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New Political Party Australia - In the Making and will be Ground Breaking!

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posted on Dec, 15 2010 @ 07:14 AM
reply to post by spacedoubt

As things go currently i dont trust anything i see on the US political landscape. I mean come on 1 election ago Palin and Mcain ran for office, i mean seriously was that a joke??

But to be blunt i do not take much notice of US politics, i cant trust their system. Dont get me wrong i do take alot of notice of foriegn policy but yeah hmmm, i just dont know what to say to be honest....

posted on Dec, 15 2010 @ 06:54 PM
reply to post by Havick007

Yeah man the US pollies give me a good laugh, especially Palin.

Obama seems to be the only guy who knows what he's doing yet most of America are against him now because they think he's some socialist immigrant.. like having socialist views is a bad thing..

Anyway we're not much better here with the Gillard fool.

Shaun Micallef for PM!

posted on Dec, 15 2010 @ 07:00 PM

Originally posted by Havick007
reply to post by Nventual

Would you smoke or injest arscenic? Perhaps a poision plant or mushrooms that would cause death?

Nah I wouldn't, but I smoked weed for 4 years almost every day and any issues I had with memory or emotions (lack of motivation) went away after I went sober for a week. I've got paranoia but I've learned to live with it, makes me more careful.

You are right though about it not being for everyone. My sister smoked marijuana frequently and had a psychotic episode, started hearing voices etc and has been in and out of psych hospitals for the last year.

It effects everybody differently and I don't think it should be legal at all, just decriminalized in the sense that I'm not going to go to jail for growing a couple of plants in my bedroom or buying a gram down the road, etc.

Anyway considering a mod posted in this thread and talking about these subjects is a grey area I should shut up before I get banned.

posted on Dec, 16 2010 @ 08:07 AM
reply to post by Nventual

Second that, Micallef for PM lmao!!

Although Rudd had his problems as PM i still hate what Gillard to him!!

posted on Dec, 16 2010 @ 03:33 PM
reply to post by Havick007

Gillard didn't do it. All she did was accept to do anything to get to PM.
The right faction of Labor party are to blame, they had been talking about doing it for a long time and had planned it all. I'm talking about Mark Arbib etc.

posted on Mar, 17 2011 @ 10:05 AM
reply to post by Nonchalant


To be honest i may have missed your post and cannot remember if i pm'd you... lol sorry it was a fair while ago and hmm.

Yes defence will be stopped by 2045, you may not have catched AU political talk lately and yes i will admit we are not yet publicaly in the AU political arena....

However the answer is quite simple, even you should understand ( no offence ) but what i mean by that is that you belong to a country that spends more on Defence than Helath.

Why should we need to defend ourselves?? Against who?

The question really makes no sense to me. I understand what you are saying though, looking at recent and current events.

But for a moment look to the future, what type of future would you prefer? A world full of conflict and military involvment or a world of peace and focusing on human's and moving forward techologically and focusing on human rights and devolping nations and all our welfare no matter what class or family you are born into?

Should we praise waaaay overpaid celebrities and politicains that do nothing to really further us as a species while many people earn a minimun wage?

Personally i earn 50-60 K per year but that barley affords me a great home or a new car, i will never afford a private school for my children or even private health care - although in Australia our government covers our health
so that is one positive point compared to America....

There are so many things we should be focusing on compared to Defence and Military.... Why should we need t defend ourselves against....ourselves ( the human race ) why should we fight with eachother... Instead we should be helping eachother!!!!

Is that so hard to comprehend!

Also as a race we should be one, not seperate!

I am not talking about an NWO that exploit's us but our race as whole that is only focused on a positive future and an equal future for us all.

This may seem hard to acheive or '' Eutopian '' but it is the way of the future and we need to really consider what our priorties are. The latest Plasma, LCD, Blueray, Car or house or helping our neighbors, friends and family.....

It is acheivable and it is the way of the future and our next stage of evolution as a race. Would you rather see us destroy ourselves?? That is the way we are heading.............

I will also PM you as per your request as i understand this thread is getting kind of old now and may be beyond reviving.

posted on Mar, 19 2011 @ 07:54 AM
reply to post by backinblack

I agree in way but also you need to remember that to be a political party there always has to be an opposition party otherwise we lose democracy and become a communist culture.

To have a majority party means that in government you can vote in a pass laws and changes that help us for the future.

If it comes down to every person for themselves it just would not work..

posted on Mar, 19 2011 @ 08:23 AM
reply to post by Havick007

Actually Hanson and One Nation had plenty of vision.
So much so that the Liberal party swiped a lot of their policies.
And won an election with them.

edit on 19-3-2011 by Flighty because: (no reason given)

posted on Mar, 19 2011 @ 08:28 AM
reply to post by Flighty

Hanson was a backwards nut!

She gave Australian Politics a bad name....

posted on Jun, 29 2011 @ 07:10 PM
Thanks for the link Havick.

I'm all for another political party on the Australian landscape but the chances of it getting popular support are very limited. The other major parties will attempt to knock you down at every opportunity before you can even get a leg up and that doesnt include the media which will twist your policies/views against you espcially with topics/issues that may seem controversial.

I joined an alternative political party bout 5or so years ago before the Victorian State Election just to see what it was about and how it functioned. It was called the "Australia Party" . The guy running it had vision and ideas but the whole setup seemed disfunctional and after several meetings I decided to quit. I could see it wasn't going anywhere.

I have my own personal ideas about what an alternative party should do/beleive in regarding their policies but first I'll respond to your OP if I may -

Originally posted by Havick007
Good Evening All,
We seek to put the people of this great country first.

The needs of all Australians come first.

Statement like that have been made by many in the past......Acting on them would be great for a change. Standing by your word.

Originally posted by Havick007
Our men and women belong to us and will not be made pawns of other military powers.

This will be controversial.......I commend you for your stance but as I have already read through the OP it ties with the no defence expenditure you mention where I will comment later.

Originally posted by Havick007
Equal rights for all himans and citizens which inlclude homo-sexual or hetro-sexual people. If a person wants to marry another human citizen they will be allowed. Equal rights for all.

Sure to cause controversy......I agree in equal rights for all but like in George Orwells book "Animal Farm", he quoted "some are more equal than others" far will this equality go?

Human rights for all....yes, 100%.....but is that going to include gay marriage rights? Because I can bet that question will arise and Ill publicly state that I am against it.

Originally posted by Havick007
The rights of the elderly will be protected and looked after.

The rights of the ill and sick will be looked after.

Agreed.....but how? Will you allow the sick and elderly the right to die? Euthenaise themselves? I beleive that is a human right that an elderly person of able mind (not body) should have "the right" to choose.

Originally posted by Havick007
More monetry policy and budget to be looked into that military of defence spending.

Military and defence spending to be wiped out by 2045.

Personally I disagree with this...and I'll tell you why. This claim sounds alot to me like what our government have been doing for years with our economy.....Being the first reduce tarriffs to force local industries to compete internationally on a level playing field when other nations do not follow at the expence of the demise of local manufacturing.

The same now with the Gillard/Greens trying to impose a Carbon tax and being the first western nation to do so at the expense of the cost and standard of living of the average citizen.

Being the first to do something doesnt always work out when the rest of the world wont follow you, it leaves you extremely vulnerable.

I understand the premise behind reducing military spending but it would leave Australia fully exposed like walking around without pants in a prison cell....sooner or later your gonna cop it. You cannot leave that sort of trust on the world community.

Originally posted by Havick007
Inter-country co-operation and trade relations to be increased and stepped up by 2035

This is great in theory but will be impractical to the full extent invisaged by yourself. I'll explain at the end why.

Originally posted by Havick007
UN appearance and influence to be incerased by 2025. ( To create a good influence for all countries on this great planet )

Once again only good in theory....the UN is a disfunctional body controlled by the United States. The UN does not do a good job, does not do it on time or adequately. Increasing this corrupted influence can only mean more bad news.

How many times in thepast has the UN stodd by from the sidelines and watched people getting massacred in conflicts around the world when they could have done something about them? Srebrenica? Darfur? It aint gonna happen.

Originally posted by Havick007
Complete erradication of poor class by 2020. This involves a comprehensive rehabilitation process and fully funded accomodation and councilling for as long as needed for all indivuduals that are ifflicted with homeless' or living at below that standard poverty line of Australia. No citizen of this country deserves to live on the streets and have no right to a meal or place of belonging.

I agree but beware making claims like that because the first thing the media will do is throw you in with Bob Hawke and his claims that "no child shall be in poverty by 1990", back in the 1983 election.....the only way to eradicate thepoor class is to give them jobs and cheap housing to live in to make a start.

Originally posted by Havick007
Immigration will slowly cease untill internal logistical measures can be arranged to enable the future protection of citizens from other nations and countries of origin.

What exactly do you mean by this? That we, Australia will take responsibility for protecting citizens in other countries? I agree in slowly ceasing immigration thou.

Originally posted by Havick007
The current state pf affairs in regard to public transport, roads, welfare and infrustructure is in disrepute and needs an immediate review.


Originally posted by Havick007
Current governments in Australia cannot agree on a National Broadband Scheme ( FTTP ) or ( Optical Fibre to the Premises ) of every Australian household. Although the benefits of this scheme far outway the cost in a long term persepective, the government and oppositionb are still debation, even know this scheme was promised to every Australian household in the most recent election! Whilst the partys are arguing like children, the nation is suffering from rising real-estate prices, rising health care, rising inflation, rising COL, and the list goes on. We are so attached to the global market that it is isanity, that we are dragged down by any other sinking ship.

We need to detach from the global market, but that goes against your earlier claims of increasing trade with other countries.

Originally posted by Havick007
We have amazing potential, amazing resouces, amazing land space and potential for growth but are limited by small minded leaders.

Agreed 100%

Now my personal points to add to this. If you want a successful political party that is anm alternative to the norm that the people will support expect to make alot of enemies and put yourself at risk.

What I beleive.

Tarrif rates on imported product MUST be raised back to their former levels. To protect the local industries.

Basic Industrial/Economic Policy should be - that if we have to import anything into Australia, we cease importing that item/product and give local manufacturers a tax incentive/discount to produce the same products here locally.

By doing so we protect and expand local industry and the manufacturing base. We are able to give Australians more jobs. More money is made and spent inside Australia, the government benefits in conjunction to this with the tax's received on purchased and sold goods. Win Win situation.

Supporting local Australian Mining companies.....Mining in Australia should be Australian owned....the money should stay here.

Our Tax system needs an overhaul.....the more hours you work the less tax you pay....there should be an incentive for people to want to work more. Not like the current system where the more you work the more tax you pay. With my idea, the more you work/less tax you pay will give people more money in their pockets with more financial freedom to purchase/invest money into the local economy which in turn will help the government income aswell.

The more kids you have the less tax you pay. Having more kids is producing future tax payers for the government of the country, therefore families should be given a break by having the main income earner get less tax as it costs alot more to raise 3 or 4 kids than it does for one or two.

This would benefit the family unit, it would promote larger families, thus increase our population growth, which in tern also stimulates the economy. It would also allow the family unit to live on one wage as we used to in the 1950's where the father would work, the mother would stay home and raise the kids.

Immingration should be selective and limited - lets face it, there are ethnicities/religions that DO NOT assimilate well into Australian society. Immingration from these areas should be stopped for good.

Also, there should be a study put together to limit how many of a c ertain ethnicity can be allowed to settle in any one area. This will eliminate the problem with urban ghettoes of one ethnicity where the local Australians are the minority and persecuted within their own country.

Illegal immigration should have a hard line no tolerance policy regardless of what any one else says.

Your illegal your not welcome. Whether its overstaying your Visa or arriving in a wooden boat.

We should not have to pay to process these people in detention centres...waste of money.....they land ashore....we lock them in cells.....until we can organsie the next RAAF hercules to load them onto and fly them straight back to where they came from. No questions asked. They will all soon get the drift.

The standard of living has to icnrease and the cost of living has to decrease.

Education should be free for all........universities should be highly subsidised for local students and Australianm youth should get first priority on places not foreigners waving an open bank cheque.

I have heaps more ideas.....and my dieas I know would not be popular with many people but it would get the country back on its feet aswell as the average family unit.

Australia needs to slightly withdraw from the internation globalisation theology and start looking after itself and whats best for its future not the international bankers or those fighting imperialst wars.

Proactive policies not reactive ones.

posted on Jun, 29 2011 @ 07:49 PM
A good idea as long as you are not manipulated into handing over the votes to one of the major parties.

Usually when someone votes for a small party or independant, the votes end up in the hands of Labour or Liberal anyway.

posted on Jun, 29 2011 @ 08:00 PM
I kind of liked the PartyPartyParty for whom the major security threat was Argentinian trained suicide penguins coming up from the Antarctic,I've always like The Monster Raving loony party in the UK....You have the best of intentions but its a fait accomplie look at what they did to Hanson and now Bob Katter.

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