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"Dancing with the Stars" Producer: Finals Will Be a "Three-Horse Race": (Lets get it started!)

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posted on Nov, 22 2010 @ 09:35 AM
Don't wait for the media to make a story of it, do it here on our own!

NEW YORK (CBS) The end of this often-surprising "Dancing with the Stars" season could be anyone's game, according to the show's executive producer. Conrad Green told that next week's finals will be a "three-horse race." Despite the early ousting of a number of strong contenders and fan favorites, Green labeled as untrue reports that "DWTS" is unhappy with and revamping its voting process.

Judges scores for remaining dancers Kyle Massey, Jennifer Grey and Bristol Palin have gotten increasingly close as the show has gone on, he explained, which will make the competition extremely tight. And as for the Brandy's elimination in last week's semifinals, Green admitted he wasn't as surprised by the outcome as many others were. "I wasn't as shocked as most people - we were always set for a surprise," he said. "It's always been so close."


The article continues on with why Brandi didn't make it etc. I suggest you read the whole article before you start bad-mouthing anything so you know how the show and votes work. Just do yourself a favor so you don't make yourself look silly.

SO, Let's get this Party Started. I say Briston Palin wins by a landside tonight. Which the wife and I agreed to watch. Of course that is barring any falls/slips and or mis-steps. And, of course, if Bristol turns into a Monster and starts eating all the kids at the show.... Like some are hoping for and probably believe is possible.

I wish I could insert a poll right here. I guess we kinda of can/

I say Palin wins and Gray gets the boot.

I sure hope Sarah Palin goes tonight so the media can focus on her and with abated breath-hopes that Brisol will fall or get booed so they can make some mess up story about it. Of course, making Palin all the more popular-both Sarah and Bristol.

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posted on Nov, 22 2010 @ 09:45 AM
reply to post by anon72

Edited to redact... soz posted to wrong this and S&F! and my unreserved apologies to the OP'er

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posted on Nov, 22 2010 @ 10:03 AM
Look, I'm not saying Bristol hasn't improved leaps and bounds, she has.

However, if you look at her dancing, not the votes, her BEST dance, is equivalent to the average skill displayed on about the 4th night of competition.... Other dancers like Audrina and Brandy showed more skill in week two.

But, the winner of Dancing with the Stars is based on popularity, NOT just dance skill. I think this was obvious when Donny Osmond won. Granted, he wasn't bad, but he paled up against his competition...just like Bristol.

There's been a lot of backlash against Jennifer because of her perceived dance experience, due to being in Dirty Dancing. Thing is, she's not the first (by a longshot) contestant to have some dance experience. Many of the singers who've been on the show are no strangers to choreography, for they do so for performances.

Kyle has really upped his game, and (to me) is a much better example of what the show is about. He's REALLY improved, and he's just entertaining to watch. Bristol's dancing, is just....awkward to watch. Then, there's that whole deal with her being an advocate for abstinence.... Huh? Isn't that like making Keith Richards the Drug Czar? I'm just not buying this whole "innocent little Bristol" bit. I know America likes to root for the underdog, but c'mon...she's had a good run. Do you really want to see her headlining the DWTS tour? (if there is the past, quite a show live)..... Can you even imagine that? Yikes.....

(I have to say though, I'm a bigger fan of the pros, than the stars.... I miss Edyta.....
It's nice to see dancers like Chelsea and Lacey from SYTYCD on the show too, and even Anna has grown on me a bit... Cheryl is beautiful too, as is Kim (though Kim is proof of what makeup and hair can do....without it...kinda scary...)

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posted on Nov, 22 2010 @ 10:12 AM
I knew they would start to come:

'Dancing' up a political storm: Bristol Palin's feet have yet to meet defeat

With just one more night of competition to go before we find out if Bristol Palin wins the hideous-yet-coveted Mirror Ball Trophy, the executive producer of "Dancing with the Stars" insists the show's security system is catching and expunging all those votes for her that are being cast by people using bogus e-mail addresses to game the voting system.

On the other hand, the executive producer, Conrad Green also insists he's shocked - shocked - to discover the Palin family could have such a polarizing effect on the American public, over a simple little dance-competition show.


In one way, this show represents the current state of America. IMO.

posted on Nov, 22 2010 @ 10:22 AM
reply to post by anon72

Bristol has a lucrative and promising career in dance.
We can see that she is clearly a front runner based on her amazing flexibility and dancing skills.
I predict she will begin a chain of her own dancing studios like Arthur Murry did.

"Bristol Palins School of the Dance"

Either that or she can go into fashion
and make ultra-conservative ball gowns out of bedspreads and heavy drapery.

Seriously, I love the girl, (I don't hold her wackadoodle mother against her) but face it...she can't dance and who is picking those horrendous costumes?

posted on Nov, 22 2010 @ 10:24 AM
I don't think the support for Bristol is about politics.

I know, I sound naive when I say it, but it really isn't. If you actually go to their FB site, for example, and look at the viewer comments, the support for Bristol is there because she is trying to represent a more back to values moral stance, and the voters are supporting THAT, not necessarily Palin.

They see her as the girl next door, and feel that the moral decay of our culture recently is to blame for all the crap going on with the country these days. Even with Bristol's indiscretion, she's seen as a symbol of overcoming it, and striving to get back to it. They may be right. However, I disagree that a tv show is the forum for expressing it...but hey, to each their own...

I wish more voters knew how much harder it is for the guys of this competition though. If a man can dance, he can make even a non-dancer look good on the dance floor, by his leading. So, the gals have a little bit of an edge here. I'm sure the female pros do something similar for the guy stars, but it's got to be tricky for them, as it's alien to their training to lead the male. (and make it look like he's leading her)...

posted on Nov, 22 2010 @ 03:11 PM
Don't forget to watch tonight, 8:00 eastern standard time.

Maybe the most voter win.

posted on Nov, 22 2010 @ 04:40 PM

Seriously, I love the girl, (I don't hold her wackadoodle mother against her) but face it...she can't dance and who is picking those horrendous costumes?

Yep... I mean, Bristol isn't a tiny little thing, but there are ways to not accentuate it... Some of those things have been awful. Lacey's outfits are a good example. She's a little bit bigger gal too (but so sexy...those eyes...), but her outfits really emphasize the right things and downplay the others. Bristol's designers should take some tips here.

Bristol has improved, a LOT, but she's still nowhere near the talent of her fellow contestants.

posted on Nov, 23 2010 @ 07:42 AM
reply to post by Gazrok

Can't believe what happened. I ended up getting a phone call and got busy when the show was on. I yelled down to the wife to put it on. I came down JUST as the middle judge said she (Palin) did a great job. Me and the Wife both missed it as she didn't hear me. lol

I did see Jennifer Gray. She did a great job-for the little dancing that she did. The guy did most of the stuff and she just stood there or got flung around. However, i think the song choice was a bit cheesy. Come on-something she danced to in a movie---duh. I couldn't stand it anymore. Shut it off and said Who Cares. lol

I did hear a little booing when the results for Palin were revealed. Two 8's and a 9. I can see how Palin captures the hearts though-she's a cutie. I thought she looked awesome. She won't have a problem getting dates.....

posted on Nov, 23 2010 @ 08:23 AM
reply to post by anon72

Yeah, her costume last night was more in line with what she should be doing (not the Jive one, but the other)...

Thing is though, Palin's dance was again, nowhere near the level as the others. At least one point of each 8 and 9 was a "pity point" I think....or maybe an "improvement point".

I agree with you on Grey's dance (the one to the Dirty Dancing song)...I thought she was being a bit lazy with it (compared to her other numbers)... She is 50 though, isn't she? Still amazing she can do what she does...and look good doing it.

There's a bit of buzz about a lot of people not being able to get their votes in... Guess we'll see how it all shakes out tonight. I'm (reluctantly) expecting a Palin victory, but I really hope I'm wrong. My personal choice is Kyle and Lacey.

EDIT: You should DVR it. We were cooking dinner at the time, so nice to be able to just Pause it, tend to the grill, then come back in and not miss it...

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posted on Nov, 29 2010 @ 08:26 AM
Jennifer Grey won. If anyone was interested and didn't see.

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