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Sick of Nimbys - Student Riots over tution feas etc

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posted on Nov, 24 2010 @ 06:10 PM
Nimbis - Not in my back yarders

I will say before the main moan im about to have that yes i realise some of the context may be abit distorted when some of the theories thrown around here at ATS are taken into account

As a student myself i can safley say im really quite sick of the stutents protest against increasing tution feas. incase you havent noticed the economy is in dire need of help right now. the tution fea increase is aimed at discouraging new students and pointing them down a more skilled based employment rather than higher education. i mean what do you expect theres over qualification everywhere right now and the last thing the average tax payer needs is to started paying out money for students to have three years of partying and landing in debt. i see it like this, we all need to pitch in, everyone that is to help the economy weather that means we work another year before taking out our pension, pay more for tution feas or take a job with less required qualifications, in an ideal world everyone could go to university but hello this isnt an ideal world. all these students are like i dont wana pay more money. so erm wheres that money your not paying going to come from that the economy needs right now then? you can just play pass the parcel with the burdening, somones guna lose and they wont be happy.

its like those people in cumbria where about 60 residents didnt want wind turbines near their house. hello who cares! coals running out love. earths getting pretty warm with all this CO2. i think we should just still up two fingers to em and say, well im afraid the rest of the millions of people constituting the population think your being selfish so were building it anyway. im just generally sick of peoples attitude of well yes thats a good idea until it effects them directly and there like no way.

posted on Nov, 24 2010 @ 07:21 PM
Tuition 'fees' are more than required... See post for spelling and grammatical errors.

How can anyone seriously complain about something in relation to education, when that education system thus far has clearly failed.

I'm all for higher eduction in the world, but can we please focus on the basics first?
You must crawl before you can run.

I agree with your overall sentiment, but the crux of the matter is that this world revolves around Greed and Power.
We can survive in this world as an Agrarian society, we just want electronic entertainment and instant gratification.

Q. Why do you need to spend tens of thousands of dollars in education?
A. So you can be in a job that nets you hundreds of thousands of dollars?
Q. To what end?
A. So I can live comfortable and not worry about money.
Q. Then what?
A. Work more and get more money.
Q. Then what?
A. Use that money on stuff I don't actually need... But will because I can.

It's one big cycle that no one wants to break for fear of being labeled.

And power? Well, you only have as much power as those below you decide to give you.
Without them, you are powerless.


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