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Collen Thomas is mentally unstable.

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posted on Nov, 22 2010 @ 09:08 AM
I got thinking after reading another forum will be interviewing her tonight.
So that hit a nerve and now I....... got an epiphany.

What if this is an act much like Andy Kaufman had his act of being 'insane"?

What is starting to make sense to me is: Every other person is uploading their predicted doom on the Internet. So it's become an over-crowded market place.
So to help set her apart from the others, she has parlayed her reasonably good-looking (naked-photo-selling) self into a Pleadian channeling nut-job.

Who goes on public record (as nonchalantly without worrying about her pride) and tells thousands of people that OTHER people/family wants them committed? That's not the most endearing thing you can say about yourself and I think even a psychopath has more dignity than that

So it is now my belief this is a shtick
An Internet act to come off as batty as you can, look as good as you can and peddled your absolutely off-the-wall BS to all the lost people and voilà...... you're a cyber-kook and now people pay you to get an interview withcha!

What's next? Miss Colleen (wannabe Cleo) with an 800 number for readings?

I've gone from feeling sorry for her to being scared for us and now......I salute her!

posted on Nov, 22 2010 @ 09:12 AM
well, here is colleen thomas' autobiography, i think it explains a LOT.

"Allow me to tell you about myself and what I believe:

I am not a religious person but I am a Christian and a very spiritual person who is in love with our Creator. The highest expression of love is acceptance of one another as we are. It is wrong to impose personal ideals on others and make them cow tow, feel condemned, shunned or judged for being different. We have inflicted a lot of pain and harm on one another by way of acting superior or demanding people act according to personal religious beliefs. What some have done to torment people born of another color, religion, creed, sect, heritage, sexual orientation etc... is horrendous.

It is regrettable that some Christians have lent to a generalized fear that all have a tendency toward judging the "different" as defective, deviant and so on. The reason for this superior "up-down" thinking does not come from the Creator nor Jesus, it comes from the angry, jealous Elohim who told humans their souls could be destroyed and would be if we did not obey them. The Elohim lied in order to control this world with fear, they enslave it still. The Elohim are alien sky gods, they are not our loving Creator Father. The Bible is filled with many "gods" if only it were read in Hebrew. The English translation deliberately hid the real words translated as the English words Lord and God, the powers that be had very unkind motives for hiding the truth from us. Our Creator is love and is incapable of hate and would never destroy any of us for any reason, not even the evilest amongst us. The evil go back into the light of love upon death just like anyone else, they will revisit their life history, rest and come back into this 3-D reality to try again until they clear their karma and get it right. Many on earth today have learned all they can and are ready to ascend to the next level of existence as Angelic beings. In just 2.5 years there will be a flash of bright light that will burn everything materiel away leaving only spirit behind. Those aligned with the light of love and imbued with creative energies will not be harmed by that flash, they will merely be transformed by it just as the Bible says, in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye.

Most all Americans in the past have dealt with class separation and prejudice of some kind. It is my belief our country is ready to embrace its own colors can flavors with grace, love and acceptance the way our Divine Father does. Some Christians have spoken in judgment of homosexuals which has given Christians a bad name. Some people fear the Christians for their intolerance of them and their chosen lifestyles. We all have free will, we all have divine rights, we must grow up and start treating others like we would want to be treated, meet all with loving acceptance and support. Hostility and judgment have no place where we are going, those ready to ascend must let go of all of that to put on divinity and walk in love to bring heaven to earth.

My new friend Mike Savage has no confidence that the people can beat the machine at its own game and doubts very much people would elect someone like me with no political experience. What I say to Michael and those who would lead with such a comment is," then how do we explain Obama?" Americans can and will elect anyone they have confidence in, regrettably Obama was a confidence man working for the Bilderberg Group that favors global socialism under the UN to further enslave the people of this planet, our American people especially. Americans know this has to change and they know that change has to come from outside the machine and I am as far outside the machine you can get. The political machine would have a field day smearing me because I come with lots of material to be smeared with owing to my "trailer trash" upbringing but this is America, where we start out and where we end up can be a dream scape apart.

I was born poor white trash to an Irish/Cherokee family that migrated from Mo to OR then to CA. The family, in my childhood was riddled with incest, pedophiles, sodomites, violent alcoholics and lots of mental illness. My parents are close relatives and have children that are cousins as well as siblings. My father beat my mother in front of her children and at times physically attacked some of us like the trained military man he was. When my father was not around my mother beat us with weapons like hair brushes, electrical wires, wooden hangers, belts and so on. My mother herself was beaten in those same ways by her stepmother who didn't love her or her brother and would rage on them when her husband was out drinking and gallivanting around the bars at night. My mother was raped repeatedly by her own brothers and saw a five year old cousin walk up to her daddy and take out his member to perform oral sex on him in front of everyone as if that were normal behavior. That little girl was taught that oral sex was the right way to show her daddy love and affection, can you even imagine?!?!?! The same boys that raped my mother became men that preyed upon her daughters doing the most unnatural acts to us you can dare allow yourself to imagine. One of my own brothers was an offender as well.

At the age of 14 I was sent to live with a sister in AR because I was too rebellious. I would sneak out of the house to party with my friends, doing drugs and goofing off. I cut school repeatedly to go get high with my friends and my grades were terrible as a result. When you live in violence, abuse and chaos you naturally seek escape and drugs were popular in the early 70's when I was doing such things. Well I had had enough fun for my parent's taste and after they had shuffled me back and forth between one another with the "ok, you deal with her if you think you can do a better job" attitude too many times for me to count I was pawned off on my 17 year old married sister living in Russelville AR. I was never supervised by an adult ever again from the age of 14 on.

I met a a shy young man in AR who showed me a gallant side of himself when I passed out from a vodka drinking contest at a friend's trailer early the summer of 1974. As I lay unconscious the young man sat beside me protecting my honor from all the young men I was there alone with (my sister went home in the car and left me behind). I fell in love with that 18 year old and not many months later I was sexually active with him. In six months I was pregnant and still only 14 years old. That gallant young man married me but he turned out to be a very dangerous mentally ill person who would attack me right out of the blue without provocation and without the influence of any drug or alcohol. At least my dad drank, that made him somewhat predictable but my first husband was completely unpredictable in his terrorizing of me.

I barely got out of my first marriage with my life. Attempts against my life were made more than once but in the south in the 70's you could beat your wife, it was acceptable then as women were still listed as "chattel" in the laws there meaning wives were regarded as personal property to dispose of as the husband wished. My husband attempted to bind and rape me when I was pregnant at the age of 16, the baby did not survive his treatment of me, our would be son was lost at a little more than six months gestation and he never had to answer for the loss of that tiny life. That gallant young man also put a gun full of bird shot in my face but because my brother walked in at that moment my face and eyes were spared his intended mutilation of me.

My first husband strangled me unconscious and beat me up like I were punching bag with such fierceness I sustained considerable injuries but he was never punished in spite of my calls for help to his Army officers and civilian police. In Dallas TX I was treated for a torn rotater cuff and broken eardrum from battery and no one called a social worker or offered any aid whatsoever, that is just what life was like for women in the south in those days. Police would come and go without anyone being arrested, not even the day I was strangled unconscious and came to very aware he was trying to figure out what to do with my body.

I'm sorry to say that as that seven years of hell ended that I did not do much better in my next marriage and barely survived that one as well. I was not beaten in the second marriage I was subjected to threats and intimidation and near daily hostility in times of financial stress which was about six months out of every year. My life was nearly lost to stress related ailments but thanks to my youngest daughter who was 16 at the time I finally saw the light that my immature dermoid tumor, IBS, migraine headaches, cluster headaches and finally the heart attack I suffered at age 41 were all related to her father's treatment of me. I finally left my second husband after 17 years of marriage inside a Christian cult that did not honor women and did not respect free will. I was told God hates divorce and was forbidden from escaping that hell I was living in. I had given up my personal power to the ministry of the church and suffered mightily for my stupidity. God does not hate anything and does not relish in the suffering of anyone for any reason or cause.

Because my second husband was a tradesmen he did not have year round work and would not do alternate kinds of work in the off seasons for construction in the Lake Tahoe and Carson Valley regions. Since I was an 8th grade drop out I could only do menial jobs to help out. I tried not to work as much as possible because I had five children at home who needed me. It was not uncommon for me to race home at lunch, nurse a baby and go back to work while all my husband did was play guitar and listen to Rush Limbaugh all day, no housework, shopping or anything else to otherwise lighten my load during the six months each year he stayed at home and I worked. This situation was of course a recipe for a very harsh life for me.

Though I was trained to regard myself as a bubble headed idiot I got over my fear of making my stupidity official were I to fail the GED and challenged it anyway at the age of 32 or 33. I feared that failing the GED would prove the men in my life were right about me, that I was stupid, dumb and would be totally useless if not for my looks. I got up the guts to go ahead and take the darn test because who knew, maybe I could pass parts of it and only have to take a few courses to finally pass the whole thing. My goal was simply to get my GED so I would not have to lie on job applications about my education level any longer, my integrity did not like how it felt to lie to get a job. I passed the GED on the first try with a score in the 92nd percentile for the nation. I did not know any algebra at the time and so my score on the math section came out at about the 84th percentile for the nation, still not bad considering the average adult should score around the mean of the 50th percentile.

I waited three months to go back to WNCC to get my GED test results because I was so afraid of having failed it and I just could not stand to feel any worse about myself than I already had for over 30 years. The ladies in the Admissions and Records Dept recognized my name when I finally went in and asked for my results because they were eager to meet the one who had scored the highest score they had ever seen in working there. I was confused about their excitement over the hearing of my name, how could they know me I wondered. The woman that brought me the envelope with my results sauntered back into the room with it clutched to her chest with a huge smile on her face clearly indicating she knew something important that I did not. When I looked at the scores I thought I was looking at grades. Since my only thought was relief that I had passed the thing and would not have to take all the four years of high school I had missed the woman asked me if I understood what the scores meant. Because I was not sure what they meant I answered the woman gingerly "that I got a B in math and A's on the rest?" They all laughed and said "no, no" and then explained that I had out performed what the average American could score on that test by nearly double the national average, I was stunned!

The women that danced with such excitement and enthusiasm to give me such good news asked me if I was going to sign up for classes with their school. "Well no," I answered, "I just needed my GED so I could get better jobs." The women all protested at my response and told me I could be anything I wanted to be and suggested I go home and decide what that was going to be and come back to take classes for a degree. When I told them I could not afford such a thing they sent me to the financial aid office where I easily qualified for a full ride through community college. I graduated that school Magna Cum Laude and went on to UNR for a biological sciences and nursing degree. The rest as they say is history, I am now recognized by some as a theoretical physicist that is self taught.

I've been asked to submit my physics work for presentation at the next ias-Space, Propulsion & Energy Sciences International conference next March because I have resolved some confusing anomalies that befuddled NASA scientists. My knowledge base is as eclectic as the Internet itself but I woke up on 2-14 of this year with massive revelations about aether physics which has changed my life dramatically. I attended a physics conference in late June, met and spoke with many of the presenters after they were finished to give them notes of the toughts that came to me as they spoke. At one point I was surrounded by men who wanted to know who I was and why I was giving away intellectual property like that. I didn't know what to say but the truth, "I'm nobody and because humanity deserves to know the truth." This country is rigged to deny innovation when it comes to physics. The mainstream of science is more religious dogma that demands obedience than open and free investigation to explore the "what if" zone so little new territory is ever discovered.

The most relevant and promising findings in physics are being discovered in back yard shops and on garage hobby benches than in the most funded labs in the country right now. Trying to tell a trained physicist that electric charge has Euclidean geometry (travels in straight lines) and the magnetic force has Pythagorean geometry (morphs into rounded structures around that line or mass of charge) is like trying to tell the devout there is no God. My Valentine's Day vision and current work does not introduce anything not already known by many highly awarded physicists but they are not getting heard, they are branded fools and ignored. Now hear comes this loud and proud Irish woman from the sticks saying "by damn it they are not wrong and neither am I."

I met Milo Wolff while at the June NPA conference I attended in late June and have come across the work of Ray Tomes and Walter Russel since then, brilliant men that I could not agree with more but they can rot in obscurity as far as the mainstream is concerned. This country will have clean, efficient perhaps even free energy as my Valentine's Day vision tells me is possible because all that is standing in the way of us having these things is the arrogant idea that prior learning contained all that ever need have been learned about physics. Current policies do not favor the out of the box thinkers out there when they absolutely should if we are ever to break free from the oil dependence. Our government spends billions on useless research but not a penny on understanding the Rodin Coil or Bidini's similar device, each the most promising way to over unity energy (more out than in) under consideration right now.

Some accuse the government of conspiracy against free energy technology ad indeed the military has this technology already but hides it because they are controlled by the powers that be. It is also disbelief that stands in the way of funding free energy technology. There needs to be a way for the unbelievable to get funding, it just takes one "nut" with a radical idea to change the world of physics and technology forever. We are past branding our radical thinkers heretics and jailing or murdering them for suggesting something completely new or completely against present convictions about science but we are not yet past ridiculing them as madmen (and women) and assuring their ideas remain obscured and die with them (as in Tesla's and Russel's cases). I will take every action to see to it that my field harmonics (space resonance phonon physics, piezoelectricity, Brown's gas and so on) technologies make it to market.

I have told you my life story so you can know that my life has been no pretty picture but I am not my past except that it has made me tough as nails under pressure. I am impervious to smear tactics because I am telling you the ugly side of those who scarred my heart with shame and abuse but none of that ever broke me until my daughter died unexpectedly two years ago. Tory died aat 28 years old from medical malpractice owing to having been prescribed 7 drugs in one day, 5 of which were respiratory depressants. Tory already had 2 other sedating drugs prescribed by another doctor and the pharmacy that dispensed all of these to her did not flag the risk of death by taking 7 respiratory depressants TOGETHER! Four days later when Tory was in pain in her back again she took her "as needed "Vicodin and it killed her in her sleep in combination with all the others.

I'll say right now that my history is colorful and regrettable, even pitiable some would say but I have never deliberately harmed another soul with malice or forethought nor committed any act to take advantage of another in any of my business dealings. I have suffered many injustices in my life that no one was ever held accountable for, never once because the laws were not on the side of women and are still not on the side of consumers when it comes to drug companies. No attorney will take our case because laws have been enacted by our government to protect them instead of us, well screw that lousy deal for Americans. Big business gets all the breaks while we get broken as a nation, that the hell????? Are we seriously going to keep on feeding the beast and playing like we don't hear "Fe, Fi, Fo, Fum" stomping toward us? C'mon people, wake up, please, I am begging you. People are dying because our government leaders have no heart and know only lust for power. Our people are made ill by polluted food, water and air but survive anyway because there is money in it for big business to keep us from dying.

Because big business can bill the government as a customer the government is upside down and bankrupt, have we gone mad?!?!?! Can we not see that the government has to stop funding customers for big businesses to profit them at our expense? We are grown ups, we can pay our own bills, we work hard and make money like no other nation on this planet, we don't need a sugar daddy to pay our bills for us. Medical care would not cost so much if the government were not billable for it. It is only when you have a blind man like the government that does not go over its bills line by line like an individual does that you get waste and abuse that drives up what the market will bare.

Because the market bares too much because of the government's waste private individuals can no longer afford things that are essential to have like medical care. Our system is idiotic at best and maniacal at worse and I'm telling you that if you do not find non-career politicians to take over every seat in this nation nothing will change. We need to elect smart folks who just want to get in there, clean things up and go home back to their usual lives. Once upon a time gentlemen farmers and those with business savvy did exactly that, got elected to help out and then got back to their ordinary lives after one term. We need to take a serious look at what allowing folks to go the Washington and stay there has done to this nation.

This nation needs someone with my kind of military brat grit, integrity, honor, heart and intelligence, someone with brass who knows how to take a hit and get back up, dust off and dare life to take another shot. Someone who knows how to get things done with brilliance and the kind of raw determination I have shown to rise above my roots to become a successful business woman with class and grace. In business I distinguished myself as a kind leader who knows how to get the best out of others by being supportive, fair and understanding. I could always get my team to adjust to change without complaining about it by helping them see what the end of the growing pains would accomplish for the business, their patients and ultimately themselves. I turned a failing home health agency into profitable one and profitable one into filthy rich one because I know how to create successful outcomes.

When I was in the land development business until two years ago my partners and I made people a lot of money. Until two years ago I was successful with a comfortable lifestyle until the idiots running this country screwed everything up, of course they were aided in our demise by the avarice that drives corporate America. This epic Beastly sized monster we call the Federal government and the wealthy industrialists that control it and the value of the stock exchange have faltered and tumbled to its knees because they went too far in fixing oil prices. It was the price of oil that touched all this off in 2006, it tipped the first domino that collapsed the American Middle Class to the stunned amazement of the world. Why be amazed? Why blame the mortgage industry? This all started at the pumps folks, think back a few years when we were paying almost $4.00 a gallon for gas. People couldn't make their mortgage payments because they were being bled to death at the pumps. The cost for goods and services are tied to transportation and deeply impacted by the price of gas, that is where this all started.

Tell me why the hell we have foreign oil companies drilling just a few miles off our shores? Foreign!!!! What the devil are we doing sitting down and taking this abuse quietly for? We are we blaming the red herring they float in the media instead of our own government officials and the oil and other industrialists they are in bed with? Only 150 families own all the wealth and power on Earth, were you aware of that? Were you aware that the IRS sends money to the IMF where it funds foreign entities like the British Crown and the Vatican? Were you aware that our government is already sending humans to Mars and has been in the space business at a level far grander than you have been made aware going back to the 1970's? They got there by back engineering UFOs that crashed here owing to being shot down. There are alien species who are engaged in a quiet war over our heads and we did not know about it until they started decloaking allowing us to see them as in the great Phoenix lights event. Our government knows about the aliens very well and is finally leaking NASA footage out so we can get used to the idea of not being alone in the universe slow and easy like.

The same idiot practices that tanked the stock market at the turn of the century made their way back into favor after having been outlawed long ago at the last stock market crash, were you aware of that? Betting the margins, going short or going long only tempt insider actions to force things to go in favor of the bet, this is not trading, it is gambling mafia style. That this market tanked is no surprise to the alert and aware, no system that tempts shading dealings can last forever, sooner or later too many get cheated and confidence is lost. Now that confidence has been lost in the US tax machine confidence in our fiat money will follow, then where will we be? Folks I've gotta tell ya, there is a deal on the books that allows only a select robber baron banker few to buy US gold at $42.00 an ounce instead of at market price, what the hell!!! We aren't that stupid are we? Are we just going to ignore such deals and let them stand in spite of the rank raw deal it is for we the people? I think not.

Like so many of you I have lost my retirement nest egg, property and possessions over this crash. I lost my home in September of last year and am living with my most recent ex (he beat me up after my daughter died because I was still crying about it at night 90 days later disturbing his sleep) My ex is about to lose his home now that he has hit a wall trying to make money the only way he knows how, in real estate. I am six months behind on my car payment, without insurance of any kind and barely eating from day to day. When this house goes I won't be able to afford the storage to hold my furnishings so will have to sell those off at prices that will not give me much financial help going forward. I have not been able to get back into working with my nursing degree (been out of patient care too long) and physics does not pay unless you win some kind of prize. It will take time and money to get my inventions based on the new physics I teach to market and I am out of both thanks to the crash that destroyed my company and ruined a lot of you too.

Who better to help lead this country out of this mess than one who has been as affected as any of the rest of us by it? Did Sarah Palin lose her home and retirement in the crash? Does anyone running for office know what it is like to be making choices between buying food or paying the light bill like I have been doing for many months running? No, not one of them is like those of us having to suffer for what has been done to screw Americans over so how can they represent us with any kind of heart or understanding?

I am no stranger to poverty but I did make good with my life after graduating college with my BSN in 1999. I worked as a floor nurse for a few years than went into real estate to ride the bubble up. I was able to get into home health administration last July banking on my business experience but the owner fired me after I confronted his condescending treatment of the women who work for him including me, that was late February of this year and I have been on CA unemployment since then. Now I am unemployable because the disinformation machine has done such a good job of convincing folks that those who believe in alien life and UFOs are either crazy or foolish. What a freaking nightmare!

I know that success follows good intentions when they are shared as a vision. I'm not worried about my situation, I always land on my feet but I could use some help while I find a way to earn a living. I am passionate about helping Americans take their country back right now and rid itself of any and all acquiescence that have been made in our laws and legislation that favor the Industrialists, the banking system, the British Crown and thereby the Vatican where we are treated like property instead of citizens. The way they word Trust Deeds and Land Titles in this country makes us Tenants on our own lands, not owners, tenants! We are supposed to own what is ours, not lease it from some higher authority.

The fight for equality and personal sovereignty I bring will be on a scale this nation has not seen since its fight for independence over 230 years ago. The beauty of this tax and big business revolt is that there will be no war, all we do is keep our money and the Beast will die of starvation while we are resetting the rules of our governance and policies about trade. We will hold people accountable for what has been done to harm our people. Those who use us like lab rats and poison us for military reasons as with chem trail chaff that spreads metals to cloak communications during US military operations, all responsible for such actions will go to jail, mark my words. American men, women and children are not acceptable losses for military operations, that's insane!

The powers that be cannot throw us all in jail for our refusal to participate in an illegal scam like the IRS, most especially when we all revolt together and all put our checkbooks away come tax time. Everyone who has their employer holding taxes out of their pay needs to change that ASAP. We need to strike at the heart of the Beast. We need to stop shopping at huge chain stores, they exist in violation of antitrust laws that are supposed to prevent monopolies like that from forming in the first place. The guys at the top of those monopolies bribe our leaders and fix the game in their favor so stop supporting the problem people. Pay a little me, stop being to cheap you'd build and serve a monster than pay a few extra cents or dollars at a mom and pop independent goods or service provider.

Write and tell me what this country would look like to you if the world were perfect right now. Tell me what you would do if you could change things. Give me all your great ideas on how to turn this mess around. I can tell you that I am going to work hard to decentralize our government, it is a mockery to common sense and less than useless! Our founding Fathers knew centralization was a recipe for disaster and we let it happen anyway. Americans have been far too trusting of their leaders and the leaders stole the country from us and gave it to the fat cats in exchange for that trust.

Our leaders write laws and then exempt themselves from them as if they are Royalty deserving better than we the people deserve. Our leaders serve one term and then live like Kings and Queens on our dime thereafter, why the hell should that be? No wonder the damn system is corrupt, it attracts the greedy who want all the best for themselves while the rest of us can rot as we fund their wet dreams (we are all adults here, I'll not mince words, have never been one to do so). Well enough of this crap right? We the people are awake, aware and mad as hell about being used and abused. Let's show them what regular American folks like us are made of when we lose confidence in the political machine that is screwing us over.

Please send me your thoughts and ideas to and if you are able to please donate funds so I can put together some "we the people against the machine" commercials. If we are effective the better aspects of the Tea Party will join us, we need to run to them and get mixed up in what mires them down, prejudicial stuff mostly but I am all about acceptance. If you agree that this Wild Fighting Mad Irish woman is as logical as she is frank and direct about how to confront and solve what ails us say so with a donation to support me until I can sell some DVDs of my spiritual messages that are on youtube for free but of low quality. In only 5 weeks time tens of thousands of Americans have heard my messages on YouTube and gotten the validation and comfort they seek most in these chaotic times, just imagine if all of them gave just a single dollar for what I teach freely. I'm not looking for a hand out, I'm looking for support for what I stand for and give to all of you.

Many thanks and in so very much love for my country and my American family who deserve better than what they have gotten from this age of materialism and exploitation. Americans are a people of heart and compassion who would do anything to help the suffering worldwide, why should we be hated by the nations we give so generously to and be treated like chattel owned by the government who sold us to foreigners? No reason for this mess to perpetuate regardless of how we got here. If we can wake up our addled minded neighbors focused almost entirely on video games, TV, Hollywood, Farmville and other such nonsense we can turn this situation around entirely. Can I get an amen for that? If yes then please click on the paypal button below and help me do this. We can rock this country like it has not been rocked since its inception, how fun is that?????"

posted on Nov, 22 2010 @ 10:36 AM
reply to post by tonypazzohome

Thanks for sharing her bio. I am still reading it but if this is not an act (as I previously stated, much like a female Andy Kaufman) then, it's the way she's presenting herself to the world.

A lot of things she writes about, is fine. Almost acceptable in fact.
But to come off as a paranoid, unbalanced, all-knowing, disgruntled mad-woman, is doing her justice in fact, it's that that is what's disturbing.

Perhaps the only way for her to garner attention (at her age and with her story) is being the loudest hen in the hen-house? Who knows.
Again, much of what she says (PTB out to get us, sorta thing) resonates within many of us. So it's not the content---- it's the conduct that's the problem I suppose.

So?...she's a bi-product of incest? Wow! Who says these kinda of things except someone who is either crazy or unpretentious.
It's a fine line sometimes between madness and sanity. Love and hate. Truth and lie. Genius and insanity.

It's a crazy mad world out there that's for sure!

posted on Nov, 22 2010 @ 10:43 AM
Why do I keep hearing the "Family Ties" theme when I see this gal?

I think it's safe to say she's a few bricks short of a load...and probably an undiagnosed schizo... She certainly seems unabashed at using the "twins" to sell her story, eh?

posted on Nov, 22 2010 @ 10:48 AM

Originally posted by Human_Alien

Who goes on public record (as nonchalantly without worrying about her pride) and tells thousands of people that OTHER people/family wants them committed? That's not the most endearing thing you can say about yourself and I think even a psychopath has more dignity than that

Actually. things like that have happened before. I watched earlier this year, on Discovery, a documentary with a attached interview with a commited Woman that had been labeled as Schizophrenic. She widely revealed to the billions of watchers about how those or these people had been trying to have her commited and she also revealed the whole story from her own point of view. Actually, she even sounded and acted more sane than Colleen.

So no, telling millions of people that someone are trying to have them commited is not a sign of hoaxing. In fact, I would say that it rather points towards the person being genuine and sincere in their beliefs, as they apparently wants to leave a statement as a sort of ensurance; "If this or that happens to me, this is why, and those are the people responsible for it".

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posted on Nov, 22 2010 @ 10:55 AM
reply to post by Nightchild

Oh, I think she genuinely BELIEVES these things are happening to her....whether or not they are of course...??? But I really doubt it...and her story.

posted on Nov, 22 2010 @ 10:59 AM
reply to post by Nightchild

It can be one of three things actually.

Telling people 'you're a phone call away from being taken away' can be a sign of: genuineness (as you say), insanity (as most say) or marketing (as I just said).
The thing is, every other person who knows (of) her, comments to her and talks about her is saying "she's insane'. So instead of implementing some damage control by perhaps having people who know her, come aboard and prove the contrary....she's perpetuating the claim by claiming it herself!

Who does that?

Am still reading her bio.

posted on Nov, 22 2010 @ 11:29 AM
Thanks for the bio. This just made me stop and post

I graduated that school Magna Cum Laude and went on to UNR for a biological sciences and nursing degree. The rest as they say is history, I am now recognized by some as a theoretical physicist that is self taught.

I've been asked to submit my physics work for presentation at the next ias-Space, Propulsion & Energy Sciences International conference next March because I have resolved some confusing anomalies that befuddled NASA scientists. My knowledge base is as eclectic as the Internet itself but I woke up on 2-14 of this year with massive revelations about aether physics which has changed my life dramatically. I attended a physics conference in late June, met and spoke with many of the presenters after they were finished to give them notes of the toughts that came to me as they spoke. At one point I was surrounded by men who wanted to know who I was and why I was giving away intellectual property like that. I didn't know what to say but the truth, "I'm nobody and because humanity deserves to know the truth."

Really? Really?! She's resolved some confusing things that have baffled NASA scientists. Just woke up one day with massive revelations. Really? This woman can't even hold a coherent thought to present it

Now back to reading the rest of the bio...

posted on Nov, 22 2010 @ 11:31 AM
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her story is suspiciously similar to cathy o'brien's. cathy's family denies the incest/molestation ever happened.

posted on Nov, 22 2010 @ 12:08 PM

Originally posted by tonypazzohome
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her story is suspiciously similar to cathy o'brien's. cathy's family denies the incest/molestation ever happened.

Well here again, it can go both ways. Either it happened and, it's being denied (understandably) or, it never happened and it's being denied (obviously)

One day, the Human race will be telepathic where all thoughts/truths will just radiate from us at which point, we'll be a truthful, loving, caring species because there will be no more room to be deceiving.

Until then, mankind has a long ways to go!

Cathy O'brien? Never heard of her. Will have to Google her.

posted on Nov, 22 2010 @ 12:14 PM
Reply Gazrok/ Human Alien

Yes ofcourse. I am not arguing wether what she says is true or not(Personally I believe that she is "a bit Confused", as they worded it in the old days), I am just saying that I haven't seen any sign of it being a deliberate "Stunt", so to speak.

As for why she isn't going online with people backing up her story- Who knows why.
Maybe there simply aren't anyone left that she trust? After all, she said she kicked out her husband because she found out that he was a Reptilian, that Youtube is owned by Draconians, and that she also cut contact with her sister because she "was one of them" and " a real B@tch". Although I do not want to argue on that matter, as I don't know. Maybe her sister really is a B@tch, just as Colleen says-Or maybe not.

Anyway, maybe she is simply just relying on the mental support of her Youtube-watchers. After all, it is apparent that she has alot of fans that is watching her clips, and I have several times seen people in the commentary-sections thanking her for "putting the truth out" and "God bless" and that 'everyone have to listen to what she says because it is the truth', and so on. o.O

Oh well..

posted on Nov, 22 2010 @ 12:41 PM
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cathy o'brien is a supposed mk ultra former government sex slave who wrote "tranceformation of america" which details her travails and being used by some very famous names. she also claims to be from a household of satanists who molested and made her star in bestiality films from a young age. both these women had abusive relationships in their life and seem to be damaged.

posted on Nov, 22 2010 @ 01:34 PM
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yep, certifiable fruit loop
with a scam in hand.

I also think she is a member here
so she may be reading this thread.

Here is her facebook page

also there have been threads posted here on ATS
that she was dead. But her facebook page says
she posted 15 hrs ago with:

The world to end today at 12 pm - time subject to change


and a related thread here

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posted on Nov, 22 2010 @ 01:52 PM

Originally posted by Gazrok
Oh, I think she genuinely BELIEVES these things are happening to her....whether or not they are of course...??? But I really doubt it...and her story.

We need more like her
Get the MSM doing more interviews with them. That we can have more stories of contrail missiles launched from Cinese subs off the coast of LA

Hope she flies soon... then she can help with the counter attack on TSA...

Me? I am going to call the NAVY and see if they can get me off this rock

posted on Nov, 22 2010 @ 01:55 PM
her last posts form Facebook..

Colleen Thomas: The Destiny fund at will serve as your way of supporting our anti-Armageddon agenda of the Shadow Governments who conspire for world domination. Thank you all for your support of the One Love Army who serve in honor of Prime Creator's will for your ascension into the heights of Heaven where love and... abundance abound. Help us finish our unstoppable work quicker by supporting us strongly now. The faster we, your parents turn all the gates around the faster evil leaves here forever. Be in love with one another and at ease, all will serve our aims. Avoid the evil ones until this passes.
Colleen Thomas: I will be updating along the way. We are on the road and will need specific kinds of help as we go. We will need a very rugged cross rocky mountain terrain vehicle, a posy with RVs and supplies that will help Joshua and I not only reverse the flow on evil but speak publically as we go. We need an underground railroad of sorts. We are not fugitives so this need not be secret, it just needs recorded or broadcast live. Josh and I are still not fully conscious but we are getting a great deal these last few days.

Colleen Thomas
I will be ditching my phone and all gps devices. My laptop will serve as com line and rally point. My skype is colleenthomas11 Please keep contact to media personal only. I have far too many emails and voicemails to sort out which may be a TV or radio station.

We love you all and want you all to trust we have this transitional phase in hand. We are not on the run, we are just in a hurry. Do not worry for our King and I, we are protected, we just need assistance to finish our work.

In love,

Destiny, Father-Mother God

posted on Nov, 25 2010 @ 01:21 AM
lol, oh my gosh, that poor thing

posted on Nov, 25 2010 @ 01:07 PM
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What? Is she actually on the run, or did I missunderstand the whole thing?

posted on Nov, 25 2010 @ 02:26 PM
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I wondered that, too. It seems intended to imply just that....with the requisite subtle edge of paranoia thrown in, for good measure.

Almost like, a script, and an act.

Or maybe, that big ole' house that was the backdrop for so many of her videos? Got foreclosed? Kicked out? She once mentioned that some members of her family (obviously, the ones who care about her, and wish her to seek help) were trying to convince her to commit herself.

Or, maybe she's a big fan of Cher....and is following the entertainer on her latest "Final" worldwide tour!!

(Cher has done several "Final" tours, that I can recall. Funny, funny stuff, it is....)
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posted on Nov, 26 2010 @ 07:28 PM
I don't think Colleen has problems with her mentality. She just seems as a hot overaged lady, a.k.a as MILF. And she may turn right about many things. I'm also an alien contactee. I was told by divine forces that very bad things are going to happen to the United States. I son't want to sound nuts or create stress and scare you. I was told the dollar will collapse in the coming years. America will be devastated. A global change will happen but not in 2012, and not in a single day, but gradually.

posted on Nov, 26 2010 @ 07:46 PM
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Whose Josh? For that matter, whose Destiny, Father-Mother God?
Oh my, I was just going to stick up for her just now, she makes it so very hard to understand and defend.

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