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Simple Transformation Thread

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posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 02:09 PM
Hi everyone. I am hear to help people advance in whatever problems or consciousness they have.

Before I begin, let me stress that you should always ask yourself this before doing it. "Can I, May I, Should I?"

These questions will loosen your mind if you say yes to all.

Now, lets say you want to ask a girl out. But lets assume you are depressed. A depressed person will probably begin by asking "can I", instead of "should I", because he is depressed, and obviously will start low.

Most likely, the depressed person that is apathetic about life will assume he "can't" do it, because something or someone is not "letting him", which causes him to think that he should not do it.

But lets say, he says yes to all of these, what would happen on the journey of him getting this girl?

First, if he is apathetic, he would begin grieving immediately. He would think of all the bad things that have happened before, and that could happen again. The depressed person normally would become apathetic again, but what if he doesn't? Well, he would then enter the "fear" stage. He would begin to fear what he is about to do, or what he should do. The fear is supported by grief at the same time. The depressed person would normally just fall back to grieving, and apathy, but what if he doesn't? Well, he would then man up a bit, and begin to desire this girl. Supported by selfish and lustful thoughts, these person would keep desiring and desiring this girl, meanwhile "fear" is constantly attacking. A depressed person would probably succumb to fear, and would fall back, but what if he doesn't? He would then continue, and while desiring, he would suddenly get angry. He would get angry about his situation, status, his past, his failures, the fact that he doesn't have this girl yet. This anger would then spawn jealousy, hatred, and other evil thoughts. This man would keep thinking through and through about this girl, and if he should do it or not. Remember, the anger stage, is the stage of big choice.

What if the depressed person succumbs to fear, and all of his grievances at this anger point? But at the same time, since he has came this far, what is the next step he would take? Continue on forward, or go back? Well, he would continue forward, but this time, he would enter the maximum stage of the primal(monkey) level called Pride. Pride is a disease. It's the worst part of humanity I believe. Pride contains a ton of defense mechanisms, defending a ton of insecurities. Someone with Pride, is not really who they are. With this newfound pride, the depressed person will surely feel better than before, however, did he acquire the girl? No. He just entered the level of pride, where he "beLIEves he is better, or does not care about the girl.

Is the person better off now? Is he a better or superior person? Well I guess we can say he did transform, but what for? He is now living in a complete illusion. Now this is an example, its a sub transformation thing, it doesnt apply to his daily life, but yet it is still part of it.

Pride is the zone where it is hard to get out of. One becomes a slave to it. Pride contains all negative thoughts. Pride contains all negative awareness, consciousness. Once pride is broken, one would go back all the way to shame, only to repeat the cycle, going from shame, to guilt, to apathy, and forward again.

But why did I make this thread? Its to show that there is more.

At the stage of anger, the person succumbed to his fear, grief, guilt, apathy, and all spawns of these consciousnesses like laziness, carelessness, impatience, etc.

But what if he did not enter pride? What if he transformed to a new level, to a level beyond?

Well, this depressed person would suddenly feel his mood lift tremendously. Life would suddenly feel real/lucid again. What is this transformation? Its a jump from the primal level, to the higher/superior level. The first stop from Anger to the superior level, is Courage.

Courage is the first level of the Higher level. Courage is what one acquires once they let go of their anger, and all their primal, negative thoughts. With this new power level(power representing the power to act here), the person will have the courage to acquire this girl. With this courage, he decides to transform again. After courage, comes Neutrality. Neutrality is a bit harder to explain in this example, but in Neutrality, this no longer depressed person feels as if there is nothing that can change his mind or stop him. As he journeys to a higher form, he touches upon Willingness. He is strongly willing(no longer desiring) to go after this girl.

What if he fails getting the girl? He reverts to Neutrality. But with this failure, there is a 99% chance that all of his contained primal negativity could return. When it does return, if he succumbs to it, he will revert back. How does it come? Well, Neutrality and Anger are coupled by duality. If he enters more and more into the anger stage, then fear will be more welcomed, and there is a chance, this person will take a sharp turn back, and enter apathy again. He may realize he doesn't want that, and enter Pride, a terrible level, even worse than Apathy, yet, it has more advantages.

However, lets assume he got the girl? Now what? Acceptance. The acceptance that he has this girl. This stage is usually what I would call, "Garden of Eden" stage in this example.

Now, if he chooses to continue further, he would of course, use Reason or Reasoning to do so. With Reasoning, he will find Love. Once the train reaches the end of Love, it reaches Joy. Joy is something most children have. Love is not really the ultimate force or the highest form of Energy. It seems that having Joy, brings about more possibilities. Having Love, the once depressed person is now filled with Joy. What does he do next? He tries to become one with the girl. Oneness.

Oneness. Oneness is incredibly hard to find with a mate, but it is possible. Oneness is the last level, before the Ultimate Transformation. Because this example is just a representation, the final level of this relationship, would be to CREATE an offspring. That finishes the whole journey. With the new son or daughter born, the journey is all over. The couple, with all the interference and distractions from the world, will retract to Acceptance, then keep going lower and lower from there.(But they can train not to).

This is the end. And I have a chart to make it easier.

Shame --> Guilt --> Apathy --> Grief -->

Fear --> Desire --> Anger --> Pride | Neutrality --> Willingness --> Acceptance -->

Reason --> Love --> Joy --> Oneness --> |

posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 02:21 PM
Let me add on and say that this is more of a 101 understanding.

Of course there are variables to this. Its just crude understanding of it.

And let me add on that the longer you are prideful, the worse your impending punishment becomes. No I am not talking about Hell, I dont even know if it exists, but people with pride will get whats coming to them. Their worlds will be torn apart. Some of course.

posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 02:43 PM
The real transformation is to wipe out the i.
If i am not there there is nobody to hold or have fear or pride or grief or whatever.
No raising of consciousness, but the emptying of it is the real transformation.
And when it is empty, if one is without images, then there is an innocent mind which cannot be hurt, aint that beautifull

posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 02:55 PM
reply to post by godddd

Not that you "could" do it, but that looks like it would make you One with everything

posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 03:00 PM
reply to post by NaturalKnowledge

Yes it does
and completely it's possible.

posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 03:08 PM
reply to post by godddd

I was talking about you. Then try it now. Oh wait, you'll do it later.

posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 03:31 PM
reply to post by NaturalKnowledge

Ohh you don't know what the i, the ego means?
The me, thinking i am this or that and or should be like this or that, becoming, fearing longing.

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