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This Website Claims Illuminati is on the "Good" Side.

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posted on Nov, 23 2010 @ 07:35 PM

Originally posted by Majestic23

So heres a question, If they can no longer pull off this kind of act then why?

edit on 23-11-2010 by Majestic23 because: (no reason given)

Ok so maybe I must have known something when I made it up lol.

But everyone started to attack me, so I had to back off.

My theory is that, if, and if, this website is incorrect about the elites, and maybe if the elites truly had alien blood as stated in the Bible, certain other texts, and many movies, and games, then what has happened, is that their alien blood has become diluted. No longer are they the great alien mixed humans, now, they are becoming more and more like us. Next thing you know, they are drinking alcohol and purposely acting retarded lol.

But yeah, these elites have had their blood diluted, and they are trying to summon their ancestors, so that they can come and help them out again, or so they can join them.

A few movies and games Ive played, it seems as if the only way they can summon their makers, is to set up agents, and puppets like todays govts, and to essentially kill off the world, or much of it, in order to be able to get the attention of their ancestors.

Of course, this is all talk. I dont know, perhaps, they are even more alien than before, and are using movies to cover it up. But then again, these movies could be leaked, due to the weakening of their powers. If they are evil, then can never truly achieve christ consciousness, that means, they cant get their powers back.

Oh now i remember. There was this one DBZ movie(movie 13), where it clearly shows, elite, high, very mental group of elite elders dressed in the same robes, and they were chanting/praying to a large statue, and when their prayer was complete, the statue came to life, but it turned to a more physical form, it didn't walk around as stone.

And in Final Fantasy X, once again, there are multiple statues, that can become real if summoned. It took days just to be able to summon one statue. However, the statue in this game remained a statue, but its physical form spawned out of the nowhere.

So this is where I remember it from. Lol, its funny how I say it like its true, without knowing it lol.

posted on Nov, 23 2010 @ 07:51 PM
reply to post by NaturalKnowledge

...This Website Claims Illuminati is on the "Good" Side

Not sure what side there on, but seems to me, Reagan believed something he was advised about from, I presume, GW Bush, and Pres Reagan believed. The point being President Reagan was most certainly pro America and Pro American Peoples.

My guess, he was shown something that allowed him to foresee a future w/out one world government where nuclear stuff could destroy this world. And he was shown how it may possibly be controlled. In having a one world order?? Dunno?, just a guesstimate...


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