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How about some ATS 24/7 radio?

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posted on Jun, 30 2004 @ 07:50 PM
First off I would like to thank the creator and staff of ATS for the excellent site and the privilege to be part of this incredible community....

Now for a thought....

Has ATS ever discussed the possibility of running a streaming radio station?

Could cover breaking news and popular posts, live debates, "meteor ping hour" and so on..

bandwidth requirements would definatly be of concern but maybe thru donations or something that prob could be solved.

In any case the streaming radio would be a great addition to the already existing features of the site....

I feel confident to say that if radio shows like Art Bell's and Jeff Rense can exist online...ATS would definatly kick a@@!!!

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posted on Jul, 1 2004 @ 05:22 AM
Sounds good, but most of the live internet radios ive seen have big problems with getting lots of people connected and with the huge amount of members on here..... Also, wouldnt work too well for me cos of 56k

posted on Jul, 1 2004 @ 03:23 PM
Its a good idea but I don't think its feasible at this time.

ATS TV would be good though


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