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Hugh Jidette for President!

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posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 02:00 PM

"Working for the status quo"

Here’s Hugh Jidette on the issues. Hugh Jidette is dedicated to maintaining the status quo. After all, borrowing has worked so far, so why stop now?

"US national debt - U.S. stands for us!

Hugh Jidette isn’t concerned with saddling our children and grandchildren with a mountain of debt. After all, what have future generations ever done for us? So what if their taxes will have to double to pay for our debts? And the kids today are geniuses. Have you seen them on their computers? They’ll figure it out.

Creating trillions of dollars in government debt has brought both political parties together in a true show of bipartisanship. It’s a great example of how we can get things done when Americans of all stripes pitch in.

Hugh Jidette wants us to borrow like there’s no tomorrow.

The economy and jobs

Our soaring national debt could surely slow down our future economy and stunt job growth, but that’s a small price to pay for all the things we get today.

Hugh Jidette knows that debt gives us freedom — the freedom to live beyond our means and buy more things without worrying about the effect it has on jobs of the future.

Even though it may hurt future jobs or growth, Hugh Jidette says borrow away. He’s sure one of our kids will come up with a plan to fix it later. Maybe.

Foreign Policy

Hugh Jidette’s foreign policy is based on one bedrock principal: American dependence on foreign nations. Borrowing huge amounts of money from other countries to fund our needs brings us all together. Who else are we going to keep borrowing from?

Hugh Jidette believes in leadership. Under his Status Quo Plan, the U.S. will remain the leader of the free world — in the category of national debt, that is.

America has led the world in the past, so isn’t it fair for the U.S. to rely on them for our future? What’s so important about national sovereignty anyway?

Hugh Jidette knows if one country stops lending to us, there are 192 more we can ask.

Education & Infrastructure: Tomorrow's problem

Hugh Jidette believes that spending for our future should be done by those in the future. Other candidates talk about spending hard-borrowed money on things like bridges, and highways, and railroads. But why spend funds on the future when you can spend for today? Under his Status Quo agenda, these investments will be squeezed over time to make room for the growth other programs and increasing interest costs.

Hugh Jidette strongly supports investments in education and infrastructure – not here, but in other countries using our interest payments. We’ll just increase our study abroad programs!

Hugh Jidette’s plan for investing in our future economy? Don’t Stop Thinking About Today!

Hugh Jidette for President

Hugh Jidette is running for President on a platform of lowering taxes while increasing spending. How? One word. Debt. Sure, we’re saddling future generations with it, but what have future generations ever done for us?

Borrow Like There's No Tomorrow

There are a lot of issues facing America, and Hugh Jidette has one solution for them all: Borrow like there’s no tomorrow. It’s worked so far, so why stop now?

Finally a politician with some real honesty! If all politicians could really be this honest I would be greateful even though I would still want them out of office.

(He's fake though. Hugh Jidette refers to Huge Debt.)

posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 02:42 PM

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