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Bird Protection Society At Sex Show

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posted on Nov, 22 2010 @ 05:54 AM
I find this funny.

I love the slogans
"come and frolic in our wetlands"
"If you're into birds come and join us"
"Great Tits and a Shag."

You can also imagine the "dickie bird" jokes.
Are they trying to encourage beastiality. (just joking)

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds has ruffled feathers by hosting a stall at a sex exhibition.

The charity, whose patron is the Queen, is trying to recruit members from visitors to Erotica 2010.

The exhibition, at London's Olympia, features striptease artists, and sells lingerie, sex toys and pornography.

But visitors to this weekend's show were surprised to see burlesque dancers wearing feathers adorning a stall manned by the RSPB.

Risque slogans urged visitors to "come and frolic in our wetlands," while touting T-shirts featuring a pair of Great Tits and a Shag.

Those attending the exhibition in London's Olympia looking for X-rated entertainment were told: "If you're into birds come and join us".

One visitor said he was "stunned" to see the traditional charity's stall next to a stand selling racy lingerie.

Nik Shelton, a spokesman for the RSPB said the stall was attracting a lot of attention.

He said: "We know that our members are a very open-minded bunch and come from all walks of life. We have been getting a lot of interest - and some are already members."

posted on Nov, 22 2010 @ 08:10 AM
I went to Erotica a few years ago in Manchester, it's actually a fun day out. I went with a friend, met a few other people there too, and had a really good day out.

It's not as sleazy as you might imagine, think car show, but purely for adults. No screaming kids, no "I wanna...", no "Dad can I have...", no prams to trip you up, just a host of adults having a pleasant day out.

Weird how I can write Erotica but not S#horpe.


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