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Lost amazon tribe discovered in Peru...

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posted on Nov, 23 2010 @ 03:19 AM
A lost amazon tribe has been discovered in Peru, the tribe has never had contact with the outside world, spoke an unknown language and didn't even have a name for themselves..
Nature reserve staff stumbled across them, whilst looking for illegal loggers, they were crossing a river as they hunted for food.
The natives wearing rings in their nose and mouths and using spears and knives to hunt, were tracked to a village built of cane and palm leaves..
Peruvian officials kept their existence at the kugapakori Nahuatl nanti reserve secret for a year, so the tribe could be studied.. They revealed their existence yesterday..
Mayta capac alatrista who works with peru's Indians to preserve their ancient ways said "we have a photographic record. We have even been able to interact with them to see how they go about there daily lives. We've also been able to bring them some tools that they have used to hunt or cook"

Article printed in the sun newspaper in the uk

posted on Nov, 23 2010 @ 03:23 AM
reply to post by Misterlondon


This sort of discovery at this point in time is utterly amazing!

How were they undiscovered for so long?

I wonder what their reaction was on seeing modern people.

In fact I find it very hard to believe. Is this a hoax?

posted on Nov, 23 2010 @ 03:27 AM
I love this.

It really makes you realize the pointless direction of our current perspective in progression.

posted on Nov, 23 2010 @ 03:29 AM
Amazing, than again there's so much of this planet we've yet to explore.

This if anything else, provides testimony to that fact.

posted on Nov, 23 2010 @ 03:34 AM
Absolutely fascinating. I wonder how large the tribe is after what must be at least hundreds of years of isolation? We need some coordinates so we can check out the village on Google Earth!

posted on Nov, 23 2010 @ 03:36 AM
This is the kind of news that I love.

In the 21st century, where we have detailed maps of seemingly every inch of the planet available through google maps, beamed directly to our iphones using 4g technology, reading stories about some galactic burp how many lightyears away in the middle of our galaxy....

all the while here are some Peruvian tribemen going about their daily lives of trying to live by hunting wildlife using knives and spears, never seeing an outsider their entire lives until recently.

and tomorrow some scientist will go on record about another subject claiming that the earth is too small for a species to go undiscovered...

posted on Nov, 23 2010 @ 03:50 AM
reply to post by catwhoknows

I don't think it is a hoax.. There were several pictures that accompanied the article..

posted on Nov, 23 2010 @ 04:00 AM
Yuppie! A lost tribe. This is indeed cool though it has happened before in recent history. I think that we should investigate these tribes (to a reasonable length) and check out what parallels they have with us as people. Time to prove John Locke(not the guy from Lost) right/wrong once and for all! At the same time though it is important, in my mind, that we leave these tribes as untouched as we can (unless they want to opt in to the modern era).

posted on Nov, 23 2010 @ 04:08 AM
Watched the video, pretty interesting. They have no metal knives, using a bamboo spear. how come they all have buzz cuts even the woman?

posted on Nov, 23 2010 @ 04:10 AM
reply to post by Misterlondon

Lets hope they enjoy (and endure) their peacful bliss for years to come.... One can hope that "helpful individuals" do not meet with the tribes leaders and teach them to be "civilized" like the rest of our wretched society... Lets see... thousands of years in the jungle...

Yes lets send them a box of plastic flip flops from China.. that will help! They need real store bought clothes... lets get them something "cool" from the GAP so we can start fashion! Children learn about nature and watch wildlife and learn to hunt... lets get them toys that buzz and click.. and teach them "war" on video games... they can play "game boy" in a tree! Now WHO is really civilized here? Women cook with leaves and shells... lets get them teflon lined pans with scratch resistant surfaces ........ LET WELL ENOUGH ALONE TO ALL SCIENTISTS!

MAY THEY LIVE AND PROSPER in thier happy home... this is a neat dscovery!

posted on Nov, 23 2010 @ 04:27 AM
reply to post by Gakus

The "Indians" have explored their part of the Amazon jungle inside out. They are probably very good explorers. So I guess there aren't too many unexplored uncharted territories!

posted on Nov, 23 2010 @ 04:29 AM
I think discovering this tribe is AMAZING ,BUt whne it comes to LEAVING THEM ALONE ,well that will now be something of the past .We have "invaded their space and they will eventually end up like ALL other tribes across the world after western influence has set in ie:alcohol,drugs etc...etc.
I feel sad that the tribe will now loose their Identity .very much like the KHOISAN of Southern Africa has ,who now have to live in reserves ,in porverty!

posted on Nov, 23 2010 @ 05:01 AM
While I think this kind of news is totally fascinating and a great discovery, it also saddens me that this tribe has been found.

They've already been spoilt just by the presence of whomever is studying them, photographing them, learning their language, etc.

Won't be long before they're a tourist venue.


edit on 23-11-2010 by doobydoll because: grammar

posted on Nov, 23 2010 @ 11:23 PM
It's amazing that STILL people keep popping up from under every rock in this planet!

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