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theories on spirituality and conspiracies

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posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 04:57 PM
ok, so what is all this going on in the world today? How does the greatest philosophies analyze this fact of conspiracy? They see it as a natural part of the world, a world where the people base their moral principle on collectivism, an attempt towards unity, which unity as a philosophical idea represents something perfect, because it closely resembles the supreme laws of the universe, these laws being seen as good because they represent order.

The people who understand this realize that the world has many flaws to it, which is the primal reason to desire a true happiness, a perfection which once obtained leaves nothing more to be desired. If anything were missing from it, it could not be perfect. Thus the spirit transcends matter. What then of matter? A shadow of reality? What of the shadow government? They are both principles of a lower order, an unconscious urge that operates rather than acting on intelligence. Natural order. Intelligent choice. But physical power is impossible, because the mind can not be entangled into matter, a part of it can be, but the main part is not; the thoughts are objective, the self remains subjective. Thus, this is an operating principle outside of the physical world, the mind, which is the non-material sense, exists, and so the higher must exist, based on principle of perfection, in which because perfection exists imperfection must exist, and vice versa. Thus with an attached mind-matter, there must exist an absolute mind and matter, which there is, and mind is higher, matter is the opposite, the dual-effect caused by the natural order, a perpetual process, Karma, Reincarnation, Samsara, the world, the universe, the source, Truth, Divinity, is reached only when there is a power surging towards the absolute center, where there is neither hot nor cold but middle, the higher Self, as opposed to the lower self, the true Beauty within the mind.

At this point, anything physical remains non-existent, or at least such an illusion as being inconsequential. Which is why a physical conspiracy is also inconsequential, but as for evil men, their fate lies in Karma, the retribution of their worldly deeds, representing their state of mind, a double life, a lie, they must become the higher principle, which they aren't, they attempt to become order out of chaos, but chaos can never become order, it can never change into order, only into further chaos. Chaos being differentiation, division, from One to many, thus chaos is a natural process, not one caused by the illuminati, nor benefited by such, the only beneficiaries are those that transcend matter, not become masters of it, even then, we are talking about Brahma and not Brahman, so there is no divine reason to become the lower cycle when the axis generates the entire thing, absent of being yet the prior cause to all things, the detached soul, once molded to the all-soul, can become one. Understanding and realization is the goal of spirituality.

So it doesn't mean anything, the higher principle alone means anything. Yet, the lower principle can and is the expression of the higher. So anything is possible. Anything is possible, because any creation of the mind must rest on material body, and if matter acts on necessity, there is no greater necessity than Karma, the supreme law of cause and effect, justice and punishment.

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