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WAR: Zarqawi Safehouse Pounded

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posted on Jun, 30 2004 @ 06:53 PM
A militant safehouse owned by the Jordanian terrorist, al-Zarqawi was hit by a US missile in Fallujah. The US gave no further details about the attack. Villagers in Fallujah say that four are dead and ten injured. No word if Zarqawi was in the rubble.

Source Reuters on Yahoo:

The U.S. statement said "whenever and wherever we find elements of the Zarqawi network we will attack them."

Source AP on Yahoo:

The attack came hours after insurgents fired mortar rounds at a U.S. base on the outskirts of Baghdad's airport, wounding 11 soldiers and starting a fire that burned for over an hour.

That attack, along with a car bomb that exploded outside a police headquarters in Samawah, 150 miles south of the capital, added to the evidence that insurgents have no plans of letting up attacks even after U.S. coalition authorities handed over sovereignty to an interim Iraqi government on Monday.

This has been the fourth attack this month in Fallujah aimed at al Zarqawi. There has been no official word on who died and was injured in the blast. Maybe we got him this time. I feel bad for the people in Fallujah though, at least the innocent ones who have to endure these bombings. There is also dispute in the city on whether police from Saddam's army (US sanctioned) run the city or the forces of a radical cleric.

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