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On a happier note...Print your own MONEY legally on your community-

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posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 07:08 AM
Print your own MONEY legally on your community-Barter Bucks/ Barter Groups/ This was done in the depression!!! It just came to me.. BARTER GROUP IN MY COMMUNITY!!!! I need a THINK TANK online in this group before I go to my small town of less than 4,000 people.

(Please keep your negative comments to yourself, I am requesting "positive" vibes here........)

I NEED YOUR HELP! ideas and suggestons, especially if you hae experience in this field.

Just LOOK at how this is being done.... MSN, FOX news, USA today!

MSN Money

FOX news

USA news
Guardian news

local money was printed during the depression era when businesses were failing... we all know that 9% unemployment is more like 22%

You too, can print your own "barter bucks" with little or no out of pocket.. this works for communities, clubs, churches, schools... But I am trying for my whole town- rules for my club so far:

1) I will NOT venture into this for selfish gain, rather to help, honestly HELP my fellowman, neighbors, the unemployed, impoverished, local businesses. and MORE

2) This will help our community and keep money HERE and away from big box stores. (Walmart/Sams/Costco/Malls)

3) Everyone can barter something, time, items, skills......

4) I will put together a local "think tank" to gather ideas and suggestions from businesses / accountant/ bankers / legal / stores / ranchers/teachers that ARE HONEST AND CANNOT BE BRIBED OR SWAYED FOR SELFISH REASONS.. I will look long and hard for the right people on my board of directors before I start this program

5) I will strive to have most of the transactions done face to face and not on the Interent... The Internet could crash, Fed $$ can crash
(as we know they soon all will fail) and face to face transactions will strengthen the community. People need to learn again how to communicate without technoligy. If there is a system of trade in place, our community will be stronger.

6) I will understand that with "power" easily can come "corruption" BUT FOR ALL MEMBERS purity, loyality, and honesty to myself and community are of utmost importance

7) I will attempt to have a "swap day" at the local park once/twice per month (weather permitting) for members that cannot share time, do not have a store location but want "barter bucks"

8) A list will be started for professionals that can share time/ experiences:

/insurance/ etc... and through our chamber of commerce, those that are members of "barter club" can be listed

Most important is LOVE... yes thats it... plain love for our fellow man.. disregarding selfish gain.... getting what is worth for our time, making friends.. ( I am not trying to be pollyana... but we need more LOVE in the world)

Please share your ideas with me... I know THIS WILL WORK!
See if this will work in your community too. Please lets keep this thread going! Please wish me, my community well!

posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 07:40 AM
S&F. It's not a bad idea, but it's also not a new one and somehow it just doesn't take off, more complicated than it looks I guess.

posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 07:42 AM
This was going on back in the 1970's (i remember because i'm old). And as usual the Fed Govt got involved and the IRS formalized its rules on taxing barter income. They actually came out with a form 1099-B, "Proceeds from Broker and Barter Exchange Transactions". I know it sucks!

posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 07:48 AM
from what i read in one of the articles is that basically you are creating a local currency that is backed by the US dollar. UHHHH. You are better off seceding from the kuntree.

posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 03:21 PM

Originally posted by asperetty
from what i read in one of the articles is that basically you are creating a local currency that is backed by the US dollar. UHHHH. You are better off seceding from the kuntree.


Nope its not backed by US dollars. Each person will have the right/option to also "work" in our community to get
"paid barter $$$"

I am putting a board of directors together after Thanksgiving. First of all, this is already being done in many places and this is LEGAL.. LEGAL... LEGAL!

1) The "money" will stay in our community
2) We are creating JOBS for businesses that do not have money to hire someone
3) Businesses will attract more business from the community that are looking for things to buy, and if they have "barter money" they can afford to "spend" money.
4) Businesses and indidivuals pay a small "fee" to join annually renuable
5) a small % of each stores transaction will go into a community "bank" (we will have several directors overseeing this) and "$$$" accumilates to "loan" to the community at 0% interest for those building their businesses and want the business to grow. The "loan" must be approved by the board members.
6) Barter/Yard sales for those members that have crafts to "sell" and no store front, but work out of their home.
7) This is built OFFLINE so that when TSHTF... We will not depend on the Internet for our business. Our community will be stronger because of the groundwork we are doing NOW. When the walls of society come crashing down.. we will already have a "system" in place outside of the Federal greenbacks that will not last much longer.

There are endless ways to make this work... Most important each business or person is responsible for their taxes and what is needed to be paid to the IRS-

So I will give this a go.... as I no longer believe the current system will last much longer. (Of course ot wont work for everyone or everything, but most everyone can enjoy these fruits and benefits of haviing $$$ options during hard times.)

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