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Jamaican ghost throws a kid around in front of news camera

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posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 06:19 PM

Originally posted by yabbadabbadoooooo
Hope they were paid well, cause it is a fake.

how? the only logical way of faking tie a rope to the chair and have a couple of guys pull it but then it would tip back and not slide because of the weight differential plus the force of the pull.

again physically wise...this can not be done.
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posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 06:36 PM
It seems to me, that the believers are providing a lot more possible evidence to this being genuine than the debunkers to this being a hoax. Hey maybe something genuinely weird has happened here, maybe not all jamaicans are hoaxers who are after making money, cant believe that poster said this.

posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 07:19 PM
This once excellent thread has now become a irksome and irratating opinion forum. As I stated in a earlier post, no one can judge the genuiness or falsity of the video, certainly not from a position sitting in a chair in their own home.

I would suggest that genuinely interested posters would seek out the posts presenting fair and reasonable logic. Those posters who have stated an outright opinion of hoax can be dismissed (as they the video) with a contemptuous wave of the hand, equally so, those whose outright opinion states the video to be genuine. So, let's repeat the caution that should be taken to mind before making a cannot determine the genuiness or falsity of this video sat in the comfort of your chair in your home, you simply cannot.

In order to arrive at a correct and professional conclusion to this video you have to research the story's history. No one who has posted to this thread has done that. Not one poster (including myself) has gone to Jamaica and investigated the claims of the case. No one has interviewed the boy or his family members, nor their neighbours or the TV crew that presented the video. How, therefore, can any one of us claim it be either genuine or false?

The video itself does not provide any useful visual or auditory clues to help us make a correct decision either way. Simply to opt for it to be genuine or false as a opinion (culled from one's own belief system) is an injustice to the video's presentation, and to one's own perception...belittling the display of one's own logic reasoning prowess also. Reasoning that relies on self-evidency, which has been displayed in most postings to this thread, is both disingenuous and slapstick.

Taken at face value, the video presents a disturbing visual narrative that ought not to be dismissed out-of-hand, but requires a sympathetic investigation of the events surrounding the case. Only by that manner can it be fully understood and determined to a certain degree to be either genuine or false. No poster to this thread is qualified, nor can claim to be so, to give such a decree to the video.

posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 07:41 PM
After watching the video thoroughly it actually does look pretty real.

At frist i kinda laughed but the second incident they recorded(where he sticks his legs out) is what made me go hmm...

After his mother(?) grabs him you see something grab his legs and twist him around. There is nothing indicating that he is twisting his body or his mother is turning him. It literally looks like an invisible person grabs his leg and flips him around.

Can anyone debunk that for me?

posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 07:58 PM
After watching the video over several times on both paranormal occurrences I have come to my hypothesis.

The first occurence is quite spooky - at first it would seem that his legs push the chair causing him to use his personal momentum in pushing him and the chair back. The problem with this is quite unnerving.

1.His feet are both pointed inwards on the toes, this would be quite difficult to attempt.

2. His whole mid section of his body caves inward as if being pushed from the abdomen forward.

3. Number 2, is especially obvious by looking at his right foot as it flies in natural action to a force at the mid section and slams into the wall to the right of him.

4. The mother's reaction does not seem preplanned, you can see that her action is quite natural.

The second occurrence may be just as startling as the first.

The boy is literally pulled off of his feet. As his mother grabs him his feet are still being pulled by some force as they aren't being dragged.

My conclusion is obvious - and after even further review I am adamant on my stance. The video shows something that is quite unnerving.

posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 07:58 PM
reply to post by elysiumfire
Yes, your right of course, i think we got a bit ahead of ourselves, this isnt going anywhere until deeper research is done.

posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 08:14 PM
reply to post by thedoctorswife

I'm Jamaican and this story has been a hot topic amongst Jamaicans for the last few days.If you understood the interviews of the other persons in the video its clear that this entity's harassments are not limited to the boy. Other persons who had visited the house made claims of objects being thrown at them. There is a follow up video to this where the boy claims that it has happened so frequently that he is used to it and he is often amused not agitated by the entities antics.

Those that are claiming that the boy pushed himself backward are delusional. Watch the video in slow motion again and get back to me. I dont care how skilled you are there is no way that boy sitting on his toes and leaning back could have exerted that much force to push himself back the way it happened. Try to replicate it then get back to me.

The second clip is even more amazing. As other posters have pointed out after his mother grabbed him it seems like his feet were still being pulled by an unseen entity. Once again attempt to replicate his actions in this clip and get back to me. I consider myself to be pretty athletic and I have attempted to replicate both incidents without success.

As for the claims regrading monetary gains. This is not like America where the boy would appear on numerous television shows and the sort. Its not like that in Jamaica and they most certainly weren't paid by the news team for covering their story.
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posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 08:27 PM
reply to post by Nephi1337

I shouldn't have watched this just before going to sleep, now I'm freaked out, haha!

But man, both incidents look trustworthy!

1st: The kid seems really genuine about it.
2nd: The own town is on the issue, not just that family.
3rd: The 1st incident, it really seems as if he is getting pulled back and the chair shakes. (It is really hard to make a chair shake so genuinely like that without help.
4th: The second incident is the best. The first time he puts his leg out can be debunked, but once he is pulled by both legs, it get's genuine. Even when held by the mother, he is floating in the air as if something is holding his legs.

Some damn creepy stuff! Wish there was more footage, and IF it's a hoax, then I saw Well Done!

- Sound & Voice

posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 09:10 PM
I am leaning more towards this being real, only because of my experiences in my own house. Although thankfully the entity in my house seems pretty friendly so far. I have photos of orbs up close travelling fast and pulling sharp turns taken from 4 different cameras when I had a few friends come over one night when I first moved into my house. We all witnessed a small bright light navigating itself around my basement, and changing colour from amber to red, totally surreal. I have video of it whipping up past me before I get into bed, and audio recordings of it spinning a coin on my dresser. Sometimes it will bang it's coin off of my metal furniture, it"s amazing. Although I have also had quite a few sleepless nights when it decides to get a little too noisey. I actually caught it briefly peeking around the wall at me while I was tucking my son into bed. I turned around and as soon as I caught a glimpse it pulled its head back behind the wall, that really freaked me out. It happened so fast I couldn't pick out much detail, but it was as solid as if there was a person in my living room. So I think the video of this kid could be for real, and it could very well be a spirit that was violent when it was in human form, who really knows for sure, all I can say is, I have never been a full believer in this stuff and am not really a spiritual person, but since I have been in my house for two years this hocus pocus stuff can be very real.

posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 09:20 PM
:42 seconds into the video you can see something pushing or grabbing his right Bicept or upper arm. No way does the arm do that naturally.
. This kid needs to be prayed for before he gets hurt.

posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 09:21 PM
This is the most absolute bogus thing I have ever seen in my entire life.

With respect to possible personal encounters of an other-worldy kind that some may have or most likely not have had that are reading this (I can guarantee the true ones would out go out of their way to NOT make a video). This is fake and it has to be typed... there is no doubt in my mind that this is absolutely 100% fake as stuff. F-A-K-E
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posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 09:49 PM

Originally posted by cluckerspud
Looks like his left leg pushes him back.
2 Pennies.
3rd line.

You can see the chair with him in it being pulled back a split second before you see the leg muscles tense. It's as if something pulled the chair and he reacted. I'm not saying its not fake, just that I don't thing he launched the chair himself.
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Haven't you ever had somebody come up and surprise you by pushing you or something and your natural impulse is to jerk in response?
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posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 10:07 PM
Here is a follow up to the first video. They called in a priest and were able to catch the ghost harrassing the boy two more times. But this time they let boy fight the ghost off instead of helping. Looks kind of fake to me now after seeing this. Especially the second encounter.


posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 10:21 PM
My first impression from the follow up video was that the boy was being pulled by fishing wire.

Although he does not really get thrown in a manner that he probably couldn't make his body do voluntarily a few things stood out as odd.

- When the boys leg gets dragged against the wall trying to get him off balance.
- The rope that the boy grabs hold of, it looks as though whatever it was trying to either strangle him or wrap the rope around his body?
- The weird black marking on the left of the house at around 1:03? Could not really make out a symbol.

I think i will stay on the fence on this one, further research is needed.

For the people who are saying this is such an EASY HOAX, well I cant wait for you to show me your video proving that fact

Oh and finally anyone who says this is a HOAX just because the boy seemed to grin just before he was supposedly attacked....People handle emotions in different ways.
Some people tend to laugh or giggle when they are scared, some people cry when they are happy.

Not a good enough point to try and debunk something as weird as this!

Hopefully someone who is good with video analysis will chime in and give us something usable to work with instead of just calling an all out fake from the get go.

posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 10:31 PM
My hat is off to the boy, because he has to have some sick dance moves. Outside of that, this video is faked by anyone who understands basic kinesiology.

The chair is the more difficult of the two performances to fake. This trick would have been more believable had the child had no shoes on. The surface area of the top of his shoes combined with the traction provided by the tips gave him the ability to use his quadriceps to propel himself slightly upwards and then backwards. The chair's back legs "pop" back to flat position right after the upwards push. A force pushing his midsection would have either kept the back legs flat, or pushed him over completely (that initial "pop" would have never had the chance to occur if the force was constant)

The wall trick is just lame. His right hand is a counterweight to compensate for the large center of gravity shift due to him swinging up his left leg (again using the traction of his Sperrys (LOL BRO)) to support the weight of his leg on the wall. When his accomplice is within fall range, he extends his right hip flexor and bends his knee to fall forwards into her arms. In this position, he then shoves off of his right leg to swing it up around his left leg (notice the leg is never being pulled, just moved in an arc). By this time, his left foot has made contact with the ground, providing him with the means to push off and swing his left leg. Mind you, he ran out of steam and only had the ability to propel his left foot only half the height of his right.

If you think it requires superhuman strength to pull this off, go lean over onto a table and put most of your weight on it *not liable for furniture damage*. Now attempt to swing your right leg over your left. With your center of gravity resting in your chest, this is an easy, easy task to perform. I wouldn't recommend attempting that left leg trick unless you have another person there helping you who knows what movement you're going to make, because you won't be able to position your hands properly to handle that spin. I say handle the spin because (watch the video again if you want proof), his lady spins him so that his back is facing the camera. Cut and dry people. No ghosts here, move along.

posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 10:46 PM
reply to post by Nephi1337

I find this video very hard to take seriously. It's almost as ridiculous as someone with "Cvobodnaya Chechnya" in their avatar.

posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 11:15 PM
This seems to be genuine. The fact that so many people are present leaves a lot of people to debunk. Too bad that probably none of them have a computer

posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 11:20 PM

People handle emotions in different ways.

Ill be honest, i was hysterical when i saw a UFO(well, it was actually a USO but still intense).

I was still scared and hiding behind a wall but i was in a "omg is this really happening i cant believe it"

posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 11:26 PM
If this in fact true, could this be the best footage ever seen of a enitity messing with people? Hmm and check out the date, things are building up perhaps

posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 11:33 PM
Its fake because of one reason, there are no ghosts.

And also this..
On chair move he uses his legs to kick up and back.
On wall move, he simply sticks his leg out.

The same person, I guess his dance partner (mother) both grabs at him, no doubt the rehearse together. Although, to perfect the second "leg kick move" she needs to be a bit quicker, he was just standing there for a second and waiting before he could fall to her.

Good job though, Im sure they get donations or something which is a big deal to them as they are from what looks like a total 3rd world ghetto.

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