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Judging the Source

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posted on Jun, 30 2004 @ 08:01 PM
Well, I am fairly new here and am seeing so much of this I really need to comment.

A lot of people here say outrageous things that are their opinion and yet can come up with links/sources to back up these claims. But here's the deal.

Even if they are legititmate news articles here is a clue about the written media to not be mislead/believe everything you read.

What many people don't seem to get is that reporting is not investigating or verifying. Very often articles present information that is not verified. All the article is really doing is "reporting" on what someone said. This is considered perfectly legitimate (although misleading to the masses). There is apparently no longer a need in a lot of the reporting to verify or "investigate" or verify the information in print. It is just something someone said. This is confusing and misleading to most people but here is how it works.

If it is merely reporting, the information will be in quotes and attributed to a specific person. This apparently alleviates the reporter from any further resposiblity and certainly DOES NOT in any way mean that it is true. All it means is "this person said this".

If there is no further information such as a response from another person directly related to the the quote, or a reference to an actual public record document for instance - this is not proof - it is merely a report.

Sad that our media at this point relies more on this than real investigation these days, but this is the reality, it is legally legit, no matter how misleading to the masses, but ATS members should not be so easliy fooled.

Don't believe eveything you hear!!!! Think for yourself.

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