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Spiritual dreams?.. What's this mean?

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posted on Jul, 1 2004 @ 09:35 AM
Recently I've been noticing a lot of things different. Viewing everything in the world in a different perspective so to speak. This has been going on in my life for a long time though. Every so often I'd get an burst of insight and just understand things around me much clearer. I shrugged it all off as just 'growing up'.

But several occurances seem to be ringing out. I have a repetitive dream thats really starting to make me wonder. The dream is never the same, but the same 'features' have been in every dream.

In my dream, I'm being "tutored" by some higher spirit. The first dream I had with this spirit I was awestruck. I was in a room with no doors, and this person actually showed me (without speaking) that its possible to move things with my mind. In this dream, that felt oh so very real, I did just this. I moved this and that and my every thought controlled what I was achieving. We laughed and began "playing" with each others' minds. I was extremely happy, and felt 100% in control (much like a lucid dream). The more we played, the more I felt Love. Like I really knew this person.

Eventually, we began to play more intensely. I moved this, she'd move it back, I two things, she'd move 3.. until the point where just about everything in the room was moving at once. In an attempt to outdue my new found friend, I moved the entire wall, then the entire floor... Not breaking them, or destroying them, but simple making them disappear.

When I did this, I remember it all ending. Everything that was moving stopped and my 'friend' looked a bit baffled, awestruck that I did this (or was able too?) I remember looking around, the wall that I removed and the floor (We were now floating).. nothing but darkness beyond where the walls were.. much like the room wasnt really there.

This spirit (or whatever you want to call her) smiled at me, gave me a look that what I did was not wrong, or bad.. much like she was impressed. And then she looked at me and nodded, smiled once more and then I began to fall..

And then it was all over.. I woke up and remembered my dream like it was the afternoon commute. Every detail, every feeling. I even actually tried to move something with my mind like I did in this lucid dream to no prevail

That was 7 months ago...


Now, I'd like to point out one thing.. I don't dream much. It actually bugs me because I love dreams. But most the time I just fall asleep and wake up. And if I do dream, its so vague that I remember only bits and pieces of them. It's been this way my whole life.. but THIS dream.. I remembered it ALL!

Anyhow, I've been having this same type dream several times over the past 3 weeks. Each time with more people in it. Each time a lucid dream where I can actually talk or do as I please... I've never seen these people before, but they all seem to have the same powers as the original 'spirit'.. They aren't testing me, as I originally thought (after the first dream).. but instead, just having fun with me. Each dream they show me more and more of my "potentials".. everytime I have these dreams, I don't question them, or ask why or what.. I just have fun with these people.. but everytime I wake up, I'm asking myself why, or what's this all mean..

I've always been a fan of spirituality. I meditate regularly and have a spiritual belief of God. I often decline or shrug off most "mainstream" religions because of my own personal beliefs.

Me coming here and exposing a very private part of me (my dreams) which I don't even share with my own wife, is sort of uncomfortable.. but I figured you people might know more about dream analysis or spiritual beliefs that I don't know. Please don't ridicule me.. if its nothing, and just my mind playing tricks.. then just say that. I live a normal life, married, 2 kids and work 40 hours a week like the rest of you.. I'm just looking for closure or understanding of what, if anything, these dreams mean..

posted on Jul, 1 2004 @ 12:37 PM
That sounds really neat. Im not an expert on dreams or spirituallity, but I think that if your enjoying it, than dont worry about it. It may be your projecting astrally, or it may just be your imagination excercising itself when your unconsious, but if it feels good keep doing it.

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