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Our rights of freedom are already gone. . . and we let them take it!

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posted on Nov, 24 2010 @ 04:51 PM
With all the talk of 'big brother', 'mark of the beast' and the government intrusion into our personal lives. Why do we all seem to not mind about the PTB tracking our phones and our lives on a daily basis? It used to be said that pre-paid cell phones were untrackable but this wasn't true, all they need is the number.

Last April, the Washington Post reported that while serving as a U.S. attorney during the Bush administration, Christopher Christie tracked the whereabouts of citizens through their cell phones without warrants. The ACLU obtained these documents from the Justice Department in an ongoing lawsuit over cell phone tracking. While the documents reveal 79 such cases on or after Sept. 12, 2001, they do not specify how many of the applications were made during Christie's tenure.

Documents released by the ACLU have also shown that of the states randomly sampled, New Jersey and Florida used GPS tracking without obtaining probable cause or warrants. Four other states, California, Louisiana, Indiana, Nevada and the District of Columbia reported having obtained GPS data only after showing probable cause.

But do we allow this to happen because the benefits outweigh the negatives?
Well we can always just turn them off when we don't want to be tracked, right?

Technical details aside, your cell phone can be remotely powered on and off without either your consent or your knowledge. This includes any tracking functions, such as GPS or just using normal cell tower ping triangulation, and even features like direct microphone feeds for any ongoing conversations (known as a “roving bug.”)
Of course, this can't be done for any great length of time, as the cell phone battery will need to be recharged eventually, which puts something of a limit on it.

Privacy Revolt
Bright Hub

How about your computer especially ones with a web cam?

"Someone can simply do a search on the internet, if they know the name, and type of camera, and find that camera and connect directly to it," said ethical hacker Michael Gregg. He found thousands of Web sites in a few seconds broadcasting live web cam feeds. "So they could be watching you, and you don't even realize it," he said.

ATS Thread on webcam access

So now we can be watched inside our homes, at friends houses, the mall, grocery store, etc. Even cars equipped with 'on-star' can pose a threat to our privacy. Have we given up all our rights already for the sake of technology? Credit card transactions were initially made to make purchasing easier for us, now it is another way to see what each of us are doing and where we are doing it. Vending machines soon to have facial recognition. These same computer systems monitor airports, border crossings, and many public buildings today. How far of a reach is it until they all get connected and a trip to the grocery store means incarceration? Emotional Detectors are in place now also to see how we are feeling, so when I try to blow up a plane in an airport I will be stopped beforehand. What if I am just afraid of flying, having a bad day or being resentful having to go through the TSA experience?
Computer chip implants, what are these for our protection also? Everything given to make our lives easier or protect us gives them another way of intruding into our personal lives.
I could go on and on but when thinking about how my rights as a free citizen are being taken away, it occurred to me that they already took them and I let them have it.

posted on Nov, 24 2010 @ 05:30 PM
reply to post by AnteBellum

people can watch you on your webcam!!!?


that's not right!
not right at all!

those emotional detectors sound pretty crazy, makes me wonder what type of technology they use for them, and how long those sensors have been around. Strange things go on at airports, stranger things at bases. What if all of these military bases, were really for The People? I had this crazy thought when I was sitting waaaaay high up on a watchtower, looking down at all the little ants. Think about it, either way it goes, they are put there, with the deliberate intention of training people to kill people, and when you add up how many all of these different countries have military bases all around the world, and then you think about what the establishment of a One World Government would mean in terms of "World Peace" and all of the profiteers of WAR... who else is left to turn on when you own everything, BUT The People?

Own land, Own the world, Pwn their minds.... next is the Slaughter House!
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posted on Nov, 24 2010 @ 05:48 PM
It started with them prohibiting drugs. Drugs alter your thinking, and banning them is a direct form of thought control.


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