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The government

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posted on Nov, 23 2010 @ 11:15 AM
What is the government?

Well there the government can be explained in two ways:

The real meaning:
A government is an organisation that is formed by a group of individuals apointed by

the elected ruler to help govern a country.

The true meaning:
A government is an organisation that is formed by a group of individuals apointed by

the "elected" ruler based on certain criteria, that opreses the people of that country

enforcing laws that contradict the basic rights that a human has.
Why do they contradict human rights?
Great question.

Here's why:

First of all the government is like the "employee" of the people or at least thats

how it should be. But look at it this way, they take all of your rights from you and form

alliances with private coorporations even if you don't know it and i am not talking here of

the alliances that Alex Jones talks about or any other conspiracy theorist/activist talks

about. I am talking about taxes they enforce on food, water and other essentials. Didn't you

ever ask yourself "why the hell am i paying the government for my food?" and thats a really

good question by the way, why, why pay them because they just exist and they don't

contribute in any way to the production of food or water. I don't think you will ever see a

politician on a field working from dawn till dusk for your food.
Second of all who gives them the right to decide the faith of all of the people.

Just look at the American government which gave themselves powers to decide everything about

its people in the name of "national security", who gave them that right, or who gave them

the right to use the peoples money in their own businesses, or, and this is the biggest, who

gave them the right to keep secrets from the people, secrets that can have a great impact on

humanity itself (this goes for religious governments too and by this i mean the Vatican).
Who gave them the right to take rights? Or who gave them the right to declare war on

a country and get thousands if not millions dead, for all i care the politicians should meet

in a place and fight eachother in full contact with no gloves or any other kind of


Just think about it, and if you want, take my advice and stop voting because

although everyone says that your vote counts, the truth is, it doesn't.

The only solution for this mess we are in is to change the outdated system that is

called democracy.

There are lots of other things to talk about this criminal system but for today i just covered this part.

And sorry if you don't understand much of the above blabber, but it was hard to put my
confused ideas into words.

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