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Everyone's a suspected terrorist. No really. We are.

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posted on Nov, 24 2010 @ 01:50 AM
Most of the American public seems to feel comfortable with the use of full body scanners for security purposes ( oldest). They don't know if the pat downs are justified or not. Okay. So a lot of you are asking why the TSA is doing this.

Why are they doing this? I didn't think it would be this easy to find out why. But, essentially the TSA considers us all terrorists, or potential terrorists. They don't take us for at face value that we aren't terrorists. Now, we know that terrorism is a problem and that terrorists hijacked planes on 9-11 (whether or not they were the US government's terrorists, Saudi Arabia's terrorists, or someone else's terrorists is another question)... so but they think that all of us are terrorists. Let's forget the fact that there is a 1 in 800,000 chance that you'll die in a plane and the chances that you'll die in a car are 1 in 6,000 ( The TSA still considers you a terrorist. You don't believe me? Look at their blog themselves.

Now, I will say in the TSA's defense that they are correct in their position that you can't really tell who a terrorist is by how they look. However, they do go beyond a very fine line when they accuse all of us as being potential threat.

In all seriousness…At airports all over the country, day in and day out, Transportation Security Officers hear over and over: “Do I look like a terrorist? You should be spending your time looking for the real terrorists instead of wasting time on me.”

Which got me thinking - what exactly does a terrorist look like? There’s no manual showing you what terrorists look like. We could put a Magic 8 Ball at each checkpoint lane and shake it every time a passenger comes through asking “Is this person a terrorist?” Some of the answers would really prove troublesome:

*Reply hazy, try again.
*Concentrate and ask again.
*Better not tell you now.
*Cannot predict now.
*Ask again later.

If my Magic 8 Ball idea sounds silly, it is. I used that example, because it would be just as effective as taking somebody’s word who says “I’m not a terrorist.”

In a perfect world, TSO training would include a class on what a terrorist looks like. But the fact is, terrorists look like anybody else coming through the checkpoint. All races, sexes, ages, and sizes… They can be an evil genius or dumb as a rock.

You don’t have to be taller than the sign to be a terrorist. You get the point…

I can’t count how many times I’ve heard somebody say “I don’t pose a threat.” Intelligence has shown that western acting/looking terrorists are being recruited just for that reason.

What I’m trying to say is you know you’re not a terrorist, but we don’t…and we can’t take any chances and just take your word. This is another reason why our Behavior Detection Program is so important. We focus on behaviors to flush out the possible terrorists, not appearance.

posted on Nov, 24 2010 @ 02:14 AM
reply to post by Frankidealist35

If we are all suspected terrorists, then somebody isn't doing their job right.

Either that, or they are deliberately not doing their job right so that they can suspect everyone as terrorists.

posted on Nov, 24 2010 @ 02:51 AM
reply to post by harrytuttle

its like reverse psychology. the US is not allowed to profile potential suspects (though we all know they do), so the scanners and the pat downs are used on everyone to avoid discrimination charges or whatnot. you avoid the discrimination argument when you say everyone is a terrorist. its like, nope, youre not a terrorists, but you and everyone else potentially can be, therefore you theoretically are already a terrorist threat, so we must make sure at every chance we can that you are not. we must check up on everything you do, say, make, and think, to make sure you don't potentially become a threat to national security. and i say, 'hm, makes sense, i do sometimes get ideas that aren't in line with the established required sentiment expected of me by the government, therefore i do harbor terrorist-esque ideologies, so in a sense, i am a terrorist, sometimes at least. thank god you are not allowing me to choose to become a violent terrorist Big Bro, otherwise i could potentially cause harm if my ideas were harbored and cultivated too long.' OR i say, 'god damn you im no terrorist the government is the terrorist using the possibility of foreign or domestic terrorist attacks to say that these security provisions that infringe upon my constitutionally protected rights and privileges are necessary to prevent one, effectively representing the definition of terrorism whenever it performs these preventive measures against my country and I. who is the potential terrorist here? the one using terror to coerce me into giving up my rights or the one who doesn't give a damn about terror or terrorists because everyone is a terrorist in their own respects and terrorism represents an intangible ideology which can never be subdued unless you subdue every individual?'

who are the terrorists here? the one using terror to coerce, or the one who is not coerced by terror? according to the government, the one not coerced by terror. why? you are a dissident to american policy! you don't trust government to protect you! generally speaking, neither do the terrorists! - or at least that's the goal of the terrorists, to get you to turn your back on your government! you bloody terrorist sympathizer! how could you not accept that the government knows better and are providing you with what you need for your own protection? is it that you specifically desire less protection for the american people for a certain reason that may be due to the fact that you would prefer violent things to happen and less security makes that easier to accomplish? you don't want to accept our help to protect and secure? then you must not like security or protection! you don't like security? then you like violence, anarchy, murder, rape, drugs, satan....? so do terrorists! that must mean you are a terrorist or a potential terrorist, and THAT means we must subdue you before you cause any potential harm!! see american people! see how we caught a terrorist! see! yeah. i see. thank god i accept security at the cost of my liberty to criticize the government. being critical of the government is something terrorists do. thats badthink people, that's the thought that breeds naughty terrorists. Nah-T nah-t peepill with nah-t nah-t thoughts. no badthink. goodthink goodthink. government good, me potentially bad. punish me now mr.government because im potentially a nah-t boy. mmmmm yes. thank you.

sorry ladies and gentlemen. i'm just crazy. no question about it. all of this is nonsense. not true at all. im all testicles...all nuts and crackers.
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posted on Nov, 30 2010 @ 02:19 PM
The terrorist are the people that want to secure us.
Lets find out who they are.

posted on Nov, 30 2010 @ 02:22 PM
reply to post by Frankidealist35

I would like to know how much you travel? I have seen many comment about how unfair this is, or "we are all terrorist" yet the people who do a lot of travel are fine with it, feel safer. I fly a few times a month and this does not bother me. While unfortunate, it is necessary.

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