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Why the Orwellian NWO is designed to fail - Hidden gameplan?

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posted on Nov, 23 2010 @ 07:34 AM
Check out this intriguing article that I found by Jeff Grupp. It actually makes sense out of why the USA is turning into an Orwellian fascist state and why the US government is imposing more intrusive controls and taking away more freedoms to anger people. It was set up deliberately to incite a revolution against it, which is all part of the masterplan, and it's been the same throughout history.

The NWO System is Designed to Fail

Grupp argues that the Orwellian NWO is a pseudo front designed to fail, just like Hitler's Nazism (which was funded by US corporations was) was. The real NWO (or Illuminati) stays out of the spotlight and puts its lower levels (e.g. fascist police, Bush, puppet government, etc.) out into the conflict. They infiltrate both sides, the fascist side that instills terror in everyone, and the revolution against this, so that they always come out the winner and can instill the changes they want after the system collapses. For example, after WWII, they were in place to create the United Nations to centralize more power. Their method is always "order out of chaos".

All the bloodshed that ensues during these "engineered conflict" gives them a sort of "dark ecstasy" as Grupp describes. We are mere slaves and toys to them. They enjoy seeing pain, terror, war, suffering, conflict, bloodshed, etc. And they feed on it. When you understand that, all the insane nonsensical mass wars throughout history start to make more sense, since the official version never does make any sense under scrutiny. This kind of thing also happened with WWII, the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, the American Civil War, the Vietnam War, the Iraq War, etc. Today the unmasked NWO made public is just the newest version of it.

This is why the mainstream media is now covering 9/11 Truth, as Geraldo Rivera recently did. Eventually, it will be made public that "9/11 was an inside job" and when that happens, it will be the trigger that incites revolution, bloodshed and civil war in America. This is why the government allows conspiracy videos all over the internet and allows conspiracy leaders to live, and why the internet hasn't been dismantled and regulated yet. They are all part of the masterplan. And that's why FEMA concentration camps are being built in America right now, to scare the population and incite the planned revolution.

Pretty disturbing huh? But it definitely adds up and explains the perpetual chaos and engineered conflicts.

Here are some segments from Grupp's Illuminati film that explains how this gameplan, throughout history til now. It's very revealing and shock provoking.

This segment contains some intriguing mathematical evidence for intelligent design.
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posted on Nov, 23 2010 @ 07:58 AM
I've actually had similar ideas. When people were saying wikileaks was a setup to take internet freedoms I posed the question what if that IS wikileaks intentions but they aren't being controlled by anyone they are simply doing it to cause new regulations that incite the people. Honestly that's the best way to wake people up, it's the exact counter to how the Govt has been dumbing them down.

posted on Nov, 23 2010 @ 01:18 PM
The author makes tons of great points, I agree completely. But why stop there?

If it's set up to fail,

who is set up to fail?
when is it set up to fail?
who will be our fake savior that we are made to run to to save us?

Isn't it obvious?
Obama, sometime in 2012, and Ron Paul (look at how he is portrayed to be a hero on the TSA issue by offering "corporate screening" as a solution to our TSA problems- not really "freedom" in my book).

This "constitutional" meme is really the thing that will send people for a loop. All the talk about how our founding fathers like George Washington was a Freemason, Washington DC is set up like a pentagram, Washington monument is Masonic, etc.. Think about it like this:
Ron Paul promotes "the real Constitution". The "real Constitution" was made by the Illuminati Freemasons. The Illuminati come "out of the closet" around 2012/ 2013. How can people be upset about the NWO when people's beloved founding fathers are revealed to be Illuminati?


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