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N. Korea Crisis - Updated as News come to hand

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posted on Nov, 24 2010 @ 09:20 PM
Latest news...

N. Korea presumed to have used 'fuel-air bombs' in attack

S. Korea to bolster combat readiness, revise rules of engagement
Again? You did that too after the sinking of the ship... and it did nothing.

Apparently, China's foreign ministry is canceling their meeting in Seoul that was planned for tomorrow...waiting for confirmation. CONFIRMED.
Chinese FM postpones visit to S. Korea amid pressure to get tough with N. Korea
Yeah China will help against NKorea uh?

North Korea becomes UN's 'problem from hell'

Another UPDATE :

Japanese Prime Min. Kan describes Korean peninsula as "on the brink" of war, adds Pyongyang needs to be severely reprimanded

And from May...
US military in Korea poised to conduct evacuation if called on

Should hostilities ever resume on the peninsula, U.S. military officials say one of the first orders of business probably would be to coordinate an evacuation from South Korea of perhaps hundreds of thousands of Americans and other foreign nationals.

Just don’t expect the massive undertaking to run like clockwork, they warn, especially if the operation is conducted while missiles are flying and tanks are rolling.

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posted on Nov, 24 2010 @ 09:42 PM
All this talk about Korea....
I'm starting to crave some Kimchi

posted on Nov, 24 2010 @ 10:13 PM
sounds like we are heading for war again

posted on Nov, 24 2010 @ 10:55 PM
Some people are panicking...

Indonesians in Korea must be evacuated: Legislator

Knows something?

ROK Foreign Ministry to hold media briefing in one hour.

Should be interesting... now 30 minutes or so left before briefing...

1996 Miss Universe @aliciamachado77 closes account amid ridicule for tweeting about "attacks between the Chinas."


posted on Nov, 24 2010 @ 10:58 PM
I've decided I'm going to try and save as many of these "official reports" on the potential war from the MSM as possible, so that afterwards, when they try and tell us the "new official version" we can have something to refer back to once it's all been changed,.

posted on Nov, 24 2010 @ 11:17 PM
Sad for the South Korean soldiers... no alcohol!

Korea - Thanksgiving, the "Attack" and Suspension of Passes

To be honest, I had no idea about the attack until the evening of the 23rd, when the officers were informed that our pass privileges, regardless of who our sponsors are, were canceled for the weekend, and that there would be NO alcohol consumption until further notice. This, fairly devastating, news led most of us to rush to the computers to find out the details of the event. Since that time, there has been little to no change on this particular installation, but of course, I cannot speak for the other Camps around Korea. The bottom line is simple, for the foreseeable future, everyone here is safe, and though we remain ready to act (since we're all sober and just hanging around) we do not expect anything serious to occur....cont.


Also remember this from two years ago..
RAND Lobbies Pentagon: Start War To Save U.S. Economy

According to reports out of top Chinese mainstream news outlets, the RAND Corporation recently presented a shocking proposal to the Pentagon in which it lobbied for a war to be started with a major foreign power in an attempt to stimulate the American economy and prevent a recession.

Hope it doesn't come to that...

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posted on Nov, 24 2010 @ 11:23 PM
Looks like there's more to come!

North Korea warns of more strikes
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posted on Nov, 24 2010 @ 11:50 PM
North Korean hot air. If war doesn't start before December 3, no war till at least the next North Korean provocation.

S.Korea's Lee, army rapped for ‘soft’ response to N.Korea

How long before pro-war madmen come into power?

ROK Foreign Ministry, at press briefing, says joint war games with U.S. from Sunday will send clear message (to DPRK, China).

So ROK knows it's also about China...This being about a ``message to China`` just raise the odds of all going to war...

You think China is gonna be taught ``lessons`` by the US and South Korea right on their doorstep in the Yellow Sea and take it? Yeah I don't think so.
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posted on Nov, 24 2010 @ 11:52 PM
this is leading to war
im a high school senior going into the us army rangers and im very nervousabout this
i leave in july so
ill be ready to ship out in december

posted on Nov, 25 2010 @ 12:12 AM
reply to post by chuck77

The recruiter may have told you that you are going into the Rangers but that's just talk. You will find out if you are a bean washer or a special forces dude ONLY after you complete Basic.

posted on Nov, 25 2010 @ 12:18 AM
Theory :: radical group(SECRET FUNDED MILTARY INDUSTRY HIRED GROUP) fired on north korea from waters, north korea retaliates on south korea... a potential big money making chess move... who knows, just seems strange the south would fire on north koreas shore lines.

posted on Nov, 25 2010 @ 01:45 AM
Meh, IMHO nothing to get excited over. Nothing will happen with just the GW in theatre.
Once I hear that the Nimitz/Regan/Vinson leave San Diego I start to think about digging holes in the backyard...

No way, no how anything's going down with just the Washington nearby-she'd be a sitting duck.

Anyone happen to know if the rest of the fleet is still at home?

posted on Nov, 25 2010 @ 02:02 AM
I cant believe that all thro' this angst that the two Korea,s have had with each other that South Korea has only just ( in light of everything) decided to withdraw the aid it gives to North Korea>

imagine that !! S.K was giving aid to N.K

posted on Nov, 25 2010 @ 02:28 AM
A friend of mine who is stationd in SK give me a textmessage," Dear friend, or family's moving out to the states, it's hot under or feets. Pay attention for sunday??? God be with you"

Sunday starting the drills, Hopefully nothings happening!!!

posted on Nov, 25 2010 @ 03:38 AM
Here's a re post from my early reply on the same Korean issue in some other thread

Possible Scenarios
#1:American/South Korean/NATO Forces Take over North Korea Await further Orders and Possible War With China.

#2:North Korea Manages to take some parts of South Korea including the DMZ, US/South Korean Forces Retreat to re do there Defensive Strategies until further notice.

#3:Again North Korea Manages To Take the Whole South Korean Country, Surprises The Western/NATO Proxy Military with no choice left USA Forces make a complete retreat to Japan.

As for the Asian Region Japan and South Korea act as a base and for future military operations

Japan:Resupply & Regroup
Southern Korean Zone:Main Task Force For Military Combat/Warfare Operations

So what do you make on what i stated here on my post?
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posted on Nov, 25 2010 @ 03:43 AM
South Korea to bolster island force against Pyongyang

Looks to me like the stage is being set. The preparations are nearly complete. We have 5 days before the end of November & if this kicks off within those days im afraid im declaring Baba Vanga the true prophet

posted on Nov, 25 2010 @ 04:40 AM
North Korea: is the heir apparent influencing policy?

From the Link:

North Korea: is the heir apparent influencing policy?

Tuesday 23 November 2010 1:20 pm

An interesting article in today’s Asia Times may throw some light on today’s incident in the Yellow Sea off the two Koreas.

The author, Kim Myong-Chol, who lives in Tokyo but is described as “an unofficial spokesman” for the North Korean government, is talking up the role of Kim Jong-un, son and heir apparent to President Kim Jong-il.

“The young general has proved in the eyes of the Workers Party of Korea and the military that he is decisive and ready to risk war at anytime with the US and Japan over the slightest infringement of the sovereignty and independence of North Korea,” he writes.

He says that the 27-year-old “has authored papers on nuclear war strategy, missiles and long-range weapons for use in ground warfare and air-defence, winning the acclaim of military leaders.”

Now, this could be complete nonsense – bigging up the previously unknown Kim – or it could indicate that the new Kim is influencing policy. Which would be alarming, as shooting incidents between North and South Korea are on the rise, and a report by a US atomic scientist suggests that the North has vastly stepped up its nuclear programme.


Either this Kim Myong-Chol has inside knowledge, is a fantasist, or is simply stirring the pot for ulterior motives.

Here's Kim Myong-Chol's article:

Young general has got what it takes

Excerpt from the article:

As was the case with Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il, the young general shines with such virtue and magnetic appeal that he fascinates the elder, more experienced leadership of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK), as well as the Korean People's Army commanding generals, their rank-and-file members and the masses. He comes across as a leader who can achieve a spiritual and political connection between the leadership and the population and weave North Korean society into a close-knit, harmonious political family.

Secondly, the young general has proved in the eyes of the WPK and the military that he is decisive and ready to risk war at anytime with the US and Japan over the slightest infringement of the sovereignty and independence of North Korea.

In 2009, the young general ordered a prompt retaliatory nuclear assault on the mainland US and Japan should take place if they intercepted the second North Korean satellite launch vehicle.


There has been rumours floating around Kim Jong-il is dead, but those rumours re-surface every six months.

South Korea military defends response to attack

From the Link:

South Korea military defends response to attack

25 Nov 2010 08:38:13 GMT
Source: Reuters
(Adds quotes, details)

By Jack Kim

YEONPYEONG, South Korea, Nov 25 (Reuters) - A senior South Korean marine on Thursday defended the 10 minutes it took to retaliate after a North Korean attack amid criticism the response was too slow.

Two days after North Korea fired a barrage of artillery shells at the island of Yeonpyeong, killing two civilians and two soldiers and destroying dozens of houses, members of President Lee Myung-bak's own party and opposition lawmakers accused the military of acting too late.

Marine Lieutenant-General Joo Jong-hwa told reporters visiting the island on Thursday it took 10 minutes to return fire, contradicting earlier reports that it took 15.

"The soldiers did not desert and in the midst of a rain of fire, they pinpointed the target and started firing which has never occurred in the past before," he said. "They did very well."

North Korea says it was retaliating to live fire from South Korea into its waters after warning the South by phone not to go ahead with a drill.

"North Korea argues that we fired at them first, but this is the direction that we fired," he said, pointing southwest, away from North Korea.

He said there were fewer North Korean fishing boats in the area than before. "We believe that North Korea has still not eased its firing readiness," he added.

South Korea said on Thursday it would increase troops on islands near North Korea with Pyongyang warning it would follow its bombardment with more attacks if its neighbour tried any "provocations".

Hundreds of terrified residents of Yeonpyeong fled to the mainland on Wednesday after the heaviest attack on the Korean peninsula since the end of the Korean War 1953, many saying they would never return.

Yeonpyeong, a small island just 120 km (75 miles) west of Seoul, is home to about 1,600 civilians and 1,000 soldiers. It lies in Yellow Sea waters claimed by the North but occupied by the South since the end of the war. [ID:nTOE6AM06B]

The United States and South Korea are to hold joint military exercises in the Yellow Sea from this weekend, with the aircraft carrier USS George Washington taking part. (Reporting by Jack Kim; Writing by Nick Macfie; Editing by Alex Richardson)


Very interesting the South Korean marine interviewed denied the South Korean soldiers had deserted...I know they evacuated civillians from the island, but I found it strange he would deny soldiers had deserted, when it does not appear to have even been reported they had why deny they had deserted if the issue has not been raised?

China says concerned about U.S.-S.Korea military drill

From the Link:

China says concerned about U.S.-S.Korea military drill

25 Nov 2010 08:13:08 GMT

Source: Reuters
* Says in contact with Washington over Korea situation

* Says resumption of six-party talks "urgently" needed

* Urges all sides of dispute to "do more to ease situation" (Adds quotes, details)

By Chris Buckley

BEIJING, Nov 25 (Reuters) - China expressed concern on Thursday about South Korea's planned joint military exercise with the United States, and a foreign ministry spokesman refrained from singling out Pyongyang as being responsible for an exchange of artillery with South Korea.

South Korea's foreign ministry said earlier that a joint military exercise with the United States due later this month will send a clear message to North Korea, which shelled a South Korean island on Tuesday, killing four people and triggering a confrontation. [ID:nLDE6AO03G]

"We have noted the relevant reports and express our concern about this," a spokesman for the ministry, Hong Lei, told a regular news conference.

In answers to repeated questions, Hong did not directly criticise the planned U.S.-South Korea military exercises, instead noting China's "concern" about them.

Beijing was angered earlier this year by joint U.S.-South Korea naval exercises off the South Korean coast that those two nations said were meant to warn North Korea. Beijing said such exercises could threaten its security and regional stability.

Friction between Beijing and Washington over Chinese maritime claims and U.S. naval activities has added to irritants between the two countries, which have sparred this year over exchange rate policy, Taiwan, Tibet and Internet policy.

Beijing -- which has been urged by the United States and its regional allies, South Korea and Japan, to help rein in Pyongyang -- was maintaining contact with Washington over tensions on the Korean peninsula, Hong said.

When asked about the responsibility for the incident, Hong said: "We've noted that there are different views of the cause of the incident." He did not single out North Korea for criticism.

Hong's remarks echo China's response to the deadly sinking of a South Korean naval vessel in March, when it refused to blame North Korea for the incident, which killed 46 sailors.

Most nations have condemned Pyongyang for Tuesday's artillery attack, but Beijing's initial response on Tuesday was more muted, calling for both sides to exercise restraint.

The resumption of stalled six-party talks to persuade Pyongyang to abandon nuclear disarmament was "urgently" needed, Hong said, adding that all parties in the dispute in the Korean peninsula should "do more to ease" the situation.

Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi had delayed a plan to visit Seoul this week due to scheduling disputes, Hong said.

The delay could pose a setback for South Korea's plan to pursue constructive engagement with China to use its influence over Pyongyang.

Hong did not directly answer questions about whether China believes the shelling incident should be discussed by the U.N. Security Council.

(Writing by Sui-Lee Wee; Editing by Ken Wills)


That's how China are viewing it at the moment, and they are concerned by US-South Korean planned military exercises. They also seem to be quite reluctant to heap the blame on North Korea.

Of course, we could say "Well China and North Korea are pals" but on the other hand, perhaps they are aware of things we are not.

Let's say, for example, that South Korea's military exercises which are said to fired close to North Korea and sparked off North Korea's response was how China views it.

If China says "Well actually it was the South Koreans who fired first, and we think they should stop their actions"


1) That will rise tensions as China is publically seen to take North Korea's side.

2) North Korea will feel emboldened at having Chinese backing and feel ready to open fire again if it feels it's territory is being violated

But if China says "The North Koreans are to blame and they stop."

1) North Korea will be seen to have lost support of China

2) South Korea may feel emboldened at having Chinese backing and feel ready to open fire again if it feels it's territory is being violated.

Either route which could lead to open war.

What I am saying is that China, although traditionally supportive of North Korea, is walking a diplomatic tightrope, hence a lack of commitment to believing any version of events, and therefore stay in the safer ground instead of appealing for calm, which is non-commital.

posted on Nov, 25 2010 @ 04:53 AM
Well we know that they would not just send an Aircraft Carrier there alone..I was curious too . A pic of support craft.

I wonder if they are sending more than usuall?

posted on Nov, 25 2010 @ 05:13 AM

South Korea's defense minister resigns following criticism of country's response to attack by North Korea - Reuters

posted on Nov, 25 2010 @ 05:13 AM
reply to post by Grayelf2009

Its a carrier with its Strike Group.

Now if we send another Carrier Strike Group, we may have fireworks. One is just gunboat diplomacy. Two or three usually means we are about to open a can of kick arse.

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