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Truth as you see it

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posted on Nov, 20 2010 @ 11:50 PM
"I would first like to introduce myself as your “enemy” or one of the greedy, vile, psychopathic evil tyrants you all seem to loathe.

I would then like to clue you all into reality. I have been watching the truth seeker types for some time now and your feeble attempts as “waking” people up to “reality”. I find it interesting because many of you seem very observant and of a higher intellect than the masses but still fall short in realizing ultimately your efforts are in vain.

We have been creating your reality for thousands of years now. We have been through many different Eras of human kind and development, and still your kind remains as it was designed. Many of you claim injustices and inequalities and many horrendous acts of violence and hatred from “TBTP” yet you fail to realize ultimately it is your lack of action and weak foundations that allow those injustices to persist.

Many of you parallel your treatment and place in the world as that of sheep or cattle which is conceptually correct. There is no difference. You claim sentience because you can think intellectually and have a perception of “free will”, yet you have neither. You don’t have the slightest idea what freedom really entails, you are a very confused, childish set of creatures. You fight for the freedom to restrict your freedoms with laws and regulations. You fear like no other creature fears and it rules your existence to the point of insanity. You are illogical and hypocritical self destructing organisms. You still operate on primal fear based decision making abilities and have not yet evolved to intellectual based though processes. This is why you are so incredibly easy to manipulate, deceive, and control.

None of you are worth the dirt you walk on. You will not fight for your freedoms, but will claim so. You will not make choices in your own best interest because fear creates your reality. You could have stopped us easily long ago but you don’t have the gumption or self worth. You topple like dominoes at the slightest push. You listen and do as you are told because you still believe in authority and inequality. Your belief that someone is better than you manifests that reality and you must live it. You are not worthy of sympathy or pity the reality you live in is YOUR OWN CREATION! We do not feel guilty for treating you as livestock, just as you do not feel guilty for treating livestock as livestock.

Many of you have caught onto some of our plans and you find them “evil” yet you will do nothing to stop us, we never directly force you into any of your “unfortunate” situations, you go there willingly because you are afraid of running your own lives. You are afraid of control and hand it over at every opportunity.

Why do we run the world? Because we can
Why can we run the world? Because you let us if not ask us to with your inaction to take control
Why do you let us? Because you are afraid
Why are you afraid? Because you are still primal animals

If you convince the masses they are in control and they don’t have to stand up for it, do you honestly think that will persist? You know nothing more than the world we created for you, you cannot think outside the box enough to keep from walking back into your cages. You will take control just to, simply give it over again. For ages now you all have refused to evolve because you will not refuse to operate on a primal level, you cannot and will not grow no matter what lessons of suffering you endure through your own ignorance.
So here I see a sight dedicated to enlightenment and the search of knowledge and truth. But what good is truth or knowledge to livestock?

The people you hate and despise are empowered by your spinelessness, and for that you reap what you sow, your kind needs leaders because without them you know not how to live on your own. You are the perfect host."


Ok, so no I'm not really the enemy and really no one of significance on the world stage. I worded this thread this way initially to keep your attention. I thought maybe it would be more appealing in this manner. However I hope ultimately the readers understand the point that is trying to be made here.

The point of that 3rd person rant is to first get attention to "WHY" possibly the corruption and evil from the power in this world exist.

If we as a RACE OF PEOPLE!....not as John and Bob the individuals, nor black or white, Jewish or Christian, American or European, we could possible have the biggest enlightenment of all. We are destined to be slaves by the very way we conduct ourselves as a race of people.

As a group of people we cannot live free lives because we don't know how and we NEVER have. We have lived under someone's thumb for all of our existence. I don't know who invented leaders and kings, and emperors or presidents but I do know why, and its from FEAR.

I'm not too sure exactly what I'm trying to say here other than I feel like the masses of the world are being treated like the children they are. Until we can start living completely on our own and are willing to conquer our fears and fight until the death for the lives we want, we will never deserve them, and our cries of injustice and what have you will fall on def ears. Many of you here and myself included are aware of what wrongs are being done in the world, but were not doing much to combat it. We cry like infants who cannot help them selves any other way then to just scream and cry aloud.

We are all waiting for something. Why are we waiting for Marshall Law? FEMA Death-camps? Project Blue Beam, the Antichrist, Armageddon, Nibiru, Collapse of the Dollar, New World Order, Marks of the Beast, Implanted Chips, Reptilian Overlords, Revelations, so on and so fourth just choose your poison. Why are we all just sitting idly by and waiting for one or all or any of those to come to pass or not to pass? Does it matter?

If all those things were complete fantasy and rubbish would there still not be a problem in the world? Would there still not be the less leading and owning the few? Would there still not be a divided and worthless mass of people who cannot amount to anything more than crying infantile children?

THIS is why nothing ever changes and nothing ever gets done and things NEVER get better but only worse. I truly do believe this is the ultimate conspiracy and its one of ourselves as human beings not living up to our potential and bitching and moaning like the infantile children we are.

I don't believe is has to stay this way though. I know we are capable of more but we have to get rid of our fears first and fore most. A man in fear is at the mercy of terror forever and ever.

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posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 12:31 AM
Hey, I liked your post! That was very clever of you...
This world needs a change. There's nothing except a mass world wide event that could change people perceptions on the matter.

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