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N. Korea Crisis - Updated as News come to hand

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posted on Dec, 26 2010 @ 06:17 PM
reply to post by Vitchilo

Thanks so much for the updates and your comments. Every time there are drills now I get a little nervous, NK is unpredictable one never knows what they have on the back burner.

posted on Dec, 26 2010 @ 08:05 PM

Originally posted by crazydaisy
reply to post by Vitchilo

Thanks so much for the updates and your comments. Every time there are drills now I get a little nervous, NK is unpredictable one never knows what they have on the back burner.

Yes, thank you Vitchilo.

I am the same way as of late, Daisy.... I have been getting rather nervous thinking of the possibilities when ever I hear of new drills taking place.... It just seems that it is a serious risk for both sides, to do any drills right now...

Risk of something no one really wants... War... Well, that is something I don't want... Especially not in that region of Asia.... It would be a massively bloody war.... Heart breaking to think about.

posted on Dec, 26 2010 @ 08:21 PM
Maybe I am a bit disconnected,. but
I dont have the feeling this Koreas thing is going anywhere,.
At least not in the realm of a Real war.
I have this feeling that the TPTB have things in their control
and a war is not in the agenda,. and Kim was just stoppin his feet.

posted on Dec, 27 2010 @ 12:18 AM
S. Korea considers building own stealth fighter jets
Waste of money...

Lee says S. Korea not afraid of war with N. Korea
Yeah... Seoul citizens probably are.

N.Korea Keeps Up Campaign of Denial Over Attack

"Fire burned in our eyes when we saw [South Korean] artillery shells fall into our territorial waters," one was moved to claim. "We poured our merciless thunderbolt of revenge on them. When we saw the first shell hit the enemy's radar post and several pillars of fire soar there, shouts of 'Hurrah' celebrated our victory."

Except they didn't fire in your territorial waters and even if they did... come on.

N.Korea Policy to Shift from Engagement to Reunification

The government is to start fully fledged preparations for reunification with North Korea next year, in a signal shift from the traditional emphasis on stability and cross-border exchanges to a more aggressive vision for the future.

Reunification = war.

U.S. to Send Another Nuke-Powered Aircraft Carrier to NE Asia

The U.S. will deploy another nuclear-powered aircraft carrier in Northeast Asia in response to North Korea's threat of a "sacred war" using nuclear weapons, media reports said. The Ronald Reagan will bring to three the number of U.S. aircraft carrier fleets in the west Pacific, joining the George Washington in Japan and the Carl Vinson that just arrived in Guam.

China/NKorea won't like that.

WP: US Mobilized for Possibility of War in Korea

The administration of U.S. President Barack Obama reportedly made preparations recently for the possibility of war on the Korean Peninsula.


Train carrying gifts for N.Korea's heir derails

posted on Dec, 27 2010 @ 01:01 AM

Fresh off the press.

So basically it looks like its going to boil down to, who fires the next shot.

posted on Dec, 27 2010 @ 01:11 AM
reply to post by Bicent76

I know who will fire the first, the US.

second line.

posted on Dec, 27 2010 @ 01:47 AM
N. Korea boasts restraint, warns it is running out of patience

Warning its patience is running out, North Korea praised itself Monday over its decision not to react to a high-stakes South Korean live-fire drill that had taken place near the countries' volatile Yellow Sea border earlier this month.

Since it's monday, South Korea started a new series of drills.

posted on Dec, 27 2010 @ 10:45 AM
With the US sending another aircraft carrier (The Ronald Reagan) it leads one to suspect tensions will rise again soon - seems things have been on stand by and 2011 will tell the story. Not good!

posted on Dec, 27 2010 @ 11:28 AM
reply to post by Vitchilo

So South Korea just stated that they are not interested in communicating with the North Koreans any longer, and their plan for 2011 is to get enough support for an obvious war for reunification?

So this is a message to the Kims, no matter what you do now we're coming for you next year? We just need enough military support, and three aircraft carriers will be local in the new year.

Are we at 100% guaranteed total-war in the next 90 days yet?

posted on Dec, 27 2010 @ 12:17 PM
90 days? I wouldn't say that its a 100% chance of war, but it will seem more likely that NK will threaten SK and back down again. As long as Kim IL is in power I think nothing will happen...............But I have been worng many times before.

posted on Dec, 28 2010 @ 04:55 PM
I know this feeling very well, it's that last calm right before the big storm rolls in...

Then darkness comes too early, the winds blow hard, and then all hell breaks loose.

posted on Dec, 28 2010 @ 07:19 PM

Originally posted by Darce
I know this feeling very well, it's that last calm right before the big storm rolls in...

Then darkness comes too early, the winds blow hard, and then all hell breaks loose.
Nah,. this wont be anything,.
I say Kim has been silenced,. payed off maybe,. but counseled nevertheless

posted on Dec, 28 2010 @ 07:29 PM
South Korea Shot Over 3,600 Shells

Before the massive killing starts, before the government and the corporate media starts branding critical thought treason, we should try to get the facts out about Korea. Typical of the misinformation about the recent crisis is this bland account in the New York Times on Dec. 17. It reads: "The latest inter-Korean crisis erupted three weeks ago with an artillery barrage from the North that targeted Yeonpyeong and killed four South Koreans."

But that wasn't the start of the crisis.

Hours before North Korea started its shelling, South Korean artillery units located in the West Sea Islands, just seven miles from the North Korean coast, engaged in firing exercises for four hours. According to the South Korean Ministry of National Defense, the units on those islands, including Yeonpyeong Island, fired 3,657 times, or over 900 shells per hour, into contested waters claimed by both Pyongyang and Seoul near the Northern Limit Line (NLL). This was reported by Alexis Dudden, who teaches the history of Korea and Japan at the University of Connecticut (radio interview )and Nan Kim Assistant Professor of History at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee who is a specialist on modern Korean war memory.

Drawn unilaterally by the US Navy in 1953, the Northern Limit Line is not internationally recognized and has never been accepted by North Korea. Rather than in a straight line, the Northern Limit Line was drawn to curve sharply upwards, handing over islands and a prime fishing area to the South that would otherwise have gone to North Korea. The North, having had no say in the drawing of its sea border, has never recognized the Northern Limit Line. The situation is incredibly dangerous. Whatever we may think of the regime in the North it is a potent military force and it's been preparing for Korean War II for decades. They also have a very nationalistic, wealthy and populous China as their neighbor and ally. China may not think much of North Korea's rulers, but it certainly does not want to see North Korea destroyed and American bases near their border. China was underestimated in 1950. How can we do it again when China is infinitely richer and more powerful? And how do we forget that Russia has a border with Korea?

The North Korea regime has been getting the Full Demon Treatment by the corporate media. It's pictured over and over again as a mad dictatorship presiding over a starving population. This is contrasted with scenes of a prosperous democratic South. I won't defend the regime in the North, a nasty amalgam of Soviet Communism and monarchy, but I also don't buy the picture of the "free and democratic" South Korea ever the victim of Northern attacks supported selflessly by a noble United States.

The Korean War supposedly started on June 25, 1950 attack by communist forces as a Pearl Harbor type attack. Yet, historian Bruce Cummings argues that 1950 North Korean attack wasn't the start of the war, but an escalation of a "civil conflict" that began in 1945.

Without going into all the ins and outs of the war suffice it to say it was incredibly brutal on all sides. Harry Truman's administration bears much of the blame. It created and supported Syngman Rhee's government of the south which became a pitiless dictatorship. During the war Rhee's forces executed 100,000 leftist prisoners. (2008 Associated Press report).

The U.S. Air Force used napalm freely and it burned all the cities of the north to the ground. Koreans fleeing the warfare were sometimes massacred by U.S. troops. The most notorious of these killings at a village called No Gun Ri. The sick logic was that since some of the refugees might be Communist infiltrators they all should be shot. And this policy of killing was approved at the highest U.S. levels. By wars end 2 and a half million Koreans were dead. Obama recently called it a "victory". "Freedom" in South Korea had been preserved.

posted on Dec, 28 2010 @ 07:32 PM

Originally posted by Darce
I know this feeling very well, it's that last calm right before the big storm rolls in...

Then darkness comes too early, the winds blow hard, and then all hell breaks loose.

South Korea Declares North Korean Regime Its Enemy

South Korea declared North Korea’s regime and military its enemy after the communist country’s deadly shelling of a border island last month that killed four people, including two civilians.

S. Korea to seek global support for unification with N. Korea in 2011

North Korean Air Force increases training flights

Military exercises are on the rise as tensions escalate

North Korea’s Air Force has launched more training exercises this month compared to the same period last year, in response to large-scale South Korean military drills conducted following the Yeonpyeong Island attack.

The vigor with which the Korean People’s Army Air Force, as it is officially known, has conducted the drills - which included simulated attacks on South Korea - has resulted in the crash of one MiG fighter jet, according to a source. There has been a 150 percent increase in the number of military drills from December 2009, and they have included soldiers from the Army and Navy.

posted on Dec, 29 2010 @ 04:52 AM
reply to post by john124

South Korea Declares North Korean Regime Its Enemy

Fact is, they do not say it's their ``main enemy``... publicly... but they say so in private.

S. Korea to seek global support for unification with N. Korea in 2011

From the contradictory rhetoric, it seems they are giving North Korea the choice... peaceful or war...but reunification is coming, what will you choose? Probably a message to the NKorean generals... Something like... once Kim Jong Il is dead or he's planning to go too far, it'll be up to you to choose... will you allow peaceful reunification by kicking out Kim Jong Un/Il, or will you die losing a war against the South?

North Korean Air Force increases training flights

150% increase is not much compared to last year, and as the article says, since they do not have a lot of fuel... maybe they've received more fuel from China or maybe Iran that we do not know about... maybe even enough for their tanks... we will know if war breaks out... but it'll be too late by then.

#ROK president says #DRPK nuclear problem must be resolved through six-party talks next year: Yonhap. ... #Koreas 5 minutes ago via TweetDeck

Contradictory propaganda here... one side says WAR and the other side says DIPLOMACY. As I said earlier... giving a choice to the NKorean elite. The 3 US aircraft carrier battle-group in Japan are not there for nothing.

Pentagon: Def. Sect'y Gates to visit Seoul again Jan. 14 to discuss #DPRK. #Koreas 3:30 PM Dec 27th via TweetDeck

Another visit that will put pressure on NKorea.

Korea Times on #ROK release of PRC fishermen caught for assault on CG: "It is hard to know how low this administration's diplomacy can fall. 4:19 PM Dec 26th via Twitter for BlackBerry®

And while South Korea is VERY KIND to the Chinese fishermen... this happens in China :

China gets tough with S.Koreans spying on N.Korea: reports

China is getting tougher with South Korean spies caught collecting intelligence there on North Korea, jailing one of them for more than a year despite pleas from Seoul, news reports said Tuesday.

Ah China... be kind to OUR people breaking YOUR laws... but eh, screw YOUR citizens when spying on OUR ally...

Chinese envoy taking long holiday from Seoul

Chinese Ambassador to Seoul Zhang Xinsen is away on a long vacation, the JoongAng Ilbo reported yesterday citing diplomatic sources, at a time when South Korea and China are blaming each other for not doing enough to ease tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

He has left on December 28, and coming back only in mid-January... Not very bright... or something is brewing.

N.Korean troops' new uniform alarms S.Korea

Some North Korean troops stationed along the border have donned a camouflage uniform similar to that worn by South Koreans, apparently to practice intrusion drills, a defence ministry official said Tuesday.

That is dangerous. They are training to infiltrate the South Korean lines with their special forces. Hopefully when they do, they'll run to a McDonald and forget about their mission.

China steps up anti-carrier missile tests: US commander

China is stepping up efforts to deploy a "carrier-killer" missile system, the commander of the US Pacific Command has said in an interview with a Japanese newspaper, published Tuesday.

"The anti-ship ballistic missile system in China has undergone extensive testing," Admiral Robert Willard told the Asahi Shimbun in Honolulu, according to a transcript of the interview on its website.

Willard said China appeared to have achieved "initial operational capability" but it would take "several more years" before fully deploying the system.


Initial operating capability or Initial operational capability (IOC) is the state achieved when a capability is available in its minimum usefully deployable form.

So they are deploying it...and deploying their new J-20... the equivalent of F-22/Su-47/F-35... China is fast approaching...

For now it's not ``dangerous``... but when the new leader takes power in 2-3 years, from his texts I've read... he seems quite like a warmonger to me.

N.Korea cracks down on lax border patrols: report

North Korea has launched a crackdown on military border guards suspected of assisting in the trafficking of people and drugs in exchange for bribes, a Seoul-based defectors' group said Tuesday.

Many are also suspected of turning a blind eye to a growing stream of refugees fleeing to China, they said, adding one officer was even caught deleting video footage from surveillance cameras in exchange for bribes.

That means more dead...but at the same time, it shows that more people inside NKorea, even in the military, know how bad NKorea is.

China ratcheting up pressure in the air

Japanese officials, already concerned about China's growing naval presence in the region, say Chinese military aircraft have started harassing Japanese Self-Defense Forces' aircraft over the East China Sea.

Ever since the September collision between a Chinese trawler and two Japan Coast Guard vessels near the Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea, Chinese military aircraft have started to approach SDF aircraft close enough to identify with the naked eye, sources said.

Along with this new behavior since October, China's air activities against Japan have been substantially stepped up since earlier this year. The number of scrambles that the Air SDF has launched against Chinese aircraft since the beginning of this fiscal year had already reached 44 as of Dec. 22, according to the Defense Ministry.

The figure is the highest in the past five years.

China testing Japanese air defenses/scrambling procedures... intimidating tactics... not looking good for the future.

South Korean institute warns of North Korean invasion of islands

With instability expected to increase in North Korea, South Korean research institutes are forecasting more military provocations from Pyongyang next year, including a possible invasion of islands in the Yellow Sea.

The report says major personnel changes in North Korea's military could be implemented in an attempt to improve morale. But it also points to the possibility of more military provocations against South Korea as various elements of the North Korean military compete to demonstrate their allegiance to Kim Jong Un.

The report also states the possibility of a direct invasion of one of the outlying islands in the Yellow Sea, such as Daeyeonpyeongdo island, which was hit by an artillery attack in November.

It also points to the possibility that North Korea will conduct a third nuclear test that would likely heighten tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

Of course they will continue provocations, they HAVE to in their minds, otherwise the Kim Jong Il dynasty will end.

China cuts rare earth export quotas, U.S. concerned

China said on Tuesday it will cut its export quotas for rare earth minerals by more than 11 percent in the first half of 2011, further shrinking supplies of metals needed to make a range of high-tech products.

This hurts the US... since ALL and I mean ALL the high tech weapons in the US arsenal uses these rare earth minerals. The war has already started...

India defies US, Myanmar project on

According to a WikiLeak US cable, Myanmarese officials had conveyed India in the past that they hated China and would have preferred not to cooperate with the Communist regime, but still did so only because they felt Beijing was proving to be more reliable than New Delhi.

If true this is kind of insane since China has been investing tens of billions in Myanmar, letting North Korea give them nuclear technology and they even helped the junta stay in power... And Myanmar still doesn't like China? If this is true, he's an ungrateful bastard...

Military must be self-reliant: minister

China's military buildup will correspond with the rapidly developing economy and enhanced national power, Defense Minister Liang Guanglie said.

"We will stand on our own feet to solve the problem and develop our equipment. The modernization of the Chinese military cannot depend on others, and cannot be bought."

So they want to stop buying Russian equipment...and develop their own... that's the only way they'll be able to really defend themselves...

S. Korea says it will press N. Korea to change behavior through dialogue
The other end of the stick.

S. Korea to create Joint Forces Command to beef up combat capability

The defense ministry said Wednesday it will create a top military command structure next year to enhance interoperability of its armed forces, a key part of its plans to improve combat capability against North Korea.

You don't already have that? Fail.

Seoul to Est. Military Command in the Yellow Sea

A military command center will be established to prepare for any artillery attack or marine invasion that could occur without warning on South Korea’s islands in the Yellow Sea near the inter-Korean maritime border.

That this ain't there already... fail.

Japan Seeks to Resume Dialogue with NK Next Year
Seriously? What's up with the end of the year and suddenly all talk about dialogue with NKorea? Alcohol talking?
Not saying it's a bad thing...

S. Korea outlines plan to push N. Korea to permanently denuclearize, drop militarism
Drop militarism? Good one.

NK, China to Begin Development of NK Cities Next Year
Good for the NK citizen.

China, Russia Urging Koreas to Ease Tensions
Nobody wants a war.

'NK Has Ability to Produce 1 Nuke a Year'
And why in the past did they say 3-4 a year?

S. Korean president faces conflicting pressures as he toughens N. Korea response
Basically : at home : get tough. From Obama : talks.

North Koreans celebrate Yeonpyeong-do attack in song

Well, well, well. A group of North Korean soldiers went on the radio recently to sing songs in celebration of the artillery attack on Yeonpyeong-do. The songs were part of a larger celebration of Kim Jong-il’s ascension to power.

1950 Stalinist propaganda... always weird...

China hopes for "more beautiful future" with N. Korea: report
Beautiful and NKorea in the same sentence?

'N. Korea warns of less restraint to S. Korea's military drills'

North Korea has slammed South Korean President Lee Myung-bak's comments of retaliation against Pyongyang if provoked, saying that DPRK has limited restraint over Seoul's military provocation and it will punish the south if it does not stop its drills.

Yeah yeah.

State denies approving Richardson

The State Department is denying that any officials approved Bill Richardson’s trip to North Korea, days after the New Mexico governor said he had authorization from the Obama administration.

As I said, there's a split in the administration... some people want war, some people want diplomacy.

If the Us government was really against Bill Richardson trip, they would sue him under the Logan Act... and put him in jail.

What’s wrong with Seoul-Beijing ties?

In a recent poll by Global Times, a tabloid published in Beijing, an absolute majority of Chinese netizens (94.5 percent) called for China to “take South Korea down by force” as they believe it was becoming “increasingly arrogant” by teaming up with the United States to corner China. These people also said China should “teach Korea a clear lesson.”

Both countries ``hate`` each other... and that is quite scary for the future... and that is coming from a Chinese.

China to Overhaul Transportation Network with N.Korea

After Chinese authorities approved the plans to build the pilot zone in November, it came up with detailed plans on the building of a new transportation network. They included a network of roads and train tracks that link Chinese territory with North Korea's Rajin, Chongjin, and Musan regions.

Sure would be useful in a war eh?

BTW sorry for the news about China's military rise... but it's kind of connected to Korea... since if war breaks out, you never know if China would enter the fray/move on Taiwan/contested Japanese islands.

So for 2011 IMO : more provocations by the North... China becoming even more aggressive... the US falling even more... the South becoming more aggressive... Japan will have elections... Taiwan continuing buildup while warming economic ties with China...

posted on Dec, 30 2010 @ 08:00 AM

CMN survey: In S. Korea, Defense Ministry viewed by public as most inept, arrogant & corrupt gov't agency. about 12 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

And they are.

White paper 2011 being released...
South Korea Again Describes North Korea as 'Enemy'

The defense ministry review, released on Thursday, details North Korea's military capabilities. It says the North has deployed large artillery guns and new, more powerful tanks near the border with the South. It also has added new elite forces trained to infiltrate the South and disrupt critical facilities.

The document says North Korea's plans to rely on its nuclear weapons, its long-range artillery, submarines, cyber-warfare and special forces to counter the South's high-technology military.

The deputy defense minister says since the last assessment, in 2008, North Korea has added 20,000 special forces troops.

Chang estimates North Korea now has 200,000 special forces soldiers, installed in light infantry units and placed on the front lines.

All things we already knew...

egalite_twitted SKorea's defense white paper: NKorea has new Soviet-style "Storm" tank, now has over 200,000 special forces and 7.7-mil reserves. about 12 hours ago via web

7.7 million reserve... how many will fight really?

TomLasseter RT @egalite_twitted: Beware assessments on NKorea's military. They often exaggerate threats, downplay weaknesses, serve political aims. about 12 hours ago via TweetDeck

+1... North Korea doesn't have OIL to do the training necessary/drive thousands of tanks to Seoul.

Gov't Send Mixed Messages About N.Korea Policy

Presidential spokeswomen Kim Hee-jung claimed there was "no change in our basic position" that the North must demonstrate it is really willing to dismantle its nuclear program before the talks resume.

So talks yeah... but they must change they said early on.

But apparently mindful of the risk of escalating tensions with that choice of words, the ministry also talked about "opening doors for dialogue" and added, "We are not seeking reunification by absorption."

And how the hell do you do reunification without absorbing the other? Dissolve both government and vote a new one with a new capital?

Unification Ministry adopts policy of aggressive pressure against N.Korea

The Lee administration’s promotion of ‘change’ in N.Korea as a prerequisite for dialogue has been criticized for its ineffectiveness in improving relations to date

So it looks like the South Korean government wants peace when in fact they know North Korea won't change...

137 religious leaders call for inter-Korean dialogue
Ah religion... when it's not their war (crusades) they are against it.

'NK Continues to Collect Rice for Army Due to Shortage'

A Seoul-based group on North Korean human rights says that Pyongyang has reversed a decision to stop collecting rice from farmers to feed its military.

The group Good Friends says the North's Workers' Party announced in late October that it would stop the rice collections from farmers but withdrew the plan due to a worsening food shortage.

The group says that this month saw an increased number of North Korean military bases collect rice to feed soldiers.

And of course if you don't give it up/enough of it, you probably end up in a concentration camp...

And remember the whole ``China won't give you rice, but it will give you corn?`` thingee? Yeah.... Apparently, from what I've read, Asians don't eat corn unless there's NOTHING ELSE to eat, because corn is ``animal food`` and is a disgrace to eat... so China by offering NKorea corn instead of rice was an insult.

posted on Dec, 30 2010 @ 09:09 AM
what does NK have to use as moneys?
If they have no resources or business trades,. where is the money
coming from to buy the weaponry? or are they just a hub for Russia and China?

posted on Dec, 30 2010 @ 09:34 AM
reply to post by Lil Drummerboy

They do like the US, they just print it up.
As for buying weapons... they don't buy weapons... they develop them it doesn't ``cost`` anything...

China gives them help... and invest in NKorea... even South Korea does commerce and investments with NKorea.

There's also casinos on the China-NKorea border where Chinese tourists come...

NKorea also sells weapons and nuclear technology to people like Syria/Iran/Myanmar.

So tourism + selling of arms + investments from SKorea/China is what gives them foreign currencies.
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posted on Dec, 30 2010 @ 10:15 AM
North practices to seize 5 border islands: Report

Radio Free Asia, citing anonymous source in China, says drills ongoing

So anonymous source... in China... but still it's consistent with what we've heard before/analysis...

North Korea has been training its special forces for a surprise attack on South Korea’s western border islands, going so far as to simulate a takeover of them, according to Radio Free Asia yesterday.

“From mid-December, divisions within North Korea’s navy, like the sharpshooting brigade and reconnaissance bureau, have been involved in landing drills in the waters off the coast of Nampo,” RFA said, citing a source in China well-informed about North Korea. Nampo is a North Korean city and seaport located in South Pyongan Province.

North Korea’s plan is to shell the islands with coastal artillery on a moonless night, render South Korean soldiers at military bases on the islands helpless, then take over the territory with soldiers landing on hovercrafts, the source said.

The source added that the South Korean military wouldn’t be able to rescue the islands because they are so far from the mainland. Westernmost Baengnyeong Island is 191.4 kilometers (119 miles) from Incheon on the mainland.

North Korea also allegedly said that South Korean troops couldn’t easily retake the islands in fear of the North’s nuclear weapons, and U.S. troops in the South would be immobilized in such a hostage situation, the source said.

Seems plausable... if North Korea keep the population of those islands as hostage... But North Korea is wrong on two assumptions... and that will cost them dearly...

Two assumptions :
- South is afraid of North's nuclear weapons.
1. The North wouldn't use them unless invaded.
2. The North nuclear weapons are a joke.

Of course, if Kim is insane enough to use nukes if 1000+ soldiers of his get killed in a ``let's take the islands attack of 2011`` fails...then... And if Kim received help from China/Russia/whoever in their nuke program... then...

But that would mean that all US-SKorean intelligence is wrong on North Korea's nuclear program and that Kim is insane... which is unlikely...but possible... hopefully this will never get tested.

- North Korea is to win because of North's manpower superiority.
1. Manpower in this day and age doesn't count for jack... proven time and time again, from Israel defeating all Arabs armies to China/NKorea getting their butts kicked during the Korean war.

North Korea has been observed conducting winter military training. Another source well-informed on North Korea cited by RFA said that the squadron on the western coast would start holding defense exercises early next month, simulating an attack by the South.

So prepare for another media frenzy of ``panic`` once the NKorean exercise start again in a week or so...

N. Korea faxing New Year's greetings to S. Koreans
How kind of them.
Better spend that money on food instead of sending faxes...

China backs S.Korea call to resume nuclear talks with North
Except SKorea said that NKorea must show change before they accept talks.

N. Korea attached conditions to nuke inspection offer: media

North Korea attached conditions when it offered to allow UN nuclear inspectors back into the country in talks with US troubleshooter Bill Richardson this month, Japanese media reported Thursday.

One of these conditions related to its offer to negotiate the sale of 12,000 of its nuclear fuel rods -- which are capable of producing bomb-making plutonium -- to a third party, possibly South Korea, the report said.

North Korea is seeking payment "about five times higher than the market price" for the fuel rods, the sources were quoted as saying by Kyodo.

5 times the price? Ahahahahaha. Yeah forget about it, PAL. This is just another extortion plot.

Forget nuclear talks then.

N.Korea's Cross-Border Business with China Picking Up

Cross-border business between North Korea and China is picking up, with construction of a new bridge connecting Sinuiju in North Korea to China's Dandong across the Apnok (or Yalu) River finally about to begin. And a Chinese company apparently obtained use of a dock at North Korea's Rajin-Sonbong port in North Hamgyong Province and began shipping coal out of the communist country.

Apparently North Korea is also exporting coal...

posted on Dec, 30 2010 @ 12:38 PM
Is Iran About to Test a Nuclear Bomb In North Korea?

On December 24, a research report from the South Korean Foreign Ministry Institute indicated that North Korea would carry out another nuclear bomb test after the beginning of the year. -- South Korean media reported earlier this month that the North was digging a tunnel in preparation for such a nuclear test.

At the same time, reports from inside Iran indicate that a team of Iranian nuclear scientists have been sent to North Korea and that the two governments have agreed on a joint nuclear test in North Korea with a substantial financial reward for the Kim Jong-Il government.

It is no secret that Iran and North Korea are collaborating in a ballistic missile program. The North Koreans provided Iran with the technology and know-how to build the Shahab-3 medium-range ballistic missile, which is a copy of the Nodong-1 missile. The Shahb- 3 missile has a range of 2,000 kilometers (1,240 miles) covering all of the U.S. military bases in the Middle East and the entire country of Israel.

Most alarming, recent WikiLeaks releases reveal that Iran obtained a cache of advanced missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads (based on a Russian design) from North Korea. Now, for the first time, Iran has the capability to target every capital in Western Europe.

Not only are these two governments continuing to collaborate on the missile projects, they are also conspiring on Iran’s nuclear bomb development. This relationship has not only led to sharing data on previous nuclear tests by North Korea, but played a part in Iran’s capability to build the more advanced P2 centrifuges that produce 2.5 times more enriched uranium than the first generation P1 model.

Here we go.... the propaganda begins leading to the war.

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