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Did Sylvester Stallone Beat Tom Horn to the Punch by 30+ Years?

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posted on Nov, 23 2010 @ 03:10 PM
For those not familiar with Tom Horn and his book Apollyon Rising 2012 a major premise is that the United States was founded upon a false Christ - the fallen angel Apollyon mentioned in the Bible and that the god in "In God We Trust" is actually the masonic god, Apollo. There is far too much information in the book to repeat or try to convince anyone but I wanted to place that as my starting point.

I just finished rewatching Rocky (1976) and was a bit blown away by the similarity of the story to the premise set forth by Tom Horn in the book. I haven't seen anyone, including Tom Horn, draw any parallels. There are countless symbols used through the movie in Rocky, the primary subliminal symbols being the pyramid and the sun. This video, from 111Truth111 on YouTube sets forth the subliminal symbolism.

The primary parallel that I see between the theory set forth by Tom Horn and the movie is that Rocky (the Rock of Cavalry or Jesus) is a local boxer and in his early 30's and is selected by Apollo Creed, the world heavy-weight champion to fight. "Apollo" is obviously a direct reference to Apollo as mentioned by Tom Horn, and "Creed" obviously refers to its definition : "a religious belief or faith". Thus, Jesus will fight the "Faith in Apollo". Further, the whole boxing match is set around New Years Day 1976 to commemorate the United States Bicentennial event. As such, Apollo, dressed as George Washington comes in to the ring carried on a boat symbolizing the crossing of the Potomac. The Bicentennial, the illustration of Apollo as George Washington, and other symbolism establishes the tie between Apollo and the founding of the United States. It further highlights the American faith in Apollo through the movie as no one, other than those closest to Rocky believe he has any chance against Apollo. Rocky (Christ) does end up lasting all 15 rounds with Apollo (Anti-Christ) but in the end Apollo is declared the winner.

The symbolism, both masonic as pointed out in the video by 111Truth111 and of Christ battling Apollo, the god of the United States, is overt and I cannot imagine it being an accident. When taken in light of the evidence that Tom Horn set forth, I find it shocking to think that Sylvester Stallone could have put it all together in 1975 in a cloaked storyline that became one the biggest sleeper hits of all time. The film cost less than $1 million and took in over $225 million.

I am hoping to re-watch the rest of the series but I would be surprised if the same level of symbolism were present - at that point I'm sure it became about banking on the recognized brand. I should point out that the 2006 version "Rocky Balboa" was released with additional DVD content to churches in the United States in order to promote the supposed Christian themes of the movie; therefore, Stallone obviously believes that the story does possess religious elements. I just think the reverse of what he says exists actually exist - at least not in the original film because Christ survives but loses.

I'm sure I left a lot of connections out, but wanted to get some general feedback from members that might be familiar with both the book, Apollyon Rising 2012 and the movie.

posted on Nov, 23 2010 @ 04:27 PM
There is one scene that I have no idea why it was put in to the movie - the scene where Rocky walks a young girl named Marie (Mary?) home.

Rocky: Eh, y'know, when I was your age, there was only one girl in the whole neighborhood who talked like that, y'know what I mean? That was it, just one. (as she lights a cigarette) Whatta ya doing? C'mon, it'll make your teeth yellow, don't do that!
Marie: I like yellow teeth!
Rocky: It'll make your breath like garbage.
Marie: Maybe I like garbage!
Rocky: C'mon, nobody likes garbage (he throws the cigarette away) Anyway, this girl with the dirty mouth, she wasn't bad-looking but y'see, none of the guys ever took her seriously, y'see? They never took her out for any serious dates.
Marie: Why?
Rocky: Because that's the way guys are. They laugh when you talk dirty, they think you're cute, but after awhile, you get a reputation and that's it. You get no respect, y'understand? You get no respect! I gotta use a bad word: whore. Y'understand? Whore. See, you use dirty words and maybe you seem like a whore, y'understand. (he opens a door for her)
Eh, it don't matter that you're 12. It don't matter. You don't really have to be one, you just act like one and that's it. Boom. Eh, you get a bad rep, y'understand? Twenty years from now, twenty years from now, people'll say 'you remember Marie?' ("playing both parts") 'No, who's she?' 'She was the l'il whore that hung around the Atomic Clothing shop.' 'Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, now I remember her!' Y'see, they don't remember you, they remember the rep! Y'understand? Eh, you gotta boyfriend? No, you ain't gotta boyfriend? Y'know why? Why do you think you don't got a boyfriend? Because you hang out with those coconuts on the corner, y'understand? You hang out with coconuts, you get nowhere. They're eleven, eleven. You hang out with nice people, you get nice friends, y'understand? You hang out with smart people, you get smart friends. You hang out with yo-yo people, you get yo-yo friends! Y'see, it's simple mathematics. I hope you ain't gonna--
Marie: (interrupting) I won't!
Rocky: What was I gonna say?
Marie: You hope I stop acting like a whore so I won't turn into one, right?
Rocky: Yeah, something like that.
Marie: 'Night Rocky. (at the porch of her tenement apartment)
Rocky: 'Night Marie. Eh, take care.
Marie: Hey, Rocky?
Rocky: Yo?
Marie: (giving the finger) Screw you, creep-o! (she leaves)
(Rocky shuffles off down the street, looking frustrated and sad)
Rocky: (to himself) Yeah, who are you to give advice, creep-o?

posted on Nov, 23 2010 @ 05:01 PM
Those are great catches, never looked at it that way before.
Too many symbols for it to be a coincidence.

Here are a few more.
Check out the Phoenician bird/eagle at 4:29
Paulie (Paul) was very close to Rocky. He also turned his life around.
Regarding Mickey the trainer as Horus, didn't he wear an eye patch in a sequel?

posted on Nov, 29 2010 @ 09:34 PM
reply to post by ararisq

lol wtf am i reading. Your making comparisons to some doomsday book against Rocky? Seriously? This is just as bad as that thread that predicted the end of the world using a Simpsons episode.

Maybe the story was motivational perhaps? Showing that even a local unknown could take on a world champion, i'm not sure where i read it but i thought that the inspiration for Rocky was some dude who fought Muhammad Ali (he lost obviously).

As for the scene that you think had no place in the movie, it was put in there to build character, thats what scenes like this are in movies for. They wanted to show that Rocky was a nice guy and had a good moral personality.

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