboy movie and now I'm a expert on American history!!
You obviously know nothing about European history.. Sure I admit certain nations including Britain, caused some horrific atrocities whilst colonizing the world, that was a long time ago and the world was very much a different place then..
But if you look on the other side of the coin, these white Europeans have saved millions of lives by bringing technology and medicine to under developed parts of the world.. Now I'm gonna class the likes if America, Canada in Australia in this because they were formed by white Europeans, the British to be precise.. Lers have a small look at what they have brought to the world.. Medicine, electricity, modern agriculture, communications, the railroad, automobile, modern science, air travel.. This list goes on and on, I could write pages and pages of these examples..
Combined those technologies have revoloutionised the world and saved millions and millions of lives..
So if it wasn't for white Europeans, you wouldn't be sitting in your warm apartment, eating easily accesable hot food and writing you racist views on the Internet...
I suggest you take you racist crap and post in on another forum, for like minded bigots like yourself..

posted on Nov, 26 2010 @ 02:50 AM
I think there is difference with Britain because we are also part of the Anglo - American Banking system. As being an Island we have never really felt part of Europe, they dont even speak English in Europe. I think our natural friends on the globe have been America, Canada, Australia and maybe our commonwealth allies. We have always felt a little "outside" of Europe. If we look in our history, it has been the countries of Europe we have had the most wars against. We still have a generation that went to war with Germans and Italians.

posted on Nov, 26 2010 @ 07:36 PM
na; britian is different because it does not have an identity: it erased countless years of truth to create its first kings in attempt to reconnect with what it felt was its roman roots, in process it has since continually erased what ever truth of is heritage remain and replaced it with the ideal perceived by itself of itself.

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