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Geopolitics / geostrategy and WWIII

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posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 10:29 AM
Something about Geopolitics....

Have you already read the book "Red Storm" from Tom Clancy ? This
bbok features WWIII, between NATO and USSR. Everything started when USSR is
attacked by muslims in its biggest oil reffinery facility.
Then, USSR political staff urge to attack NATO in case they would
profit this weakness. So they start WWIII with conventional weapons.
At the end, NATO wins because they have a air and technology

So now in context : USSR is no more a threat for NATO. We are at
war with terrorist. But in the same time, China is growing fastly. They now
have UAV, some stealth technology, and have all the ressources to build and
/ or implement new systems. By ressources I mean rare earth metals such
those in use for stealth technology, or electronic stuff.

Last day I read they stopped their exportations of gazole/diesel. Sure,
they are a big consummer of oil and other energy ressources. We still don't
know yet if they fire some EMP missiles but it seems to be a fact. The US
advanced technology is challenged by China.

In addition China is already very well implanted in some countries
/ continent like Africa. They are challenging the US and former colonial
empire in this part of the world. For the moment they don't have a whole
worldwide network of military bases. Just question of time and / or
political choice. Why would they dispatch their armies ? It's already known
that they have advanced submarines, they can build russian fighters /
bomber for half the cost. But even if their copies are not well fully
technologically advanced they (could) have the number superiority.

Ok US have centimeter precision missiles, guided missile with 99%
accuracy, but in case of war, have they enough missiles ? In case of WWIII
we could have up to five or six years of war. Do the US have enough rare
earth metal and the capacity to exploite their own ressources in less than
3 months ? When all the missile would have been fired, they have to produce
other ones. But you can't start to exploite and produce enough rare earth
metal in less than three months !

In these case what would China do ? Not attacking the US soil, but
attack their worldwide bases, especially in Africa, Pacific and Middle
East. US army are fully deployed worldwide, they can answer to any threat
because they have an integrated command control ! When WWIII will start, US
will suffer lack of ressources... They won't starve, they have ressources
to feed their people, but when oil will be fully attribuated to the army,
at least if China doesn't stop their supply lines. So how to continue
growing food without tractors or machines ?

The only good thing in case of WWIII will be the means deployed to
face lack of oil. I mean by that all the "secured" technologies will be
successfully made operational (HHO generator, magnet generator), even
research in zero point energy will be implemented (in case they exist).

Then now we will speak about theatre of war. It won't be China or
USA but developping countries. US would have to secure oil fields in Middle
East. They will attack Iran and invade OPEC countries or at least force
them to cooperate with them. They already have bases in this part of the
North Korea would see their chance to invade South Korea, especially if
they agree on some cooperation / alliance with China. Then Africa will be the
theater of war. China already have some places there, and african countries
have interest to play with China. China doesn't appear like a colonialist
empire, they know how to make deals with poor countries, like for example
some development agreements or cooperation.

We can't predict for sure they won't use weapons of mass
destruction at the beginning. At least awe can't exclude an EMP attack from
on side or both side. An EMP attack would have important effect on the US
population (power grids out, no communications, panic). Chinese population
will also be affected but they are less dependant to electricity (at least
for the non inhabitant of major cities). Military would be used to maintain
order, especially in the USA.

With the fall of dollar and the lies from the US, the NATO won't be
stable at this time. European countries won't move at the beginning. We can
forecast that NATO will be at stance. Russia will have to choose between
Europe and China. Russia and Europe will determine the fate of this
conflict. But one thing is sure, we won't have decisional victory. Such a
conflict will use earth ressources but also boost Research and Development
of new technologies.

Two possible ending : nuclear destruction if China or US start to
use nuclear weapons or WMD (biological, chemical, nuclear...). A second
ending could be seen if one side develop a new energy source, like cold
fusion, and if the second side follow the same way in a close time.
WWIII would be seen as a war for ressources. With cold fusion or Zero point
Energy generator, we (earth people) won't be in a perpetual war for

In this case, why WWIII ? It's only at war that we make important
discovery. For example during WWII we found a lot of technology : Computers
with cryptology, Radar, Sonar, Nuclear fission, Jet engine, Rocket
Science.... Even during the Cold War we made important discovery (ICBM,
Moon Rockets, Satellites, Composites, Informatic...).

And you, what's your opinion on this topic ?

posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 11:55 AM
Fear is the mother of all inventions, not lazyness. And war brings fear to all who are part of it.

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