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A message from Credo Mutwa

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posted on Jun, 30 2004 @ 06:59 PM

Credo Mutwa is an African Sanusi (Shaman) and official historian of the Zulu nation.

Because of the way David Icke's site is updated, the link below may be superceded in the future. Therefore I include here a complete transcript of Credo's prophecies.

This year 2004 is one of those years when many strange things will happen in several parts of the world. Especially toward the end of the October/November period, this is the year when dramatic happenings will take place.

A number of prominent men will die this year and their deaths will cause the change of the course of human history. I see a shadow in the eyes of Osama bin Laden. I see a shadow behind Yasser Arafat. A terrible man will come to power in Egypt and he will replace the peacemaker Mubarak and return Egypt to extremism.

I see great trouble facing President Bush in the USA, especially in September and November.

But I see amazing and beautiful efforts made by unlikely people in Palestine and Israel. These people will reach out to each other. The daughters of India and Pakistan will kiss each other through barbed wire and soldiers will exchange cigarettes instead of bullets.

I see great danger, certain people will try to undermine peace like never before. But Lady of Justice Mapiri ("Lady Wolf") will be present, who will overthrow them.

This is the year when criminals of all cultures will be punished. This is the year people will try their best to create harmony around the world and we need to support them.

If you are a thief and have "stolen another man's cow" - expect to be a prisoner.

If you are a king who has stolen another king's throne, you will be kicked from the castle wall. This is the year when people like Robert Mugabe will get their 'come-up-pence.'

So be careful thieves, drug dealers and thieving kings, your time of justice has come.

Credo Mutwa

posted on Jun, 30 2004 @ 07:08 PM

soldiers will exchange cigarettes instead of bullets.

Hmm...sounds like the same thing to me

It's a little too cryptic for my taste...of course shaman have a way of leaving you hanging (no pun intended). Very interesting post though...I wouldn't doubt a few of his remarks:

I see a shadow in the eyes of Osama bin Laden. I see a shadow behind Yasser Arafat.

I see great trouble facing President Bush in the USA, especially in September and November.

Perhaps here he's referring to the DVD release of F 9/11

posted on Jun, 30 2004 @ 07:39 PM
Although there's stuff about Icke I tend to disbelieve, I always liked his stuff about Credo.
Thanks for posting it in its entirety. We'll see how things stand in January 2005.

BTW, you quite the jetsetter

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posted on Jun, 30 2004 @ 08:49 PM
Okay - I laughed OUT LOUD when I got a gander at that pic (or should I say 'Pixy/Pisky'!

You are in rare form today Pisky! Just a laugh riot!

I'm all about Credo Mutwa
I'm diggin' on his groovy prophecies - seems there's gonna be H*LL to pay, eh?

posted on Jun, 30 2004 @ 11:45 PM
I wonder if the trouble with Bush could refer to the re-election, or possibly the prediction of his assasination?

posted on Jul, 1 2004 @ 12:53 AM
Ah, I like the cryptic shamanistic approach.
Pisky, I was having the most horrible day...until I saw your pic!!! Thanks for the laugh (even if the prophecies aren't too reassuring)

posted on Jul, 1 2004 @ 12:58 AM
My friend walked in the room when I was replying to your message and totally started busting up laughing at the pic...I'm sure the "stimulant" added to the effect...then he questioned my sanity of posting in ATS - he's obviously not denied ignorance

posted on Jul, 1 2004 @ 01:30 AM
Excellent post.

Not a fan of Icke, but as for Mutwa, any guy that can wear all that jewelry and not look stupid can't be all bad.


posted on Jul, 1 2004 @ 01:48 AM
David Icke's latest book had pix of Credo's necklace and what it means. I'll have a look on the net to see if I can find it, otherwise I'll have to see if I can get the pix from the book scanned. Its a fascinating piece of jewellery - 500 years or so old and if you look at it closely (as the pix in Icke's book show) you can see a UFO, a reptilian and various other interesting sections.

posted on Jul, 1 2004 @ 06:28 AM
I think you ought to send the link to this thread to David Icke - just so he can see that PIC! (unless, of course, you are worried about 'copyright' laws and his getting p*ssed about downloading that pic!)

Oops.. edited out a request for a pic blowup for the jewelry - after rereading the above post saying you'd be trying to do just that!

We await this fascinating pic blow up so we can examine the details

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posted on Jul, 1 2004 @ 06:43 AM
I recently downloaded a David Icke video and it Icke interviews this man, describing him as an amazing human being.

Somewhere David Icke does go into detail on the video about the necklace worn by Credo, but I forget what part that is in.

The links are posted below, for those who don't fancy ploughing through the rest of the talk, the video showing the interview is part three.


posted on Nov, 26 2008 @ 09:42 AM
The aliens are here because they Originate from us ; )

They are us ...


posted on Sep, 20 2010 @ 03:54 AM
There's a plead for stop looting Africa by Credo recently. Here's the text:

"Credo Mutwa, Zulu spiritual leader, spoke to Bill Ryan and David Icke in Kuruman, South Africa, on Tuesday 24th August 2010, and appealed for an end to the looting of Africa.

Credo Mutwa refers to the AIDS/HIV virus which, according to some experts, was engineered as a bioweapon to depopulate Africa to allow coporations to access land, mines and resources. In the 1980s, deliberately contaminated blood transfusion stocks from the World Health Organisation delivered the HIV bioweapon to people throughout Africa, it has been alleged.

Credo Mutwa’s speech:

Last night, I thought at long last I would find the rest I need. I cannot live in a world where there is so much evil, a world at the same time which has so much potential for good.

I demand of the nations of the world: stop looting Africa. Stop defiling my motherland. Listen to Africa, please. Listen to a race already under sentence of death by American, British and whatever scientists.
We have been sentenced to death without being given a chance to plead in our own defence. We have been condemned like unwanted dogs.

A disease was made specifically to destroy us. We have never been given a chance.

Before the judgement seat of whatever imaginary God there may be, I demand that Africa be given a hearing. I demand that Africa should not be destroyed until she has had her fullest chance to plead in her defence. Even a criminal standing on the very edge of the scaffold, still has a chance to speak in his or her defence.

I want Africa to be given a fair hearing by the nations of the world before she is destroyed, because we are being destroyed. America, Britain, and whatever monstrous creatures are skulking behind those nations, have sentenced my people to death.

But we Africans are the golden link that connects all humanity together. We should be listened to. We have got a case to plead at the foot of the judgement seat of cruel humanity.

I have lived. I have travelled. I feel no sense of achievement. I just feel a great sorrow that a nation can sentence another nation to death, like so much vermin.

My wife of forty years is dead. The woman who presented me with eight children is gone. My eyes are haunted by the memory of her.

I, Credo Mutwa, have no right to breathe the air of this Earth. I should die and go …. go to hell in a bucket, for all I care. But the truth must be spoken through these lips before they are silenced forever."

(Text From Jane Burgermeister Website)

Notice he said "Imaginery GOD". That is correct because there is no GOD. Credo Mutwa must be heard and people must understand that he is privvy to information about the creation of the human race primarily the history of the reptillian race known as the Annunaki.

Detailed interview:

The Reptillian Agenda Interview Video:

Sorry I can't access youtube at work........

Great stuff. I'd rather listen to what he has to say rather than our Illuminati controlled governments!!

posted on Sep, 20 2010 @ 04:26 AM
Oh and there is a story from Bill Ryan regarding Credo's 'Necklace Of Mysteries'

David Icke and I (Bill Ryan) recently met with Credo Mutwa, the great Zulu shaman, healer, and keeper of African tradition. He told us a horror story.
The short version of what happened is this. A few months ago, earlier in 2010, Credo was being pestered daily over the phone by someone who claimed he was from a group of young Zulus about his "betrayal of the Zulu nation" by talking so much to white people.
Exasperated, he put the famous and priceless Necklace of the Mysteries on his shoulders and took a train to Swaziland to confront the people who were giving him such a hard time.
When he arrived, he was set upon and tortured. They started pulling his fingernails out with pliers. The Necklace was taken from him, and he was put on a train back home. In the background, throughout all this, was a white man whom Credo did not recognize.
If you know ANYTHING about the theft of this priceless, ancient artifact, of inestimable value to the history of Africa and the human race - but very likely now in the hands of white men who are only interested in money - please contact in full confidence. Thank you.

Looks like the Babylonian Brotherhood nicked the necklace!!

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