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black holes as a lenses (theory)

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posted on Nov, 23 2010 @ 02:44 PM
in black holes the refractive index is so high the light always refracts inwards.
Einstein discovered black holes without ever seeing one, (no pun intended)
The idea that black holes are so dense and so “heavy” with gravity that no light can escape the grasp of a massively dense black is still accepted by me as the explanation of why no light escapes a black hole.
This is an alternate theory to describe the black effect of black holes but using lens theory.
When light enters the outer lens of a black hole it is refracted inwards continuously to infinity
There are a series of lenses between us the observer and the dense core at the center of three lenses. These lenses are described as having a massive difference in refractive index from one another. This causes a light ray to be absorbed by a massive black hole shock boundary.
As it travels through the first inner lens it is refracted and the at the second inner lens it is refracted even more. The core of the black is so dense it has compressed into a solid black ball of matter with no vibration and no spin momentum.
When viewed from the outside the “image” of the black compressed mass is “gravitationally microscoped” to fill the feild of view around the extreme outer edge of the outter most lens.
See gravitational microscoping of lenses
gravitational microscoping
yes there is massive amounts of gravity but light is bent by refractive optics back on itself over and over to infinity. It is the refractive and reflective properties of these lenses that prevents light from escaping from the center to be visable for us to see.
Diagram of dark core lensing

a= ray of light
x= 1st refracted angle
z= 2nd refracted angle
y= low angle of incidence
o= light containing lens
f= projected image of dark core

in this manner any light that enters the lens series is refracted (reflected) continuously around the interior of the second lens for infinity.
The dark cores image is projected through these layers and is imaged on the outermost lens to “fill” the field of view. This is because the “gravitational microscoping “ is focused on the dark core and “sees” through these lenses without interacting with the trapped refracted light “bouncing” around inside by way of focal interaction of the lenses.
Images microscoped can be dark or light.
This is my alternate view of black holes and is called blackhole lens theory and in the theory certain energy types CAN exit the lens series and escape the grip of a blackhole


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posted on Nov, 23 2010 @ 02:58 PM
reply to post by XPLodER

The so-called “queen” of the sciences, cosmology, is founded upon the myth that the weakest force in the universe—gravity—is responsible for forming and shaping galaxies, stars and planets. But even if this were true, gravity remains unexplained. How it works is a mystery. Black holes were invented because they had already bought about the fundemental constant G and introduced Newtons Law, which is time and again being proven incorrect.

Here if you want to know how the real universe works watch this.

Dont know how to embed this video, if someone can do if for me that would be helpful, thanks.

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posted on Nov, 23 2010 @ 03:15 PM
reply to post by TheMindWar

as requested imbeded utube thunderbolts of the gods full version

Google Video Link

not really on topic but as it is anternative theory to mainstream it is included to show inconsistences of current understandings.
the out of the box thinking is to be encouraged

thanks the mind war

The black hole is a choice example where all three steps have failed. In the first step, gravity is the only tool considered. For example, from a graduate textbook on astrophysics*: “No known physical force can stop the self-swallowing of mass that makes a black hole.” That is a model-dependent declaration. The force of gravity is effectively zero when compared to the electric force. If you allow for the electrical structure of matter, the almost 2,000 fold difference in mass of the electron and proton will ensure that in a strong gravitational field charge separation will operate to prevent compression. Charge separation prevents the collapse of stars. Exotic theoretical objects like neutron stars and black holes are impossible. Even internal nuclear fires are unnecessary to sustain a star. The standard model of stars fails if the wrong tool, gravity, is used exclusively.


in my opinion your material is valid and nothing should be excluded out of hand
thank you for the reading material and the video

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