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History, archeology, truth, fiction, God and Aliens..or Demons?

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posted on Nov, 20 2010 @ 04:48 AM
I think that the reason for the "evil" within the human race is being orchestrated by Satan himself, who will one day appear to have the solutions to the chaos that he himself has created. And so the human race, that God created, will worship him rather than God who actually created us and truly loves us. We are the ultimate prize in this spiritual battle. I think that Satan started planting evidence and laying this out perhaps millions of years ago. I agree with Mr. Hawking in saying that we need to stop sending signals into space, but Satan has some control and he is tempting us to reach out to him. He wants us to find him as some sort of superior race. This is more than a family feud between God and Satan. I totally agree that the human race has been cross bred with these demon aliens, the Bible even states that. When God instructed the Israelis to destroy a certain race of people, it sounds cruel but some believe these race of people where cross bred with these demon aliens. It wouldn't surprise me that there are different levels of these demon aliens, some being more powerful and evil than others. I totally believe in angels, but I'm skeptical that they are using UFO technology...I still believe that God's technology is pure spiritual, no buttons to push. Remember the power of Yoda in Star Wars? The Bible teaches that humans have a special place within God's creation, even above angels. Angels are for a different purpose, it almost reads to me that God loves humans more than angels.

A thought about Israel and their relationship with Jesus: I don't think it's as important yet for Israel to accept Jesus' first appearance on earth as the Messiah because their already chosen by God. Jesus came first as a compassionate Savior for the rest of the world, a counter attack against Satan, but Jesus will return as the warrior and conqueror that Israel believes to be the true Messiah and then Christians and Jews will see Jesus as the one true Messiah.

I think the world has gone up and down, back and forth spiritually and technologically for eons. I think archeology and technology has been somewhat manipulated by Satan himself, although he can't destroy the truth and God can make use of some good from anything. Satan even tempted Jesus and tried to give him power over the entire earth. So do you think a weak man could walk away from being a powerful ruler with technology to build great structures and leave a mark that will last for thousands of years? I don't think so. And so is it possible that empires have risen up from the help of "UFO" technology from thousands of years ago until today? I think so. God is still in control and he has laid out rules and boundaries for Satan. And so these demon aliens, I believe, have been instructed to keep their distance from humans to a certain degree until a certain date and time. I still believe that Christians will be raptured from earth before the great deception, tribulation and all hell breaks loose.

So those are some of my recent thoughts lately.

What if these UFOs/ETs are in fact, Satanic? And the work of the Devil himself. This all assuming that you believe in heaven and hell of course and the things mentioned in the bible.

Or perhaps do a lot of you think that the two co-exist and are totally unrelated?


Thanks for reading.

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posted on Nov, 20 2010 @ 05:12 AM
reply to post by -Blackout-

have read of this bruv--

posted on Nov, 20 2010 @ 05:24 AM
just commenting on the part about humans doing deals with satan and the analogy of the temptation of jesus. i forget exactly what were the terms and conditions applied to Jesus in order for him to be granted the kingdoms of the world by Satan, but the fact remains that Jesus had to do something first before Satan would give him the world. Just that alone symbolizes that man is the one who controls the good/evil connotations of their actions, and not Satan. I think Satan is just a concept for the animal instinct in humans, which is all about self preservation and survival of the fittest. The 7 deadly sins almost outline the emotional method of self preservation
all animals are gluttonous, they eat as much as possible because the next meal is not guaranteed
all are greedy, because more is better in the purely materialistic sense(why have less when you can have more?), and greed is a method of self preservation (i have more, means you have less, means i am better).
all lust because it is a natural animal instinct to mate and reproduce, and unless you draw a line or give a stronger significance to that instinct, its just plain raunchy sex.
with envy i think that this pertains more to humans, because envy is typically based off of superficial or materialistc desires, though its not to say an elephant aint envious of another elephants lady (lust lol)
of course wrath or hate is just another form of anger resultant of envy
and pride is something every individual organism has, or else if not, we'd all be living in a perfect world, because every one of these other 6 'sins' are expressions of pride, the wanting to insert "I" or "Me" in everything, to be or feel lke you are the top, you are the fittest.
if you look at the concept of demons and angels through a naturalist or evolutionist perspective, the idea of god and satan become compensatory symbols created by humans because of their lack of understanding pr primitive understanding of the human nature, just as any other ancient or even modern religion is example of. if you take into consideration the evolution of primitive religion to modern religion, you see that the philosophy and the ideas of these ancient beliefs had been refined to what are the now monotheistic religions, and no even furthermore there are the scientific religions.
anyways im getting off topic. what i wanted to point out, is that satan has no more influence over human action than god does. humans contain divine and satanic motives within them. Human's are that special organism that are aware of the good and bad in them. of course the definition of good and bad has developed and evolved along with the understanding of the self and the universe almost synchronously. but my point is that satan or god is only in as much of anything as you allow it to be, and i think if you blame satan or god for something, you are only trying to point the finger somewhere else.

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posted on Nov, 20 2010 @ 05:27 AM
This seems more 'religious' to me than anything regarding ufo's and aliens.

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