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N. Korea Crisis - Updated as News come to hand

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posted on Dec, 23 2010 @ 08:28 AM
Exactly one month after North Korea bombarded Yeonpyeong island, South Korea's military has staged a brief but large show of force. The country's president told troops his patience with Pyongyang has run out.

And a very very very interesting article about the early Korean War and the plans to end it by Eisenhower...which is scary really.
Korean War faced atomic-bomb conclusion

Just one passage..

US general Mark Clark, who succeeded Ridgway as UN commander in May 1952 and was to sign the 1953 ceasefire with the communist North, was himself waiting for the opportunity to present to Eisenhower his strategy, known as Oplan 8-52.

It was ambitious. It was frightening. The US 8th Army would advance 90 or so kilometres to the narrow waist of Korea. There would be amphibious landings, air and sea attacks on China, a blockade and the attacks would include the use of nuclear bombs.

Clark did not get his chance. According to one source, Eisenhower told his inner circle on the way home: "We cannot tolerate the continuation of the Korean conflict. The United States will have to break this deadlock."

Had they been aware of how frequently strategy sessions were marked by mushroom-shaped clouds, they would have been exceedingly alarmed. In his memoirs, Eisenhower recorded that on his return from Korea he felt that "clearly a course of action other than a conventional ground attack in Korea was necessary".

posted on Dec, 23 2010 @ 09:46 AM
so during an interview i saw with Bill Richardson says that North Korea only has 5to10 nuclear weapons can we say thats a right number?

posted on Dec, 23 2010 @ 10:11 AM
reply to post by ajniss
If our envoy says it.....

it is probably wrong.

posted on Dec, 23 2010 @ 10:21 AM

Originally posted by ajniss
so during an interview i saw with Bill Richardson says that North Korea only has 5to10 nuclear weapons can we say thats a right number?

Wouldn't surprise me if their Defense Admiral told Richardson..

"Yeay Yeay!! We haver... fy nookleer bambs!"

posted on Dec, 23 2010 @ 01:25 PM
reply to post by butcherguy

I agree lmao

posted on Dec, 23 2010 @ 03:12 PM
reply to post by Vitchilo

Australian news this morning..

North Korea is prepared to launch a "sacred war" based on its nuclear deterrent, the North's state media says amid heightened tensions on the Korean peninsula.

"The revolutionary armed forces of the DPRK are getting fully prepared to launch a sacred war of justice of Korean style based on the nuclear deterrent at anytime necessary to cope with the enemies' actions deliberately pushing the situation to the brink of a war," the Korean Central News Agency said

We don't normaly hear that much about Korea..
Maybe a slow news dat ??

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posted on Dec, 23 2010 @ 05:20 PM
reply to post by ajniss

12-15 would be more like it. But eh.

reply to post by backinblack

Oh yes, we hear that much from North Korea quite often.

Analysis: Korea threat seen rhetoric but risk still watched

Political analysts and local markets may largely write off North Korea's threat of a nuclear "sacred war" as rhetoric, but the risk of conflict on the peninsula has clearly reached the radar of global investors.

Ruling party lawmakers call for new direction in N.Korea policy

“The people of South Korea support the government’s stern response to North Korea’s provocations, but they do not want to live under the continued threat of war,” said Nam during a telephone interview with the Hankyoreh. “They would like to see the government handling the North Korea risk wisely in the mid to long term.”

Hopefully the new strategy they choose is the good one.

US slams 'heated rhetoric' from N.Korea

Chinese fishermen admit to violating S. Korea’s EEZ
That's good for South Korea..

China speeds plans to launch aircraft carrier: sources

China may be ready to launch its first aircraft carrier in 2011, Chinese military and political sources said on Thursday, a year ahead of U.S. military analysts' expectations.

But of course it will only really be ready for operation in 2 years minimum.

Russia, China start war games

However, there are other reasons for joint Russo-Chinese war games as well. Today, practically all Asian nations are strengthening their armies. India, Japan and both Koreas are actively modernizing their arms. Taiwan, strongly backed by the US, is developing its army and navy. The last month saw joint US-Japanese and US-South Korean maneuvers. Moreover, South Korea keeps firing at its northern neighbor. In a recent armed incident between the two Koreas, several people were killed.

North Korea: The Risks of War in the Yellow Sea
Interesting analysis.

US troubleshooter backs new N.Korea talks

Not much news since it's already December 24 in Asia...

posted on Dec, 23 2010 @ 07:38 PM
China Joins U.S in Curbing north Korea.

China Joins U.S in Curbing north Korea.

Administration officials said the Chinese government had embraced an American plan to press the North to reconcile with the South after its deadly attacks on a South Korean island and a warship. The United States believes the Chinese also worked successfully to curb North Korea’s belligerent behavior.
(visit the link for the full news article)

posted on Dec, 23 2010 @ 08:14 PM
Two "sacred" words.

Evacuate civilians.

posted on Dec, 23 2010 @ 08:25 PM
reply to post by Vitchilo

N. Korea says ready for sacred war based on 'nuclear deterrent'

WTH is your interpretation of "sacred war" ala Korean-stylie?!

posted on Dec, 23 2010 @ 08:28 PM
Exactly what I wanted to know "sacred war". Why is N. Korea now using this term - what makes it sacred to them or is that a term they are using in reference to the South and US and our Holiday Season?

posted on Dec, 23 2010 @ 08:32 PM
Think about the egotistic propaganda North Korea feeds to it's citizens. Of course it'd be called something like "sacred". This war is the stem of their dogma, it is fitting, like their arrogance.

posted on Dec, 23 2010 @ 09:05 PM
So was it Christmas day or Christmas eve that NK attacked in that book you guys read?

Are they still preparing to shoot down that giant white tower "Christmas tree"?

Naval drills going on in the sea between Korea and Japan still?

Why no news of China condemning NK for threatening the use of nuclear weapons? Don't they want "stability"?

As far as I can tell, here in my part of Canada nobody knows what's going on with this or cares. Tis the season I suppose.

Somebody better remind people to pray for peace on Earth! It ain't here yet!

Also, "sacred war" may refer to their 50 year old fantasy for the final war for reunification. I guess it's where they can finally invade the south and win. They are ballsy, and do we really have the stomach nowadays for what they may be preparing to bring to the table? I dunno.
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posted on Dec, 23 2010 @ 09:22 PM
hypothetical here
North Korea succeeds in attacking Seoul with a nuclear weapon,how long would it take for a retaliatory attack on Pyongyang,minutes,hours days ect?
what would be the global impact of this attack?
at least for the short term it would be "good TV watchin" -yeah I am a grim nihilist on that matter.

posted on Dec, 23 2010 @ 09:26 PM
reply to post by modified device


If north korea did anything that stupid it would be wiped off the map in seconds.

Then it would be done and over with....

Live happily ever after.
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posted on Dec, 23 2010 @ 11:59 PM
reply to post by modified device

North Korea succeeds in attacking Seoul with a nuclear weapon,how long would it take for a retaliatory attack on Pyongyang,minutes,hours days ect?

About 30-40 minutes I would say before Pyongyang got nuked, unless China/Russia said that if the US nukes North Korea it's WW3...or if Russia nukes Pyongyang before the US... or if China/Russia invades North Korea...

what would be the global impact of this attack?

Epic doom. Worldwide economic collapse.

And I think someone just attacked the other side...
Fire at NK Complex Destroys S.Korean Factory

A fire destroyed a South Korean factory at the Gaeseong Industrial Complex in North Korea early Friday. No casualties have been reported.

A Unification Ministry official in Seoul says that the fire broke out at the South Korean utensil factory around 2:30 a.m. and that firefighters from the Gaeseong complex management committee put it out completely at 6 a.m.

Now they say it's a ``wiring`` problem that caused the fire... really? Me thinks this is some kind of weak North Korean attack against the South.

N. Korea slams S. Korea over committee on wartime abductions

North Korea blasted South Korea on Friday for launching a government committee to seek the return of citizens abducted during the Korean War six decades ago, denying Pyongyang kidnapped anyone and rejecting any chances of cooperation with Seoul.

W7VOA #ROK Defense Ministry: Giant Xmas steel tower lighted display with glowing cross visible in #DPRK will stay up until Jan. 8. #Koreas about 2 hours ago via TweetDeck

Which is the birthday of Kim Jong Un.

Russian Experts Doubt NK Can Detonate Nukes'

Russian nuclear experts have raised questions about whether North Korea actually has the ability to detonate a nuclear bomb.

Except it's 1945 technology.

The source said the experts also do not believe Pyongyang has missiles that are capable of carrying nuclear warheads.

Except they can, with the IRBM BM-25... thing is... do they have the warhead technology? Me thinks NO at this point.

'N.Korea Could Conduct 3rd Nuke Test in 2011'
Of course they gonna test a nuke. I'm even calling the date : April 15.

Scenarios: What happens next on the Korean peninsula?

The North's most likely next move will be to conduct live-fire artillery drills or possibly a short-range missile test into its waters off the west coast.

Pyongyang's claims over the area have become more pronounced this year. Expect more violence, including naval skirmishes.

Other possible North Korean actions over the next few months include conducting long-range missile tests, and a third nuclear test.

If the South resumes anti-Pyongyang propaganda broadcasts from the border, it could shoot down the loudspeakers.

Pretty much what we already said many times on this thread...
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posted on Dec, 24 2010 @ 01:06 AM
Is it just me, or is this doomstuff getting ridiculous?
I mean...which scenario is it going to be, or which one are they working towards?...They can't all happen simultanously.
Collapse of the economy coupled with civil unrest in order to implement martial law?
War with Iran - WW3?
Korean Conflict - WW3?
What good would it do them then to carefully orchestrate a global economic collapse and civil unrest, if half of the population blows up anyway?
A nuclear false flag?...come on...
Nibiru...Polar shift...I's getting ridiculous. oO
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posted on Dec, 24 2010 @ 02:39 AM
Oh yeah it's ridiculous.. for you, but not for those with their lives on the line.

I really believe North Korea attacked the South earlier today.

What happened?
A South Korean factory in the Gaeseong Industrial Complex (in North Korea, on the border) burned down early this morning.

Now early reports coming in that it was a ``wire`` problem... but come on now.. happening when all those things are going down? And on the anniversary of Kim Jong Il appointment as Chairman Of The National Defense? When tensions are high? When he cannot do an obvious retaliation against the South?

Remember that NKorea said they were preparing to carry out an HOLY WAR against the South?

Well guess what, NKorea's main dictionary defines struggle to be liberated from imperialism as 'sacred war.'

And what is happening at that factory? NKorean workers work for peanuts in that factory. They are ``cheap labor``, almost slaves....

So in burning down that factory, NKorea is probably thinking that they carried out a ``sacred war`` in burning down that ``imperialism-funded factory``... and liberated it's workers.

I'm 99% sure the North did it. Or it's a hell of a coincidence.

Now we'll see what the SKorean investigation reveals...or if the North Korean propaganda start saying Kim Jong Il destroyed that ``dirty imperialist factory built by the enemy's money to subvert the proud and revolutionary North Koreans working there``... We shall see in the coming days... or will this story be completely forgotten? The South could use this as propaganda for war if they wanted to, easy.

Will they do it? We shall see.

China clarifies position on N. Korea's nuclear policy

China told South Korea Friday that North Korea's right to peaceful use of nuclear power is possible only when Pyongyang abides by international denuclearization obligations, a government official said.

Well that's good.

S. Korea, China agree to early, smooth conclusion of sunken boat case: official
China better, since their fisherman admitted it was their fault.

Front page news in China : NKorea nuclear threat
Which ain't good for NKorea...
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posted on Dec, 24 2010 @ 04:27 AM

W7VOA KCNA (#DPRK): US entirely to blame fo this year's alarming developments on Korean peninsula as it realizes strategy to dominate E. Asia. about 1 hour ago via TweetDeck

U.S. warned China: We won’t hold South Korea back if the North provokes again

posted on Dec, 24 2010 @ 04:50 AM
reply to post by Vitchilo

If they want to burn down a factory on their side of the border then so be it. It's just that many more North Koreans out of a job.


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