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Dream about a wierd UFO

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posted on Nov, 24 2010 @ 10:41 PM
So I remembered this dream after seeing an earlier thread about UFO dreams. This is 100% how it happened. No lies, No trolling, No BS.

The Dream

So, after a long night on ATS, i decided to go to sleep. I remember the time beign around 2:40 or so. ( I remember almost every detail of this night, it scared the **** outta me.) I went to bed with my phone in hand, as I always do, and started browsing the web, mobilly. I was interested in Astral projection and OOBE so I had watched a Youtube video about a man who said the easiest way to do it was to stare at a flame, and watch the guiding light and focus on that point. Of course, I tried, to no avail. I expected it to work a little bit because i was fairly sleepy. So I went on the bed, my eyes hurt bacause the breeze from the A/C irritated them. I rubbed my eyes, and started to see stars ( I know there is an explanation for this because this happens normally when i rub my eyes. Polygonal figures, Squares, then Fractal images, etc.) I then rolled over and went to bed. The dream started normally. Went to sleep very easily and it started with me in my own apartment. I walked around and went into the pantry area, and nothing was there. I left the house, and the elevator was really wierd. Broken lights, door kept jamming, and it took forever to hit 1st floor.
I then left the building. I don't know how, but it went from being dusk to night in a matter of minutes. I reached my car, got in, and took off. That's when it happened. I left the complex, and as soon as a made a turn, I spotted the object in the air. It was as if people in car's couldn't see it. Everyone outside was looking at it. It wasn't fro the normal height either, it was VERY close and VERY large. It looked like multiple cop car lights twisting around an undefined shape, and the object, other than the lights weren't much visible. The size of the UFO was what scared me. the thing was, I drove around it a couple times. I made a number of U-turns just to keep catching it in my view. It wasn't moving, and made the sound a refridgerator does (or a generator), that low humming sound. It also had these erratic strobe lights rotating around it. after a couple of U-turns, it started to expand. The lights were ENORMOUS. The object was so close, I drove back into the complex for protection. Cop cars pulled up and fired at it. So did some military troops, and there wasn't even a helicopter, or anything to shine light on its surface! I later awoke, as I normally did in the month of August and September, feeling as if there was more to the dream, and that all the dreams in the month were connected somehow. I
I promise to you that this was 100% my dream. I would appreciate if I could get someone's view on this

posted on Nov, 24 2010 @ 11:14 PM

Originally posted by mr10k
So, after a long night on ATS, i decided to go to sleep.

Well, there's your problem.
I've done the same thing. All I'm waiting for is to find a bug in the house that emits EMF capable of controlling my dreams.
It will say "Property of ATS. If found. . .it's too late."

Reading ATS late at night, as I often do, has been the source of many, many weird dreams. Well, ATS and Ambien!

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