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"Ugly Betty" Actor Kills Mother With "Freemason" Sword, Chanting to "Great Architect"

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posted on Dec, 25 2012 @ 10:45 AM
reply to post by SoothSayer805

what does your post have to do with this thread topic?

posted on Dec, 25 2012 @ 12:01 PM

Originally posted by Hazystars
Michael Brea has confessed to the killing of his mom.

"I didn't kill her. I killed the demon inside her," Brea, 31, told New York's Daily News in a prison-ward interview at Bellevue Hospital, where he is being psychiatrically evaluated.

Brea said he heard voices, including that of God, instructing him to attack his mother Yannick, 55. He confronted her late Monday night in the Brooklyn apartment they shared together.

"She had the voice of the demon," Brea said. "I asked, 'Do you believe in God?' She said, 'No, Michael no,' and began screaming. I began slashing her like this," he said, making violent hacking motions with his right hand.

He added: "I didn't want to kill her right away. I wanted to give her time to get right with God," he said.

The police arrived, but Brea says he knew he had time to finish the job. "I knew they wouldn't open the door and stop me because the spirits were protecting me," he said. "I just kept cutting her. No one could stop me. I was doing the work of God."

I don't know who Michael Brea is. I haven't seen his movie Ugly Betty. For all I know he could be the stucco of masonry. But when I saw his picture at the link you posted the first thing I thought was.... homosexual. He has mental problems no doubt. He destroyed his creator because he blames his creator for his own self-hatred. This is all classic psychological stuff. He got into mysticism and symbolism and he just wasn't prepared to understand. My call on the whole thing is that he is simply weak minded. And a murderer. He has admitted it and he should be put to death.

posted on Dec, 25 2012 @ 12:10 PM
Holy resurrection Batman. 2 yo thread. Is it a Masonic sword or not? His words Masonic or not? The point is moot either way as one nutbar doesn't represent any given group. That would be like saying the Westboro church represents Christianity. Doesn't work.

posted on Dec, 25 2012 @ 12:20 PM

Originally posted by network dude

Originally posted by vcwxvwligen

It's a bit wild to see a Masonic compass at the crime scene, and for the perpetrator to yell out things about the GAOTU.

An investigator claims that he stole the sword from a Masonic lodge.

Where did he say that it was for martial arts?

here's the deal, even if this was the most masonic sword that ever was made, and it had special masonic powers that only Harry Potter could release, it wouldn't make this a masonic event. It was a guy who had some serious problems in his brain, who killed his mom. His dad claimed the sword. And since this used to be his dad's house, and he had been a mason for quite some time, it seems quite likely that there might be something masonic in the apartment. Like a masonic compass.

If one puts aside the number of deaths, 1 in this case and 28 in the Connecticut school shooting, one can see the similarities. No matter the weapon, even if the sword had special powers, or even if the Bushmaster had a mind of its own, it is not the key element in each story. The real story is about one person that has some serious problems in his brain and who kills his mom. The pot is always boiling. Many need to leave the kitchen.

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