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Life without the mark.

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posted on Nov, 29 2010 @ 02:18 AM
the best place to be is in the southern island of new zealand. everything you would ever need to survive is there, and the government isnt going to waste their time or resources worrying about the south island inhabitants.

just like the Australians arent going to worry about people hiding in their outback.

you need to move out of the usa and sever all ties with society as a whole in order to protect yourself from the beasties.

posted on Nov, 29 2010 @ 05:13 PM
Yes, well I appreciate you sharing your thoughts on this matter, but I think your belief may be unrealistic in general, but especially for anyone not currently living in NZ. Are you suggesting that a person fly to NZ, go to the immigration officer in the airport loaded down with survival gear and say, “I’m here for a 2 week vacation?” If you’re suggesting that the person with a foreign accent could go around buying up survival gear, don’t you think that may raise suspicions? Do you think it possible that the foreigner might be picked up eventually, if not quickly and interrogated before being deported?

I have traveled internationally and was an overseas student back in the 90s. I know from personal experience how difficult getting off a jet in a foreign country is. A person must have complete documentation as to their reasons for being there in the first place. If it is a vacation or short visit, they are given a set number of days before they must leave. They must provide complete information like hotel confirmation, where exactly they will be staying & with whom.

When I flew to the UK, after providing a mountain of documentation to the immigration officer, I was finally allowed to leave. I was given strict instructions that even before going to my place of residence, I had to register with the police. The folks that picked me up from the airport assumed that any police station would do, so we stopped by a small satelitte station in a nearby village. A couple of weeks later I was called out of a class and confronted by the police who asked why I had not registered at the main police station in the city where I was studying. I was told to accompany them to the station where I was registered. BTW: I still have my registration book, which I was told I had to carry everywhere I went 24/7.

In 2003, I flew to South Africa to visit a friend & had to provide all the same info; why I was there, what I planned to do, how long I expected to stay, who I was staying with & where they lived. To be allowed to re-enter the UK, I had taken with me all the qualifications I’d earned in the previous 4 years of study & a letter confirming my place on a 4-year nursing diploma course that was set to start in a few days. When I returned to the UK after 1 week, I was immediately placed in a detention cell until they could check out my reason for being there & review all my documentation. They were prepared to deport me if any of my story was found to be false. Fortunately for me the same sponsor family was at the airport to pick me up & they were called to the interrogation room to verify my story. Everything checked out & I was finally released to leave with them.

Why have I gone into these details? To show that it’s unrealistic for anyone to think that flying to another country and disappearing into some jungle would be easy. That person may fool the immigration officers with a hotel booking and vacation intinerary, but long term that person would have real difficulty survivng in the wild. If travel restrictions were that strict for me 10 years ago, what do you think it’ll be like during martial war type conditions? Do you honestly think people will still have freedom of movement? Martial law is complete restriction of movement except where, when & how the government allows. That means no buses, trains, jets or car rentals. It means only being allowed out of your home during certiain hours. Imagine checkpoints on roads, armed militia stopping people in the street demanding to see their IDs. Or, coming to their homes to question or arrest them. Entering a home by force would be sanctioned & even shooting if necessary. This is no walk in the park my friend.

I lived in Los Angeles during both riots. During the Watts riots of 1965, martial law was declared. We had armed national guardsmen patrolling the streets in jeeps and on foot. They carried carbines fitted with bayonets. There was a command post set up in the parking lot of a church on the corner of my street. I’ve had quite a bit of live experiences that give me insights into situations outside the norm for most folks. And when this country begins to impliment martial law conditions things will change very quickly. The stage is already set and when things are put into action they will happen so quickly that the average citizen will not be prepared to react. Do you honestly think the government will be airing commercials urging people to prepare for martial law? No, they want the element of surprise, so there’s less resistance from the population. Confused people will be in in a state of shock and offer very little resistance & that is exactly what Big Brother wants.

I see the pieces falling into place all around us & folks are blissfully ignorant of it. They’re only concerned with NFL Sundays, their vacations, getting a good deal on a new car or whatever diversions drive their lives. What good will all that materialism do for them during the upcoming holocaust? In case it hasn’t become appearant, I’m a Christian. Anyone interested in a very short summary of the end times can read Matthew 24. In that portion of scripture, Jesus clearly states that there will be wars, famine, disease, natural disasters & neighbors will turn against neighbors. Those resisting the Antichrists system of government would be inprisoned and executed for their faith. That is just the beginning of what’s in store for this planet. Keeping that in mind, I challenge anyone to review all the links I’ve provided in my previous 2 posts & decide for themself if the Antichrist & Tribulation are realistically possible in the near future. And I haven’t even begun to provide links to facts about natural disasters just waiting to happen, like the super volcano at Yellowstone National Park.

I’ve got some very shocking & graphic images from the Watts Riots that I'd like to include in this post. If anyone can help me add them, I'd greatly appreciate your help.

This is a very real warning to be prepared for what our governmet is planning for the American people, and may I suggest that time for preparing is running out.

posted on Nov, 30 2010 @ 10:30 AM
Here are some graphic images of what martial law looked like 45 years ago. Imagine what it will look like in the future under the NWO. Remember the civil landscape will change under the NWO, our freedom & civil liberties will be gone. The NWO is about control, subjegation and removal of those persons not needed or wanted by the system.

posted on Dec, 1 2010 @ 07:29 AM
Has the dude going on about not disappearing ever seen the Australian Outback. You could get lost there for ever if you wanted.

posted on Dec, 1 2010 @ 10:56 AM
No, I've never seen the outback. But, things will drastically change and governments will be on a mission to find and lock up anyone seeking to escape the coming tyranny. They would most likely use every available tool at their disposal to locate and capture people refusing to join the new order. The U.S. government isn't spending millions of dollars to build detention camps, hire camp managers to administrate them, use prison boxcars to transport anyone deemed outside the system - only to allow people to hide out easily. Yes, I do think it will be possible for resourceful people to escape into the wildernesses of the world and live off the land for extended periods of time. But, the average person who knows little of how to survive in the outdoors on their own will be in over their head. At the very least, people with the mind set to live in the wild need to read up on things like poisionous plants & berries, using the stars for bearings, how to kill & gut an animal, receipes & ways to season foods found in the wild, shelter construction, communicating off grid, how to make rope from materials around them, using a survival knife as a construction tool, using plants & berries for medicines etc.

I agree that going out into the bush & getting lost isn't all that hard. But you must factor into the equation that Big Brother doesn't want you living off the land in seclusion & will be on a mission to hunt you down & capture you.

May I suggest that anyone planning to hide out in the wild, leave their GPS imbedded things like cell phones, or RFID coded items at home?

posted on Dec, 1 2010 @ 12:04 PM
reply to post by fishing4truth

what about thermal imaging? there is very little places to hide. BUT, like you said an experienced outdoorsman will have no issues surviving off the land.

a little tip - to avoid thermal imaging, make your shelters structure are made out of wood, insulate with grass or pine needles/ leaves. but cover the ENTIRE hut regularly with MUD, WET MUD, ALL DAY. if you can, try to keep some sort of tubing on you for a makeshift exhaust for your fire. you can make the smoke exit into a hole underground and pour small amounts of water on the soil wich wil filter a lot of smoke and drastically cut down on the "smoke signal effect".

this works very well, go out and give it a try.

posted on Dec, 1 2010 @ 07:15 PM
Thanks for your comments WJ, I’d mentioned thermal imaging early on but am glad that you’ve reinforced that. I’d already conceived that a successful shelter would need to be underground with some type of insulation against high tech infra red & thermal imaging. You’ve hit on one issue that I’ve been pondering how to solve – smoke signature. I appreciate your constructive input about exhaust tubing. So, would I need to run the tubing from a hood that collects the smoke back into the ground? Then keep it dosed with water & wet leaves?

I’ll check into mud coating for blocking thermal imaging. Reminds me of Big Arnie in Predator, but really makes a huge point. Sometimes we can neutralize high tech gear with basic low-tech materials.

We could learn a lot from the Vietnamese who successfully checkmated our military machine using very low-tech materials they had lying all around them. For instance their use of tunnels to hide, take shelter, stockpile weapons & ammo, operate field hospitals, command posts and move troops all right under the nose of the U.S. Army. And they did that inspite of massive carpet bombing by B-52’s & napalm bombing. They had enough engineering know how to construct the tunnels on different levels to neutralize the use of gas or water to smoke them out. They also tied cobras to stakes within yards of any entrance. Those cobras became their low-tech first defence deterrants for slowing down any U.S, troops that discovered the tunnels, while the Vietnamese escaped.

Their ingenious & simple solution for air circulation was a bamboo pipe run up from the tunnel to just a few inches above the ground. They’d then camoflauge the exposed pipe above ground and leave a small, lighted candle at the base of it inside the tunnel. Hot air rises and created a draught that removed carbon dioxide from human exhaling and helps draw fresh air into the tunnels. Simple, quiet and effective & it worked beautifully to keep those tunnels a secret network of very active Vietnamese troops, planning & operations.

Check out the book, “The Tunnels of Chu Chi” at Amazon. It’s only 1 penny, plus shipping. Link -

Tunnels link 1 -

Tunnels photo gallery -

posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 12:09 PM
reply to post by Reconciler

The mark of the beast, Satan is all about who has the right to rule, God or Satan. You choose by who you will be and are loyal to. The mark of Satan will be the way they tell whether you are with.him and his NWOrder and if you won't you will have to die. God's true ones keep His commandments and will not take it. They keep His Holy day as well as the other 9 commandments.

Most will take the mark of the beast.


posted on Dec, 7 2010 @ 01:34 PM
reply to post by fishing4truth

a thicker metallic dryer vent tube works very, they are collapsible and can withstand a fair amount of heat. dont get me wrong, there will still be some smoke. but it will DRASTICALLY be cut down. the best thing you can do is burn your fire harder at night (inside your shelter) heat up a bunch of rocks throughout the night and then spread them around your shelter in the morning when you are out hunting/gathering, that way you have a nice cozy shelter to come back to.

just remember, your gonna have to always stay on the move (unless you find a place underground that is a literal virgin forest (untouched by man) virgin forests are very few and far between... i dont know of any here in the northwest corner except in alaska. and we know how cold it gets in alaska.

posted on Dec, 7 2010 @ 05:03 PM

Originally posted by Reconciler
Ok , forewarned is forearmed , and i think its best to have a plan , ahead of time , rather than wait till the sh*t hits the fan and then decide to make one up. I don't want to scaremonger , but I'd like to be ready if things go south.

If there comes a day when a " mark of the beast " style of electronic funds transfer system is put in place , I WON'T be taking it. If we are forced to choose between enslavement to avarice , or integrity , i choose integrity.

This throws up obvious problems like where will i get food from when I even need a permit to fish ? , and how can I get shelter in winter.

I guess this thread could also be asking for real , practical ways to survive completely without cash , in a cashless society where those who decide to rebel against the system are considered lawless and an enemy of the state.

Talkin John Connor handbook here.........

Most important thing is how to get food. If you get food , the rest can look after itself really. We lost the hunter / gatherer skills. Its time to re-educate ourselves.
I have a feeling we might be needing them...............

In my honorable opinion the mark began as the Birth Certificate, then to the social security number, the bar code is part of the mark, but the chip is the tru mark. The chip has already been introduced by using our pets. In 2008 the first human family took the chip into their bodies they are from florida.
Peace to us all we need it

posted on Dec, 8 2010 @ 02:49 PM
Fishing4truth thanks for those links. They look just the ticket ( the noah ones ) .

This wont be an easy gig , but forewarned is forearmed =)

posted on Dec, 11 2010 @ 11:03 AM
reply to post by fishing4truth

Very well written post. "Map and compass". "Strength of mind, strength of body, strength of soul".
"θάνατο πριν από ντροπή" "Death before Dishonor".

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posted on Dec, 16 2010 @ 04:10 PM
Many thanks to Reconciler & Scoutsniper for your positive comments. I’d like to comment on Big Brother’s Spy technology & our lack of privacy. Basically, how Big Brother uses technology to get into every aspect of our daily lives. Here’s a revealing quote from – “Big Brother Technology is here to expose our secret lives. Police State Rulers can track our every move using scientific gadgetry designed to enslave us.”

I watched a program on the Discovery Channel this week called, “Track me if you can.” It’s about living off grid & hopefully undetected during the upcoming NWO takeover. The presenter began with the need to eliminate any RFID or GPS embedded things. One surprising item he mentioned is the new auto tires that he says are being manufactured with embedded RFID coding. He also mentioned that using pay as you go cell phones is the safest option for communication. Because there is technology that turns any cell phone into a 2-way device that can be controlled remotely, he said it’s best to completely remove the phone battery when it’s not in use. I watched another program about an FBI infiltrator who got into a major mafia family in NYC. He said that he gave one of the mid level capos a new cell phone that was a 2 way device and the FBI was able to listen in on & record for evidence every word the guy said during his supposed private meetings – even when the phone was switched off!

Governments work with cellular operators to install a surveillance layer, which tracks and records the exact location and movement of all users’ cell phones, all at once, even when they are idle. Link - The TruePosition Location Platform (TPLP) is used to provide the real-time, high-accuracy location of target mobile subscribers. TruePosition LOCINT is implemented as a passive overlay within a wireless mobile network operator’s existing communications network. Using non-intrusive interfaces with the signaling links, the system extracts location information for all mobile phones of the monitored network. Link -
U-TDOA determines a mobile phone’s location by comparing the times at which a cell signal reaches multiple Location Measurement Units (LMUs) installed at the operator’s base stations. Link -

The TruePosition Location Platform is widely deployed in the United Sates to support the mission-critical E9-1-1 emergency service, and can incorporate multiple location technologies including TruePosition’s patented Uplink Time Difference of Arrival (U-TDOA) location technology. This technology can support emergency call response, but the tracking systems used are more powerful than what would be needed for this purpose alone. They are designed to support military and police intelligence, and can record and store the movements of all users over a long period of time. Big brother can then select target users for investigation based on their patterns of movement and cell phone usage.

For example, big brother could identify the people who meet with known peace activists or political rivals, look for common meeting places, and disrupt meetings or capture participants. They could track a target user until he might travel to a less populated area and then dispatch someone or something to capture or kill him. Many people carry mobile phones with them more or less all the time, and few people are aware of this surveillance technology. Normally such surveillance is illegal without a warrant, and it may be difficult for police or others to get such a warrant. This technology tracks every cell phone user simultaneously, without any warrant, and records the history of their movement.

Our government has so much spyware technology that it’s ridiculous. They have trucks that can see through walls & focus a beam on window glass to listen in on conversations inside a building. In case any reading this doesn’t know about it, Microsoft has a program called “VNP” embedded in windows. That application allows a remote operator to take control of the PC. I know this first hand because I used to work for British Telecom. If we ever had a software conflict, our manager would put in a call to the tech department & instead of a tech coming to us, they’d do the whole diagnosis & repair remotely. It was pretty spooky watching my cursor move around & open up folders without me ever touching the mouse.

Microsoft has programs that fit on bootable USB sticks and allow law enforcement to override your Microsoft Bitlocker, Encrypted File System (EFS), and password data, and gather all your private information to use against you later in a criminal trial. That system is called COFEE, for Computer Online Forensic Evidence Extractor. It has been known for some time that Microsoft has backdoored Windows for the US government, when Microsoft got careless and forgot to obscure a cryptographic signing key given to the NSA back in 1998. If you use Microsoft Bitlocker or EFS, you’re wasting your time, because Microsoft gives these devices out to law enforcement on down to your local police department. If the police get a warrant and seize your machine, and you’re using Bitlocker or EFS, you’ve essentially just handed them the evidence and the only difference the “Microsoft security” will make is that it might cost the cops an extra 2 minutes to boot off the COFEE key and unlock your hard drive. This suite of spyware was freely distributed to law enforcement personnel by Microsoft, until it was accidentally leaked onto bittorrent sites, and they got caught red-handed. Link -

I’ve always been suspicious about antivirus programs, but especially the biggies like Norton & McAfee. Those programs run constantly in the background going through every file & folder in a person’s PC. I’ve often thought that they are the actual creators of most of the Trojans & viruses that infect our PC’s.

If I’m able to find the information above, imagine what our government is using that we don’t know anything about. Does anyone remember seeing those remote controlled robot birds used in Iraq that can fly through an upper level window and send back real time images of what’s happening inside? They also developed large spider robots that crawl along the ground or floor and do the same thing.

Let’s face it, we have no real privacy and things like the Patriot Act make it even easier for our government to invade our lives whenever they deem us someone to be watched or investigated. Once you combine all-seeing satellite imagery with sophisticated computerized number-crunching, you end up with massive potential for abuse - especially by government agencies.

A company called American Science and Engineering sells a high-end, tricked-out security vehicle called the Z Backscatter Van. Its sole purpose, if used by government agencies, is to violate the Fourth Amendment. The van sits there by the side of the road and X-rays cars passing by. It's like a full-body scan at the airport, but for cars. The manufacturer brags about the fact that the van keeps a "low profile." The Web site says: "The system is unobtrusive, as it maintains the outward appearance of an ordinary van." What the van does is conduct unreasonable searches without probable cause and without the knowledge of the person who owns the property being searched. That's its only function.

Here’s a Sunday Times article called, “Let's face it, soon Big Brother will have no trouble recognising you.” Link -

Here’s another development; Military spy unit resurrects domestic tracking database -

This subject is a very deep well & whatever we are able to find out & contribute, you can bet there’s much more that is hidden from us. You can be sure of this; Big Brother will use every type of technology and human deception to control & enslave rank & file Americans. The NWO will encompass every government on Earth, all united under the leadership of a One World Leader. Are we ready?

posted on Dec, 21 2010 @ 04:59 AM
Here’s something that should come as no surprize to anyone. The FBI is assembling a massive database on thousands of Americans, many of whom have not been accused of any crime. The FBI's Nationwide Suspicious Activity Reporting Initiative currently contains 161,948 suspicious activity files, into which authorities can put information they've gathered about the people at the center of the files: employment history, financial documents, phone numbers, photos. Some of the files are unclassified so that local police agencies and even businesses can submit reports on anyone they deem suspicious.

This certainly smacks of Big Brotherism, and is a tightening of the noose that the government is placing around the necks of average American citizens. On the surface it’s being presented as another measure to protect the American public from terrorism; be that home grown or imported. But as with so many of the government’s agendas, it is a double-edged sword that can just as easily be used against Americans who hold beliefs in God, the right to bear arms and freedom of speech. Link - n

Anyone looking with an objective eye & an open mind will see that the U.S. government is moving toward the capture and internment of anyone considered a non-conformist, free-thinker, gun owner, Christian, dissident or terrorist. This may all sound like complete delusion or conspiracy theory hogwash – but it’s not! The U.S. government is ratcheting up the militarized police state as they anticipate massive resistance to the economic collapse. Just check out the links below and decide for yourself:

Obama Signed Plans For Martial Law Apparatus -

3rd Infantry Division’s 1st Brigade Combat Team homeland tours start -

Former congressman warns of martial law camps in America -

Bush's Move Toward Martial Law -

U.S. Government plans for a military crackdown - ______beforeitsnews/story/273/720/Secret_Trigger_blueprint_for_emergency_domestic_military_crackdown_plan_revealed.html

US troops prepare for crowd control -

US Government's secret plans revealed -

Martial law coming -

60 Minutes report on America's detention camps -

Western Utah detention camp -

Utah modular prison cells -

C.I.A. orders arrest & conviction of U.S. Christians -

Below are links to images of modular prison cells being assembled in Western Utah & our government preparing for martial law.

posted on Dec, 22 2010 @ 01:45 AM
If you dont take the mark,you will have to go live in another country other than the ones the mark is given in. or live in the middle of no where living off the land. I would say this would have to be the hardest test,but easiest at the same time because you know it's a test before it happens.

posted on Dec, 22 2010 @ 05:24 AM
Yes, I agree in part, whipsandchainsamerica. Personally, I doubt that hiding out in the mountans of another country will be that easy. Maybe if that country borders your own, like Canada or Mexico. But with the upcoming North American Union, it appears that all 3 countries will be working as a collective whole to control the entire North American continent. Add to that, martial law conditions where you'd have to work around being reported by others, curfews, road blocks, military patrols, sniffer dogs, travel restrictions, thermal imaging, ground sensors, spy blimps, bio-imaging RFID tracking etc., I don't think it's going to be as easy as you may believe. Do I think a person could load enough survival gear on their back and successfully walk to another country without being seen and get lost in the wilderness without getting caught? Not a chance, I think that's a pipe dream for the average citizen. I've spent many weeks in the High sierra's of California & the Rockies in Colorado. I've been into camping & fishing since about 5 years old. I manange to de pretty well in a campground, but could manage completely roughing it for a week or two. So, I'm not entirely a city-boy with no outdoors experience. I do have enough experience to know that you can't reason with a hungry bear or rattlesnake & if you break your leg, you need medical attention ASAP. If you've got a plan, I'd love to hear it, coz I really don't think it would fly, especially for long term survival i.e., the rest of your life.

Matthew 24:15 - 22 says that when the Antichrist's image is erected in the rebuilt Jerusalem Temple & the whole world is ordered to worship the image of the Beast - that we should flee our homes & hide out in the hills, caves or mountains. So, here I do agree with your point - we should get the heck outta Dodge ASAP. We're told that this event would signal the worst suffering that this world has ever known. Matthew 24 clearly states that at that time, believers in Jesus Christ would be turned on by their neighbors, beaten, imprisoned and eventually executed for refusing to accept the mark of the Beast.

One thing that does concern me is, whether those of us that are aware of threse things, will be able to resist it and still end up accepting the Antichrist's mark anyway. The Bible warns that in the last days the Satanic deception will be great enough to fool even the very elect of God. And that for the sake of the elect of God, those days will be shortened because the suffering will be the greatest in human history. On a material level, I've often wondered how many folks would be willing to give up their homes, jobs, health care, retirement funds, cars & other possessions - not to mention family members, to resist the mark to go to a detention camp? My employer professes to be a Christian and is a multi-millionaire. I wonder if he will be willing to exchange his lifestyle for a prison cell?

I've been expecting to see of this come to pass in my life time, but even so, it's still shocking to see it happening so quickly & being reported in the news everyday. The Government's NWO infrastructure is in place & now I'm just waiting to see which pretext (H1N1 or U.S. economy financial meltdown) they will use to declare martial law and begin rounding up Christians & other dissidents for internment.

Speaking for myself, I have almost nothing, so have nothing to lose. If my destiny is to be locked up and eventually executed for refusing to accept the mark of the Beast, so be it.
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posted on Dec, 22 2010 @ 06:01 AM
In a scenario such as you mention,
there's 2 locations youre going to be,
either urban or rural and there are different and similar tactics you'll need in both,
the reality of immediate need for potable water is 1,food is 2, and shelter is 3 in either situation.
How you survive, travel, replenish stores are the differences in each scenario.
Personally I'll take rural over urban.
At a starting from zero point, totally unprepared, you've got 3 days at best before you and your condition begin to degrade expotentially.
The only thing you can do right now is as some people have begun to show you is gather information on survival, and gather supplies to keep at the ready.
There's a ton of stuff out there, save it, PRINT IT and save it in a binder at the least, and practice it if you can.
Another thing you may find helpful is finding like minded people in your area, that you know or trust that you can pool resources with, keep it small, keep it effective.
There are thousands of 'what if' scenarios that can pop up, you'll need to do your best,
remember all this type of living is relatively new in the overall history of manking as we know it,
we survived without electric before all of this, and if you keep a low and cool head you may weather the storm.
There's no ready answers, just ready men,
calm and focused lives another day,
panic and flailing gets you blown away.

posted on Dec, 22 2010 @ 06:24 AM
Excellent contribution HappilyEverAfter! I agree with everything that you've shared. To succeed in surviving the upcoming holocaust will take careful planning, mental focus and the ability to remain calm.

Like you, I'd prefer a rural hideout. Living in someone's basement or attic wouldn't work for me. I've found a ton of survial tips, gear checklists, first aid guides etc. on-line. Knowing how to make weapons, fish, hunt, trap, gut & skin animals and collect edible vegetation & berries would be vital. One important thing is to keep your mouth shut about what you're planning. And, as you've said, only be involved with people you trust and can rely on.

posted on Dec, 22 2010 @ 06:40 PM
I’ve been wondering how a diabetic could get the insulin they need to maintain blood sugar levels, if their access to health care was cut off. I’ve discovered that cinnamon is a natural substitute for insulin. The Indians, among other Asians, and Latin Americans have been planting and nourishing themselves of natural insulin vegetables and glucose regulating food for a long time. Bitter gourd, Karela, Karolla, Momordica charantia, balsam pear were all used by indians for centuries for health. There is a myriad of phytochemicals present in bitter melon and at least three different groups of extracted components have been reported to regulate and lower blood glucose levels. For centuries, indigenous groups of South America and the southern part of the United States have depended on prickly pear cactus for nourishment. Also called nopal, nopalitos, and nopales, this cactus, of genus Opuntia, is consumed by the Aztec tribe and other locals in various forms to control or even potentially cure Type 2 Diabetes as long ago as the 15th and 16th centuries. Any diabetics might wish to get an illustrated book on those plants, if you're planning to live off the land.

One natural food source that provides excellent nutritional value as well as other uses is bee products. Honey besides being a sweetner, is also a good topical antiseptic for cuts burns & wounds. Bees wax would make your candles. Bee propolis that lines the inside of the comb is an excellent antibiotic & also strengthens the immune system. Royal Jelly is another treasure trove of nutritional value. Bee pollen is the best whole food on the planet & is packed with every vitamin, trace element, mineral and amino acid under the sun. Bee pollen is a complete food and contains many elements that products of animal origin do not possess. Bee pollen is richer in proteins than any animal source. It contains more amino acids than beef, eggs, or cheese of equal weight. Bee pollen is particularly concentrated in all elements necessary for life. Bee pollen contains 22 elements of the human system, all essential amino acids, is a complete protein, it contains vitamins A, B Complex, C, D, E, K and Rutin. It has 28 Minerals, also trace minerals, enzymes, co-enzymes and no cholesterol. To collect the bee pollen, just place a screen in front of the entrance to the hive and a collection plate or pan below the screen. The bees must empty the pollen sacks on theor legs to get back into the hive, so the pollen falls into the plate for collection.

Pollen link -

Making a seine for river fishing would be a good idea. A fish seine is a horizontal net that has floats holding the top line of the net at the water's surface. The net extends down in the water due to weights placed on the net's bottom line. The weighted line can then be pulled, so that the net acts like a purse. Indian seines were made from wild grasses or fiber from spruce roots. The bottom line of the net's webbing had stones to weight the net, and cedar sticks served to float the top line. The movement of the cedar sticks caused by agitated fish helped keep the salmon from escaping. Seines were fished on smooth bottoms where salmon congregated. Probably best to stash it out of sight when not being used.

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posted on Dec, 22 2010 @ 07:21 PM

Originally posted by Reconciler

Anyway , this thread isnt about discussion of who the antichrist is , or what the mark of the beast is.
Its about survival methods so please stay on topic

Ok primary to survival would be to get to where no one would know you didnt have the way out in the outback. At any rate you would have to cut yourself off from everything but living off the land unseen and undetected.

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