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Movie Recommendations For Fellow ATS Members

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posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 06:40 PM
Hello all, this time of year is good for numerous things, and one of my favorite winter time relaxing activities is watching a good flick. I have sometimes watched a movie and thought, "I bet some people at ATS would like this one." So I wanted to ask what movies you would recommend to a fellow ATSer?

There has been many good threads about "awakening" documentaries here, so let's avoid docs on this thread, and let's exclude the obvious popular box office hits that most have seen. I am after those little gems that go unnoticed for the most part, but are still cool and entertaining.

Here are some of mine and the links to stagevu are for viewing if you don't have a tv or Netflicks acct.

My Dinner With Andre:
A great movie that is a true exercise in attention span, for the entire movie is a conversation between 2 friends, one who has had some mystical, life changing events and is trying to convey them to another person, who is somewhat less enchanted about some of the intangible aspects of life. One of the best metaphysical dialogues I have ever seen.

A bureaucrat in a retro-future world tries to correct an administrative error and himself becomes an enemy of the state. A crazy movie done in 85 that resonates well in today's climate.

District B13 :
Set in the ghettos of Paris in 2010, an undercover cop and ex-thug try to infiltrate a gang in order to defuse a neutron bomb. Some cool parkour moves in this one!

Two young children are stranded in the Australian outback and are forced to cope on their own. They meet an Aborigineon "walkabout": a ritualistic separation from his tribe.
This one is a great view of the Australian landscape and Aborigine customs.

The Island:
A man goes on the run after he discovers that he is actually a "harvested being", and is being kept along with others in a utopian facility.

Grand Canyon:
Grand Canyon revolved around six residents from different backgrounds whose lives intertwine in modern-day Los Angeles. At the center of the film is the unlikely friendship of two men from different races and classes brought together when one finds himself in jeopardy in the other's rough neighborhood.

The Box:
Yes this one has Cameron Diaz, which is why I never really considered it, plus a box that kills has been done before, BUT, the twist and imagination in this one really surprised me, truly unique, imo and was directed by the director of Donny Darko.

So what less common movies would you recommend for ATSer's?

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posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 06:51 PM
This flick really made me look at the world in a different way.

A definite must see for all !

posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 07:09 PM
If you can find it, a recent gem i saw:

The Assassination of Richard Nixon

After watching that I ordered my very own copy of HOW TO WIN FREINDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE - beware.



Amazing film
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posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 10:02 PM
reply to post by Sinter Klaas

Thanks SK, I have heard of that one but not yet seen it.

reply to post by depressed67

Agreed, Assassination of Nixon was a really good flick. The transformation was so tangible. It was a bit depressing, but so too is life at times.

Thanks for the reply,

posted on Nov, 20 2010 @ 02:37 AM
reply to post by speculativeoptimist

How could you forget "They Live"?

I watched that when i was 9 and even though i didn't truly understand it, i loved it and think it helped shaped me into me

posted on Nov, 20 2010 @ 03:14 AM
reply to post by squirelnutz

How could you forget "They Live"?

Oh man I'll never forget that one, those aliens were trippy looking, and the glasses...what a concept.
"I'm here to chew bubblegum and kick ass....and I'm all outta bubblegum."

I would certainly recommend this one to fellow ATS members.

Thanks for the reply,
Peace ~

posted on Nov, 20 2010 @ 03:49 AM
Here are a couple of recommendations.

My Name Is Khan.
Its an Indian film with subtitles, it is great. I highly recommend.

Also the movie "Unthinkable", with Carrie Ann Moss and Samuel Jackson.

I hope you enjoy

Peace, NRE.

posted on Nov, 20 2010 @ 12:24 PM
Thank you NRE, I will check em' out.
Here is another little gem I saw:
The Story Of The Weeping Camel:
If you can rent or watch this one on dvd, the resolution is important for the cinematography is awesome.


posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 04:31 PM
I want to submit another movie recommendation for fellow members, Bobby, about the assassination Of Bobby Kennedy. Directed by Emilio Estevez, the movie really does a good job of transporting the viewer back to, not only the event itself, but the social climate as well. The movie is set up wonderfully and the speech Kennedy gave was the best speech I have ever heard, and the juxtaposition of it against the tragedy, and the way Emilio builds up to the incident, took my breath away. Highly recommended!



posted on Nov, 24 2010 @ 10:53 PM
reply to post by NoRegretsEver

Unthinkable was excellent NRE, definitely recommend it!

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