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Welcome to the jungle......

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posted on Nov, 24 2010 @ 03:00 PM
The simple fact is that you are being overwelmed from a source above govenment and it is worldwide.
-Natural disaster
Every thing that is being done "on purpose" is being done to reach new world order. They are not causing the world's problems but they are expoiting them.
The different factions are all using something they know that you don't.
In the aftermath of whatever is coming our way some group will be in charge.
The fighting between these groups is what is causing your pain. If they thought you would be around or matter in their future they would care a little more about what you think.
They have already screwed up starting another world war because who would pay for it..
The American public is the engine in the world machine "we buy your stuff so you have an economy"
When the red lion is boo hooing that their bonds must be honored, "What does that tell you?"
Al Gore has made himself a joke " And I agree on some things"
The UN should be marched off "What a joke"
TSA "now thats a real joke"
NK my advise is "Thou shalt not"
Vatican "your 2000 years is up"
Whatever they tell you about Americans (rude,stupid, lazy) is most likley true but only for a small portion of the population. The rest of us much underestimated throngs still cherish the values that make our country the "go to place"
We like it here and we don't care about your papers as long as you understand what we do here. Our freedoms mean alot to us and the people of other contries do not understand how to get closer to us. The birth pains if you will of a new world is a battle between those that want to be in charge and those feel no need to be charges..
I would like to here opinions on the big picture.


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