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N. Korea Crisis - Updated as News come to hand

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posted on Jan, 5 2011 @ 08:13 PM

Originally posted by Vitchilo
He will be 70 years old this year on February 16...same day as me...

Could be worse. I share mine with George W. Bush.

Seriously though, I see this talk of a possible resuming of talks if NK agrees to denuclearize first....

What can I say? That's not going to happen.... Not the easy way anyway.... Which is what I fear.
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posted on Jan, 6 2011 @ 09:56 PM

CNFK: USS Carl Vinson strike group will arrive Chinhae, ROK on Tuesday. #Koreas 22 minutes ago via TweetDeck

That's nice.

#ROK holding 2-day war game -- billed as 1st ever jointly by Army & Marines to repel "computer-simulated" invasion of 5 w. islands by #DPRK. about 3 hours ago via TweetDeck

We'll see if North Korea does anything.

State Dept.: Amb. Bosworth, in China, "had useful consultations on how to coordinate moving forward in dealing with N. Korea." about 6 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®


NKorea downgrades combat alert status on west, prompting US-SKorea to also lower surveillance alert. Cooling off a bit. about 3 hours ago via TweetDeck

Good... or tactic?

China backs North’s Rason project

A Chinese state-run company recently agreed to invest $2 billion in North Korea’s Rason free trade zone, the JoongAng Ilbo learned yesterday from documents related to the deal.

2 billion $... in a 20-22 billion $ GDP... a 10% GDP investment... that is crazy money for NKorea.

Japan urges 'concrete' steps from N. Korea

Japan Thursday demanded North Korea take "concrete actions" before renewed dialogue can resume on the divided Korean peninsula, a day after Pyongyang offered unconditional talks with the South.

"The nuclear and missile development issue of DPRK (North Korea) is a cause for major concern," Japanese Foreign Minister Seiji Maehara said in a speech in Washington before meeting with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Forget it.

China backs N.Korea call for 'unconditional' talks

North Korea's ally China Thursday threw its diplomatic weight behind Pyongyang's call for unconditional talks with the South, while Washington and Seoul remained more circumspect about the offer.

Of course.

N.Korea Revamps Party Rules to Easy Hereditary Succession

North Korea revamped major regulations governing the Workers Party to support the hereditary transfer of power from North Korean leader Kim Jong-il to his son Jong-un. South Korean government sources say the revisions officially turned the Workers Party into a "shrine" for the Kim dynasty. In the North, party regulations rank above the country's constitution.

Totally expected from dictators.

N.Korea Diverts Military Budget to Light Industry

The North Korean regime wants to divert some of budget for the all-powerful military to the civilian sector and increase exports of mineral resources to China in its Quixotic quest to become "a powerful and prosperous nation" by 2012.

That is good news... if true.

Japan reinforcing military amid threats from China, NK
Good for them... but will the Japanese economy sustain it? I bet not. The Japanese economy has been in grave danger for 2 decades now...and it ain't getting better. That's why I think on the long term, 5-15 years, Japan is screwed if they don't deploy nukes.

NK to hold birthday ceremony for heir apparent Saturday

North Korea`s ruling Workers` Party or military will likely hold a ceremony Saturday to mark the birthday of heir apparent Kim Jong Un, the youngest son of leader Kim Jong Il.

I hope someone shoots the dictators.

So now, unless South Korea is forced to do non-conditions talks with North Korea, we are at a standstill... but this time, North Korea is getting investments from China... which makes North Koreans provocations less likely....I think we'll stay to stand still till the South does unconditional talks. North Korea is very unlikely to disarm and stop their nuclear program.

So.. we wait.

posted on Jan, 6 2011 @ 10:31 PM
Reading the recent leaks about China's military budget, I have to disagree that a new Korean war would be much different than in the 60's. Japan only want to get America out without offending them, so that's about it. Indian nationalists were dancing in the street when the gfc hit, so they will be useless. Europe is the largest growing power IMO but not operational for a while yet. The military technology from China / Russia is close enough put up a good fight and China's armed forces are massive. NK can get most of what they need and they are properly dug in (like Burma).

For a long time I've felt like America is being played. The upside is that China intends to be a world player and probably want to do a good job. Looking at America from the outside, I'd say being a superpower is difficult and thankless work, so there will be much to complain about but they will also surprise us.

This isn't the right place for it, so I won't go on.
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posted on Jan, 7 2011 @ 07:32 PM

Today (Jan. 8) is Kim Jong Un's birthday. But no signs of celebration reported in #DPRK. Maybe next year? #Koreas 8 minutes ago via web

Congrats! NOT!

N. Korea's Twitter account apparently hacked on successor's birthday

Campbell due in Beijing on N. Korea, other Obama-Hu summit agenda

A senior U.S. official will travel to China early next week to discuss North Korea and other agenda items with Chinese President Hu Jintao's state visit to Washington scheduled for later this month, the State Department said Friday.

Should be good.

posted on Jan, 8 2011 @ 01:40 AM
North Korea's youtube account was hacked for Kim Jong Un's birthday and they put that video on...


W7VOA Lead item on noon Voice of Korea newscast: Kim Jong Il sent fruit baskets, other New Year gifts by China provincial officials. #DPRK about 4 hours ago via TweetDeck

PM Pessimistic about Future of NK

Prime Minister Kim Hwang-sik says that he has doubts that North Korean leader Kim Jong-il’s 28-year-old son and heir apparent, Jong-un, will lead North Korea properly with his insufficient experience.

Ya think?

Talks between North and South Korea should be held within weeks, Seoul says
So it seems SKorea has accepted the unconditional talks from the North... as I said... stalemate till SKorea accepts unconditional talks because NKorea won't let's see the political backlash if this really happens...

The comeback of North Korea-Japan negotiations?

The Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) administration has drawn attention with repeated expressions of interest in dialogue with North Korea over the past few days. The statements carry considerable weight, as they were made in public on several occasions by foreign minister Seiji Maehara, who is both the figure with general responsibility for Japanese foreign affairs and someone known to be a hard-liner. Nothing has yet surfaced as concrete action, but it certainly seems evident that a diplomatic message was intended for Pyongyang.

Will this have political backlash?

posted on Jan, 10 2011 @ 01:35 AM
South may first push for UN action

Condemnation of North seen as prerequisite to inter-Korean talks: Sources

Will that push NKorea to say NO to talks?

China helped lower tensions with NKorea: US
Yes it did... for once because they knew war would have broken out.

N.Korea 'Purging Proteges of the Old Guard'

The North Korean regime appears to be purging proteges of O Kuk-ryol, a vice chairman of the National Defense Commission who once headed the Workers Party's Operations Department, and leader Kim Jong il's brother-in-law Jang Song-taek, the director of the party's Administration Department and a sort of eminence grise in the North. The two wielded near-absolute power during Kim Jong-il's heyday but have kept at a respectful distance since Kim's son Jong-un was established as his heir.

Definetly trying to clear the path for Kim Jong Un.

N.Korea Keeps Pushing Dialogue with South

Seoul continues to reject North Korea's latest charm offensive. The North on Saturday again called for inter-Korean talks through the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland. But the South says it "cannot come to the dialogue table before the North takes responsible steps" over the sinking of the Navy corvette Cheonan and the shelling of Yeonpyeong Island.

North Korea's recent calls for dialogue do not mention the two attacks nor do they say anything concrete about denuclearization, the goal of inter-Korean talks, a senior government official said Sunday. "They showed no sincerity but apparently tried to gain international support through resumption of six-party nuclear disarmament talks."

Another senior government official also said the proposals "prove that the North is overwhelmed with difficulties due to international sanctions" imposed over its nuclear tests and military provocations.

Japan to hold naval drills involving U.S. warships in East China Sea on Monday

Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force will hold drills in the East China Sea involving U.S. warships on Monday, the Japanese Defense Ministry said.

While Gates is in China... ain't that nice?

SKorea, Japan to discuss first-ever military pact
This obviously could be HUGE...

S. Korea to install sensors near sea border

South Korea's military will install underwater sensors near its tense sea border with North Korea to guard against an attack by the North's submarines, a report said Monday.

Hopefully it detects the NKorean subs...

US to Deploy F-16C Fighters to S.Korea

The U.S. Air Force said that the 12 fighter jets will stay in Gunsan for about four months starting Tuesday.

Strategic Impact of China's J-20 Aircraft
A great article on the J-20...

So now there's new estimates that the Chinese J-20 will be out before 2015... that means before the F-35... When the US thought China couldn't do it before at least 2020...crazy I know.

posted on Jan, 10 2011 @ 02:01 AM
reply to post by Vitchilo

Nice report on the J-20. I posted it in another thread about the J-20, hopefully you don't mind (gave you credit anyways

posted on Jan, 10 2011 @ 12:01 PM
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posted on Jan, 11 2011 @ 12:19 AM

KCNA (#DPRK): Panmunjom Red Cross liaison channel will be reopened from Wednesday. #Koreas about 18 hours ago via TweetDeck

Good for NKorean citizens.

US Justice Dept.: Ex-NASA employee, Kue Sang Chun (US citizen), charged with illegal export of infrared military technology to S. Korea. about 6 hours ago via TweetDeck

The N. Korean editorial says Seoul's rejection of early 2-way talks dampens hope for improved ties. about 3 hours ago via TweetDeck

RT @egalite_twitted: On Monday night, #NKorea confirmed its Web site was hacked, warning of "grave consequences" against SKorean hackers. about 2 hours ago via TweetDeck

Ooo I'm sure they are scared... NOT.

China again opposes USA arms sales to Taiwan

Liang made the remarks at a joint press conference with U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates.

"We do not want to see such things happening again. We do not want U.S. weapon sales to Taiwan to further damage the relationship between China and the United States and the two nations' armed forces," Liang added.

Well guess what, the US is planning new arms sales to Taiwan in a few weeks.

China got a F-117A? Pic

The image above, captured in 2010, depicts an F-117A mockup. Normally, a mockup of the F-117A wouldn't be a very big deal, but this one is in the middle of Luoyang, China.

It is a full-scale mockup, with the wingspan matching the "real" F-117A at roughly 43 feet.

Why is there an F-117A mockup sitting inside of Luoyang? There could be a completely benign purpose, such as use in some sort of media. However, Luoyang is home to the Luoyang Electro-Optical Technology Development Center, who is responsible for developing the current air-to-air missiles fielded by the Chinese military.

A facility such as this would certainly be able to make use of an accurate model of a VLO aircraft for missile seeker evaluation, particularly in the case of seekers for active radar homing weapons like the current PL-12.

This may be a prototype of JH-8, a VTOL capable F-117A derivative using captured technology.

After all, rumors are that China got a F-117A out of know when the Serbian army shot down one with outdated anti-air missiles? When the US bombed the Chinese embassy, they weren't very they took the F-117A in return...

N. Korea slams S. Korea's rejection of dialogue

North Korea on Tuesday criticised South Korea's rejection of its latest proposal for dialogue and insisted it is sincere in trying to mend relations after months of tensions.

Sure it's sincere...

Seoul Calls on N.Korea to Talk About Provocations

Seoul on Monday urged Pyongyang to come to the table and discuss North Korea's sinking of the Navy corvette Cheonan in March and its shelling of Yeonpyeong Island in November last year. The call came in response to a demand from Pyongyang for "unconditional talks."

Could happen, but unlikely.

N.Korean Border Guards Kill 5 Defectors

Japan, South Korea upgrade defense ties in face of North Korea threat

South Korea and one-time colonial ruler Japan put decades of bitterness behind them on Monday by agreeing to expand military cooperation in the face of North Korean hostility.

That is big.

South Korea and the United States are increasing their intelligence efforts against North Korea, especially along the four-kilometer wide demilitarized zone (DMZ), which separates the two countries.

US says NKorea's offer to talk is inadequate

The State Department says North Korea's offer to hold talks with South Korea falls short of what is needed to demonstrate that it is serious about seeking better relations.


North Korea foreign trade falls sharply

The total in 2009 was $3.41 billion, down 10.6% from 2008, a report says.

That's why...

China spurns strategic security talks with U.S.

China's defense minister on Monday rebuffed an offer from Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates to hold strategic nuclear talks, saying military dialogue will be limited to counterpiracy, counterterrorism and peacekeeping cooperation.

Mr. Gates, the first defense secretary to visit China since 2005, told reporters in Beijing after a two-hour meeting with Defense Minister Gen. Liang Guanglie that he is "pleased" China will "consider and study" his plan to launch a strategic-security dialogue on nuclear forces, missile defense, space and cyberwarfare issues.

But Gen. Liang largely dismissed the idea of holding substantive nuclear and security talks.

China is tired of the US...

posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 03:40 AM

FLASH: U.S. Defence secretary says believes North Korea becoming direct threat to U.S.

That is ridiculous. You know what was a threat to the US? The Soviet Union. Anything else is just a joke. Especially North Korea. Iran is way more dangerous than North Korea... and they aren't much dangerous.

Looks like Obama Admin. intent to keep ex-NM Gov. Richardson away from #DPRK. The fmr UN Amb. re-named special envoy to OAS.

That's funny.

"China is gradually pushing its strategic defense line further offshore" - Global Times newspaper on the test flight of J-20 stealth plane.

And because of that turd Robert Gates, the US won't have enough F-22s to fight China if China decides to take over Korea or Taiwan in 2015-2016. The F-35 is just a piece of junk. All the air defenses the US currently have cannot shoot down the J-20s...nor the T-50 PAKFA that India and Russia will have.

Seoul returns offer for talks - but tough talks

After several requests for talks from North Korea, the Ministry of Unification reciprocated on Monday for a parley between North and South on the subjects Pyongyang doesn’t want to discuss: the sinking of the Cheonan in March and the shelling of Yeonpyeong Island in November.

“For real talks between South and North Korea to happen, responsible measures must be taken for the sinking of the Cheonan and the attack on Yeonpyeong Island, as well as a promise to prevent additional provocations from reoccurring,” said a statement from the Unification Ministry spokesperson. “There is also a need to confirm the North’s sincerity on denuclearization and we request talks between the two countries for this.”

Forget talks.

N. Korea proposes talks on economic cooperation with S. Korea
That could help the population... but would solidify the regime...and help the NK army.

US believes Hu not told of China fighter test flight
Now that's funny. I knew about it days before the MSM. Ha.

N. Korea says ready for talks with Japan: media
Japan should say that NKorea needs to talk with SKorea first.

China 'Developing Military Spacecraft'
Old news again from the MSM. Knew this days ago.

North Korea: We attacked Yeonpyeong-do because we were ignored

Citing an official statement in North Korean media, Yonhap News reports that North Korea says it would not have attacked Yeongpyeong-do if its peace treaty proposal last year had been paid attention to and responded to in detail. The North particularly wanted the US to pay attention to the proposal, mentioning that country several times while apparently ignoring South Korea.

Now they are just giving themselves reasons. I know, I've read the North Korean news from the 1990s... and they ALWAYS, EVERY YEAR, say they want a peace treaty with the US.

ANALYSIS: U.S., China at odds over long-term strategies amid rising Asia tensions
Well yeah. Taiwan... Korea... Disputed islands... When the next Chinese leader come in power next year, things are gonna heat up.

Yuan to spread as Bank of China lets U.S. customers trade RMB
Another move to replace the US dollar as main currency.

Legislator seeks bills to give more power, operational independence to Marine Corps
NKorea slams SKorea over defense ties with Japan
Well that's what we predicted on this thread.

Push could soon turn to shove

2010 was a hard and dangerous year in Korea. Alas, 2011 might become even worse.

At first glance, this statement might appear excessively pessimistic. After all, in the last weeks the tensions on the Korean Peninsula were decreasing, North Korea suggested negotiations, and South Korea also said that talks might be a good idea.

However, the appearances are misleading. If one has a better look at the recent crisis, as well as at the current mood in Seoul and Pyongyang, there is little ground for optimism. It seems that both North Korean strategic calculations and South Korean assumptions about ways to handle its uneasy neighbor will bring the crisis back - and with a vengeance.


North Korea's Ship Loading Weapon Going to Uganda, Anchoring in China
And that makes money to NKorea... and China even helps them...

Kim Jong-il's Physical State Poor During December Visit to Musan
Hopefully he dies soon...

posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 07:43 AM
Off Topic:

I justed wanted to thank you for all the informative information you give to this thread. Not only have I learned, I am able to understand and have my own opinion. And be able to talk with others more confident on this subject.

I would rate this thread as one of the most important and best threads on ATS.

I think that more people should be paying attention to this situation.
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posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 08:06 AM
Sorry double post

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posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 11:46 AM

Originally posted by Vitchilo

China is tired of the US...

And what do you base this opinion on?

Guess you dont read wikileaks. Theyre tired of North Korea.
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posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 11:20 PM

North Korea playing old game. After island attack, it's turning on charm to reap gains for good behaviour. But Seoul unforgiving this time. about 2 hours ago via web

As it should be... enough with the BS.

N.Korean Regime Intensifies 'Reign of Terror'

The North Korean regime appears to have started a new reign of terror to consolidate the succession of leader Kim Jong-il's son Jong-un.

The South Korean government and a North Korean source on Wednesday said public executions more than tripled last year. And increasing numbers of North Koreans have been killed trying to cross the Apnok (or Yalu) or Duman (or Tumen) River after the regime gave a shoot-to-kill order. The party and military, meanwhile, are engulfed in a whirlwind of purges, observers believe.

Well that's why more people in 2010 tried to flee...

N.Korea Renews Calls for Talks About Mt. Kumgang, Kaesong

North Korea on Wednesday renewed a call for talks about the resumption of package tours to the Mt. Kumgang resort and a meeting about the joint Kaesong Industrial Complex. The call follows an official request on Monday for government and Red Cross talks.

They want their foreign currency.

'NK Could Seek Additional Provocations This Yr'
Of course they gonna do that. After all, SKorea and the US are saying : SCREW U NK... do real change or no talks. And of course NKorea don't want to change... so the only alternative is to try to scare SKorea and the US into talks.

FM: NK Uranium Intended for Weapons

ANALYSIS: China silent as Gates pushes on North Korea
China is always protecting NKorea publicly.

Not much news...

And what do you base this opinion on?

Guess you dont read wikileaks. Theyre tired of North Korea.

Guess YOU don't read Wikileaks... you read the news, but you don't read the actual Wikileaks cables.

``China being tired of NKorea`` was from the South Korean foreign minister, not CHINA themselves. Not to mention, another asian leader, I don't remember who, which has had a close relationship with China for decades, said that China likes North Korea and will always use it as a buffer zone.
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posted on Jan, 13 2011 @ 04:09 AM
S. Korea, Japan patrol boats in confrontation in waters near Dokdo

South Korean and Japanese patrol boats have been involved in a standoff in waters near the South Korean islets of Dokdo over an alleged violation of an exclusive economic zone by a South Korean fishing vessel, an official said Thursday.

The confrontation began around 2 p.m. in waters about 69 kilometers southwest of Dokdo in the East Sea off the Korean Peninsula when a 29-ton South Korean fishing boat allegedly entered Japanese waters, the official at South Korea's maritime police said.

The contested island is still an issue it seems...

ROK-Japan maritime coastal confrontation said to have been sparked by S. Korean fishing vessel allegedly violating EEZ waters.

The reported confrontation near Dokdo/Takeshima comes just days after ROK, Japan vowed to work for closer defense ties amid #DPRK threat. 3 minutes ago via TweetDeck

Which is kinda ironic.

Apparently South Korea/US really won't go to talks till NKorea really does something... and considering the massive Chinese investments in NKorea recently... China is pushing North Korea towards that behind the scenes.
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W7VOA Yonhap now quotes #ROK officials saying maritime police "jointly investigating" whether S.Korean fishing boat violated Japanese waters. 2 minutes ago via TweetDeck

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posted on Jan, 14 2011 @ 07:16 AM

Fmr. US envoy to 6-party talks, Chris Hill, says "succession crisis" in #DPRK & it'll be very difficult for KJU to take reigns of power. about 3 hours ago via TweetDeck


# Gates: But #DPRK "must stop these dangerous provocations" & take concrete steps to show they'll begin meeting their int'l obligations. about 7 hours ago via TweetDeck

# Gates: "Then we could see a return to the 6-party talks." about 7 hours ago via TweetDeck

# Gates: #DPRK needs to "show cause to believe that negotiations can be productive & conducted in good faith..." about 7 hours ago via TweetDeck

Except NKorea is unlikely to do real commitments...

Japan releases S. Korean fisherman

A South Korean captain of a 29-ton trawler, who was under investigation jointly by the South Korean and Japanese authorities after the fishing boat entered Japanese waters Thursday, was freed Friday.

Good thing they reached a deal peacefully and fast.

US able to destroy N. Korea missiles: general
Yeah hopefully.

Gates argues for keeping US forces in Japan

Lee reminds Gates of urgency for denuclearizing N. Korea
He knows, he knows.

Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates, visiting Tokyo, calls on Japan to take a broader military role in East Asia
Yeah...with Japan's economy and population getting old... I doubt they can do that.

posted on Jan, 15 2011 @ 04:24 AM

North Korea to set up economic development bureau (Reuters)

Maybe will help but I doubt it, considering their history.

Japan foreign minister visits South Korea to show support (DPA)


Joint drills will keep going: Gates
Well yeah.

Japanese FM puts inter-Korean dialogue ahead of Tokyo-Pyongyang talks
As I said they should do earlier... +1
Gates warns of civil-military disconnect in China
Or they lied to you? What ya think?
US-China ties strained by power shift
Power shift...race to the bottom... considering the political systems of both countries... China is more likely to come out winning unless the CIA funds another Mao to plunge the country into civil war. That's the only way out really...that or real revolution in the US by real patriots.

China to station troops in N. Korea
Now of course everyone is panicking at that news... we shouldn't over analyse this one... since China had troops in NKorea from 1950 to 1994... They are there for contingencies... If Kim Jong Il dies too soon...if there's a coup... if Kim Jong Un is too much of a wimp... if SKorea decides to bomb NKorea... if NKorea does another provocation...

Or... this could be coming from the next Chinese leader... taking power in less than a year... which said would stop ``appeasing`` America... we shall see.

Or most likely, a move by China to reassure NKorea of Chinese asssistance in case of war... even if it's only as a deterrent... so NKorea stop their provocations.
China to launch national image promotion campaign
That's called a propaganda campaign.

NK officials enter empty Kaesong business complex

The officials soon left the office, however, given the lack of South Korean counterparts and the South’s Korea Electric Power Corp. shutoff of power to the building.

A South Korean government official said Friday that the supply of electricity and water has remained cut off since May after Seoul rejected Pyongyang’s plan to unilaterally resume operations.

Poor little NKorea... no foreign currencies... awww.

NK Denies Knowledge of S.Korea's Counterproposal for Talks
When you don't want real talks... feign ignorance.
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posted on Jan, 16 2011 @ 11:29 PM
N.Korea Backtracks Over Development Plans

North Korea is apparently backtracking over implausible plans to become a "powerful and prosperous nation" by 2012 and is now eyeing the year 2020 as the finishing line to join the world's advanced countries.

Not good as that would mean NKorea is less enclined to peace to have more economic ties to be a power house by 2012... not good.

N. Korea denounces S. Korea-Japan military talks

On Sunday Rodong Sinmun, mouthpiece of the North's ruling Communist Party, labelled talks held on January 10 between Seoul and Tokyo's defence chiefs a "new military conspiracy" that hampered regional security by damaging inter-Korea ties.

"Japan has worked hard with bloodshot eyes to secure a legitimate pretext for its military overseas expansion," the newspaper said in an editorial carried by state media.

Yeah because Japan is TOTALLY like in the 30s...

Reserve forces to conduct front-line exercises

Members of the nation's Reserve Forces will be deployed to front-line areas for the first time during joint South Korea-U.S. military exercises later this year, Yonhap News Agency reported Sunday, quoting defense ministry officials.

"Two battalions of the Reserve Forces will be deployed close to the border with North Korea while participating in two South Korea-U.S. joint military drills ― the Key Resolve and Foal Eagle exercise in March and the Ulchi Freedom Guardian exercise in August," said a ranking ministry official.

The official said, "The two will be selected from among the 'precision supplementary battalions' of the Reserve Forces, which are sent to the frontal areas in times of war," according to Yonhap.

Is it me or this doesn't sound like a good idea? According to SKorean plans, they only send them on the border FOR WAR... and now that South Korea doesn't want talks until the North does something for real... and this ``provocation``... could the North strike when those drills happen? We'll see in due time. Not to mention this will be after Hu's visit to the US... and probably after the announcement of the US giving F-16C/Ds to Taiwan and other stuff...which will piss off China...

Real daily life pics of North Korea

posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 04:08 AM

Originally posted by Vitchilo
Real daily life pics of North Korea

What is wrong with North Korea again?

Every picture I see coming out of there depicts vibrant colours, vast and indigenous architecture, a proud culture. And all the Americans are concerned about is how to bomb it back into the stone age.

What are the Yanks so bloody afraid of from North Korea? Why are they pushing so desperately for a war between North Korea and South Korea?

These are all questions best answered without the sphere of the American media coverage or government lies. What is going to happen in Korea, "reunification", looks to be something that has nothing to do with us in the West, and has everything to do with the DPRK and the ROK. Why must we meddle in the affairs of these twin nations of the same people, and incite war between them all for the sake of American agenda?

posted on Jan, 18 2011 @ 03:37 PM
I agree but those pics were certainly taken mostly in Pyongyang, where you will find the ``best`` of NKorea...

Get out of that city and the condition of life deteriorate real fast.

US State Dept.: "Not ruling out" taking #DPRK uranium issue to UN Security Council. #Koreas 3 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

NKorea wouldn't like that... China would probably veto anyway.

China 's Hu Jintao's visit: South Korea is worried Obama will cave on North Korea talks
And they are right to be worried.

N Korea 'hit by foot-and-mouth'
This sure won't help their food supply..

Did media generate 'misunderstanding' between Seoul, Beijing?

If media reports are correct, the current relationship between China and South Korea is the “worst ever” since they established diplomatic ties in 1992. And the media is part of the problem, according to Huang Youfu, director of the Institute of Korean Studies at Minzu University of China.

Indeed they are.

South Korea to fortify border islands by 2015

On the eve of a summit meeting between the presidents of China and the United States, Taiwan tested 19 missiles on Tuesday with mixed results.
Little provocation there.

N. Korean spies planned US Embassy bombing in 1968`

China Supports Peaceful Korean Reunification
Well that's good... but your actions don't really show that.

Rift wide between Koreas on routes to dialogue
Indeed it is.

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