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The Bizarre Psychosis Of The State

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posted on Nov, 24 2010 @ 06:00 PM
When one looks at North Korean propaganda, it usually induces a chuckle. The propaganda is so ham-fisted, so ridiculous, so over-the-top that no rational person in their right mind would believe a word of it.

11 recently published an eleven point article detailing why North Korea's dictator was one of the most bizarre people on the planet. Some of the highlights include:

-Kim Jong-Il plans to solve North Korea's famine by breeding giant rabbits.

-Kim shoots a 38 under par, complete with 11 holes-in-one, his first time golfing.

-Kim had his boyhood school blown up.

-Kim decided he was going to kick start the North Korean film industry. His plan? Kidnap two of the South's top filmmakers.

-Kim has schools teach people that his birth led to a spontaneous rainbow breakout... and that he doesn't defecate.

If one looks at the biographies of the North Korean leaders, you'll literally see the leaders compared to deities. One biography is entitled ETERNAL SUN OF MANKIND IN MEMORY OF PRESIDENT KIM IL SUNG.

But putting the propaganda aside, the DPRK is basically in a state of total squalor. Millions of NK citizens have died from starvation and malnutrition. Stories abound of cannibalism taking place in the outer provinces due to a lack of food. People digging up freshly buried bodies to find meat. Total deprivation of all modern conveniences. Lack of power to nearly the entire nation. No refrigeration, no lights, no nothing.

The lack of power can not be understated. If one looks at nighttime satellite image of North Korea, the country is a black hole except for Pyongyang.

The country is run as a totalitarian police State that is even more invasive and ruthless than the UK, which is quite the feat in itself considering the state the country is in. Press is tightly controlled. There is no free trade. The borders are more secure than a US military installation.

The great question is why do the people of North Korea allow this to continue?

Why hasn't the military revolted?

Why haven't the people revolted?

What psychosis has overtaken these people that they would rather live on dead bodies than stand up to the State?

By what mechanisms did the State take control of its people's minds?

I think these are important questions that are very relevant to our own current state of affairs.

When I read the mainstream media or view the nonsense being spewed out of our own criminal government's mouth, I see nothing but dangerous propaganda that leads down the path to North Korea. The same lies I see on the North Korean web sites are being re-branded and regurgitated by our own media.

The lies include:

-The government provides us jobs.
-The government takes care of us.
-The government provides us food and shelter
-The President (or Dear Leader if you are NK) is responsible for everything and can fix anything if he wanted to.
-It's the government's job to direct the production of the economy
-Our wise and glorious leaders will save us from terrorists (or imperialists if you are NK) and the evils of global warming (or capitalism if you are NK).

Is the state of psychosis the North Korean people are experiencing due to the terror and propaganda inflicted upon them by the State and its media agents? Is our own lack of faith in freedom induced by the same mechanisms?

North Korea proves it is literally possible to create an Orwellian hell on earth in the modern age.

The people of the Western world would be wise to study the psychosis of the State the North Korean government has been able to achieve with its population.

People within the liberty movement often use the phrase “waking up” or “I woke up when” – and they are literally talking about snapping out of a State induced psychosis. They “woke up” to the real world. For me, this moment occurred while I was listening to Ron Paul at the 2008 national presidential debate.

I was always very conservative in nature and I always thought there was something odd about the 9/11 attacks, but I never considered the government might have played a role or that Bush was anything other than a liberty minded conservative. It wasn’t until listening to Ron Paul that I had my “wake up” moment that sent me down the path to discovering the true nature of the State and the evil it perpetrates in the name of doing good.

The American public should consider itself fortunate that we have an advantage the North Koreans don’t. We have the internet. The ability for people to find out the truth if they care to take off the blinders and open their eyes.

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posted on Nov, 24 2010 @ 06:16 PM
Our government has perfected the art of propaganda. Read "A Brave New World Revisited" by Aldous Huxley to see how we took all our propaganda from Nazi Germany. In fact, both sides(Rep. or Dem.) of our government are Nazis. It's just an essay about how everything Huxley feared in a brave new world started happening at a much faster pace than he predicted.
P.S. This essay is one of the most widely quoted sources of conspiracy sites. However, I rarely see it attributed correctly.

posted on Nov, 25 2010 @ 05:11 AM
reply to post by mnemeth1

Why hasn't the military revolted?

Because they are the only ones who get food and resources. Revolting would mean they will have to share their food with others (otherwise its again totality) so they will have less food, and also loose power. Also it is difficult and dangerous to organize military revolution if you are not sure majority of military has the same idea.

Why haven't the people revolted?

Against the well-fed and equipped military it would be suicide.

In NK we see how disparity of power and wealth creates and perpetuates opressive regimes - those with more power and access to more resources will always rule those with less power and less resources if they want.

So the only solution to prevent this is to never allow lots (or majority) of power and resources to fall into hands of the few - the most powerful and wealthy entity in the society must always be controlled by everyone (majority). By allowing powerful, wealthy and minority-controlled entity to exist (does not matter if its the government that majority of people no longer control or private corporation controlled only by shareholders which are minority in the society) we are asking for totality.

posted on Nov, 26 2010 @ 02:07 AM
reply to post by Maslo


While the military would be better off if they revolted and implemented a capitalist society, they have been made dependent slaves to the State, which causes them to attack anyone who opposes the State.

This culture of dependence is addressed in the video I linked.

posted on Dec, 1 2010 @ 05:31 PM
With hundreds of years of history that has outlined propaganda, its strengths and weaknesses, and what works or does not work in terms of placing a citizenry under such a psychosis at their fingertips.

Couple that with maintaining a dictatorship rule upon a people, you are able to outlive those that remember 'the old days'. Once all influences of liberty, freedom, and individuality have been snuffed out, you begin to control the peoples' outside world information and influence.

I can drum up a scenario for the United States of America with little thought and not much reaching in terms of implementation, which is scary and sad.

- First step in such a plan HAS to start with the youth. You begin controlling the education of the masses through State controlled schooling. One cannot have complete control unless such education has been instilled from the get go.

- Begin reducing economic liberty until the people truly have to rely upon the actions of the State to ensure a certain level of quality of life is maintained.

- Allow the economic model that has been the engine of such economic growth to become corrupt (along with the help of State insiders; aka Congress). Once all faith in Capitalism and a free market is destroyed, put into its placed a State controlled economy promising Economic Stability

- Place the country into a perpetual State of War. War on Drugs, War on Terrorism, War on Crime, etc. A Free People does not like to be in such a state, but if it can be maintained, the will of such people will be broken over time to be of any concern to the State.

- Stop making laws and allow the bureaucracy to rule. Circumventing the law is essential. Giving broad authority to the bureaucracy it allows Politicians to become shielded from the People. Added that changing bureaucratic rules is near impossible and eventually take on a life of their own. Rule of Regulation replaces Rule of Law.

- Place 300+ million people under Direct Democracy. Remove all the safeguards that were implemented within the Constitution that protected the People from the State. The reason for this step is that on a large scale basis, Direct Democracy will collapse upon itself. Such democracy is effective at local and small scale levels.

- Continue placing more people upon the Government dole. Replace Freedom with Security; Individualism with Dependency; and Sovereignty with Promises.

This is not fun because I can go on and on.

The key though is State Education. I still cannot fathom how a Free People that is inherently distrustful of its Government allows their offspring to be educated by said State. To modify an old saying, we are sending the sheep to learn to hunt from the wolves.

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